Fitness 24/7 Times Bookstore Promo (20% Off)


Get Fitness 24/7 and Cergas 24/7 @ 20% Off

To help kick-start your fitness lifestyle, Times bookstore is giving 20% off exercise and fitness books including my books, “Fitness 24/7” dan “Cergas 24/7“. But be quick about it, this offer is valid only till March 9, 2008 at all Times bookstores!

  1. alamak rugi ler i dah preorder awal2 ari tu.. can’t get 0ff.. :(. gurau jer… have a nice day, fren. take care. MAy Allh bless u fren. bye

  2. abang kevin, boleh tak saya nak tahu sebab apa mak dan abang kandung abang kevin meninggal dunia? bila saya baca blog pasal parents tu rasa menyayat hati.Kejadian seperti itu sangat tragis la.Saya harap abg kevin tak kisah sebab tanya soalan macam ni.

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