Apa dia “Amalkan 5M”?

Penat cari online but tak jumpa penerangan tentang Amalkan 5M oleh kementrian Kesihatan Malaysia. Kempen Makan Secara Sihat, Amalkan 5M. What is Amalkan 5M? Is it Makan, Mandi, Membuter, Main, Multiply?

amalkan 5m sihatPenat cari online but tak jumpa penerangan tentang 5M. Kenapa saya nak tahu? Coz esok I’ll be attending a forum organized by UKM Bangi yang bertajuk “Kempen Makan Secara Sihat, Amalkan 5M”.

Selepas cari online….still tak jumpa penerangan tentang maskud 5M

So untuk persiapan, nak jugak tahu what exactly is Amalkan 5M…what does 5M stand for?

All I found is this:

Makan, Mandi, Membuter, Main, Multiply….is it? Hahahaha “membuter” bukan a bad thing ke?

Just find it funny that this is a kempen daripada Kementrian Kesihatan but I cannot find the info when searching online.


  1. Kempen 5M

    Kempen 5M adalah merupakan kempen kesihatan untuk meningkatkan taraf hidup secara sihat.

    Kempen 5M merujuk kepada:
    * Mengurangkan Gula
    * Mengurangkan Garam
    * Mengurangkan Minyak
    * Melebihkan Buah-buahan
    * Melebihkan Sayur-Sayuran

  2. thanks michelle….yeah now i got it 🙂 but hey now if you search google for “amalkan 5m”….guess that website comes up first? Hahaahah your truly.

  3. Nah, I searched for “Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia” and continued from there. Guessed that since it was a health ministry’s project, there should be something on there.

  4. Kevin, i was doing some research on 5m and it lead me to your blog! aiyo.. “Makan, Mandi, Membuter, Main, Multiply”, dude, u got me so friggin rolling out laughing. gosh.. 😛 anyway, thanks for the info..

  5. hey muid! hahaah

    yeah my blog’s Search Engine rankings are awesome! hahaha but yeah…its not good that my blog is the first link when ppl search for “Amalkan 5M!

    Shouldn’t it show links to kementerian kesihatan malaysia or our ministry of health? hmmmm

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