1:1 Personal Training & Consultation

Looking for some 1:1 help?

A lot of you have been asking me about personal training and personal consultation lately. In the past, I didn’t really highlighted it much since I’ve been to occupied with lots of other things…so kekurangan masa untuk 1:1 trainings.

Direct Online Booking

I’ve just put up a new page in both English and Bahasa Malaysia on:

  • Personal Training / Latihan Peribadi
  • Personal Consultation / Perundingan Peribadi

Whether you are looking for weight loss consultation, personal fitess training or panduan diet dan makanan seimbang, you are also able to place your personalized session terus melalui online booking form.

Free Book and 50% Discount for Students

All personal training or consultation sessions are entitled to a free copy of my book(s) and yeah, we are giving 50% off (RM150 saving) for students.
So if you have any questions, schedule an appointment with me and we’ll work in out together.

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