UiTM Talk – Career, Image and Life


Yesterday I conducted a 1-day seminar @ UiTM, Shah Alam for the accounting students to prepare them for their upcoming internship programs but also to help them prepare for the real world….the world after university in terms of:

  • Understanding the important of having choices
  • Stength and weaknesses
  • Learn what others things and see in you
  • How to create a “positive” image in the mind of the interviewer and others
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
  • Interview Skills
  • Post Interview Skills

I have a great time and would like to thank all the Accounting students yang sudi datang pada hari AHAD (hahaha..sanggup i tell u) and most importantly for being a very good audience….I hope we all had a great time and enjoyed the free gifts from Adidas, Fitness Concept dan Fitness First. Remember that you always have a choice in life but you have to understand the consequences of your actions. It’s all in your hands.

…remember that you always have a choice in life but you have to understand the consequences of your actions…

Special thanks goes our to the skema AJK’s (hahahah just kiding) – Erlin, Puteh, Aida, Shahi(r) and the geng. Good luck in your education, career and life.

Here are the UiTM Photos

  1. i really had fun n i gained many useful input during the talk especially about interviews, to know our strength n weaknesses..everyone was so participative n made d talk even more happening…what i like about d talk was, during the talk, Kevin was reading d audience attitude n its very interesting…i learned 2 know more bout myself n after d talk, i feel motivated 2 face this cruel n unfair life…hehehe…:)

  2. sangat best =D. we learned a lot about ourselves n others, on how to impress ppl. n on how to gv good first impression to others. kevin, where can i get ur slideshows or notes? can i download it anywhere?

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