How to Spot Reduce Fat (Lemak)?

Following is a question from Iskandar who wrote in recently. He wants to lose fat pada bahagian muka (probably his cheeks)….here’s his question:

  1. Q

    sy ade 1 soalan, i used to b chubby men..tp skang badan i da ok sket… tp masalahnye muka i masih tembam la..knape eh lemak badan lbh mudah trbakar tp kat pipi msh tembam…kevin ade ape2 tips tak utk kurangkn tembam di muke

  2. A

    Thats a good question Iskandar. Ramai actually think that you can spot reduce fat….just like ramai buat ab crunches dengan harapan untuk membakar lemak pada bahagian perut. Padahal, you are only working the muscles and not actually bakar lemak at all.

    Can We Spot Reduce Lemak?

    In short, you can’t. Where your body stores and burns fat is driven by genetics. But di mana it normally stores fat di situlah it will typically burn more as well…but you can tell you body “pls only burn from my abs or cheeks”. If we could than you would see people with great abs and flabby arms..hahahah but we don’t coz u just can’t spot reduce. For some, the body tends to store more fat at their tummy, thighs, punggung…or like Iskandar, at your cheeks or face

    Habis tu…camane?

    My advice to Iskandar is the following:

    • Make sure you continue to create a calorie deficit (for fat loss) so that eventually your body will burn off fat from your face as well.
    • You can train your cheek muscles by chewing gum (sugarless if possible la)
    • Not sure how old you are but….for youngster, the baby-cheeks tend to fade as we age.


So remember, you simple can’t spot reduce fat. Your goal should be to reduce overall body fat so that your body will consequently bakar lemak from everywhere.

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