Detox Program? I just tried Juvanex

Juvanex Media Event at Manja Spa
Back in April I was approached by Juvanex (Cambert Malaysia) to try out their product. So I figured, sure why not! Prior to this I have heard a lot about detox diets, programs but never really considered them. Why not? Well probably coz I don’t believe in any particular diets (a balanced diet is all I need) but then again Juvanex is not a diet. Its an easy and practical 7 day detox program.

  1. So Kevin… tell me and others how do you feel after consume “Juvanex”? Do you have to run to toilet often? feel dizzy or just “rest& relax” ?
    for me.. I’m fine with TruDtox ( especially after eating a lots 😉

  2. hahaha….yeah lots of trips to the loo 😀 Well at least u know you are being cleansed 😉 other than no than dizziness…that would probably happen to those yang kurang minum air as a detox plan (mainly the fiber) would remove banyak air from your system….so drink drink drink your water.

  3. i sedang cuba nak turunkan berat badan. nak cuba juvanex sebab nak buang toxin dulu then i nak beli buku u so i tahu apa yg nak mkn pulak! so i hope i dpt buat for my health

  4. I dah cuba juvanex…..memang berkesan! bt like kevin kata…byk trip to the tandas…diet detok la katakan

  5. Hi kevin;
    Im a HIV (+)male.age 38.Im interested nak cuba juvanex and wanna ask u is it safe for me to take this product coz im on medication for my HIV control.Have u ever come across any body with HIV (+) yang dah ambil Juvanex ni.Yr advice is very much appreciated.Terima Kasih

  6. hello dane,
    Sorry to hear about your condition. Since I am not a healthcare professional (in other words, I am not a doctor), I would advice you to consult your doctor beforehand.
    All the best.

  7. my sis just started the program…but she managed to puke half of what she takes every time she consume it. i’ve tasted it; kinda like serai or ginger…so kinda turned off my plan of starting next…hehe

  8. Haven’t tried this product – but detox surely is the way to go – occasionally. Then you have to make sure nutrition and exercise are up to scratch; and being a healthy weight is important. Hope this works for you.

  9. Scientists debunk detox claims
    As people trudged back to work on Monday bloated from the excesses of Christmas and New Year partying, British scientists warned that buying “detox” products may do nothing to help them recover.
    A report by Voice of Young Science (VoYS), representing more than 300 post-graduate and post-doctorate science students, found that no two companies use the same definition of “detox” and their claims were largely “meaningless”.
    They found that the word “detox” was being used on “everything from foot patches to hair straighteners” but without reliable or consistent explanations of what the “detox” process involved.
    VoYS argued that “detox” has no meaning outside of clinical treatment for drug addiction or poisoning.
    “Detox is marketed as the idea that modern living fills us with invisible nasties that our bodies can’t cope with unless we buy the latest jargon-filled remedy,” said biologist Harriet Ball, one of the report’s authors.
    “Our investigation into detox products has convinced us that there is little or no proof that these products work, except to part people from their cash and downplay all the amazing ways in which our bodies can look after themselves.”
    Physicist Oliver Fenwick admitted that the “detox” industry has become a huge success.
    “However, the industry seems to be based almost entirely on a marketing slogan. When you look a little closer, you find that most of these products do nothing more than can be achieved by your body on its own.” – AFP

  10. “”# faridah Says:
    May 29th, 2008 at 1:42 am
    I dah cuba juvanex…..memang berkesan! bt like kevin kata…byk trip to the tandas…diet detok la katakan””quote’
    banyak ke tandas sbb dalam juvanex ada laxative.tu yang buat slalu nak berak!!!

  11. Kevin, i dah try Juvanex for the 1st time last couple of weeks.. Tp lepas buat program ni, i xde pula mengalami simptom2 keberkesanan produk ni seperti dia kata akan keluar najis yg agak berbau dan hitam.. but its true, i buang air kecil kerap coz i drink 3 liter of plain water daily.. cuma kurang puas hati sebab x seperti yg dikatakan.. so, my question are:
    1) macamana kita nak tau toxic program yg kita buat itu berkesan?
    2) do u have any other detox program selain Juvanex yg u boleh recommend?
    The things is im planning to go for program turunkan berat badan, and it is recommended by Juvanex themselve to go thru detox program b4 slimming programme.. what do u say on that?

  12. very interested 2 try this programm n wanna recommend 2 my mom.the quest is,i takut pimples i akan kelua bcz as we know,ape2 promgram nyah toksid akan mengeluarkan it true kevin?

  13. hi wanna..kak tgk kat farmasi price juvanex rm160…kak ina pun tingin nak cuba laa irma..ada satu lagi product kak ina tgk kat farmasi “kohitmisu” detox gak..6botol for rm70…

  14. Hi Kevin,
    Baru aje baca a few things. I am a mother of 3 children, height 158cm and weights 60kg. I am 39 yeras old. Try to eliminate fat on my thigh and stomach. I feel very upset because most of my frenz says that I am fat.

  15. Hi, could i check whtr any side effect to this juvanex. is it true that it contains laxative. its been recommended to me as I'm having bowel problems after my gall bladder operation.

  16. I try juvanex few days ago..first time, my badan sakit-sakit when i woke up in the morning, sneeze and mild rrunning nose.. were that the symptoms of detox. Anyway, can i drink juvanex at night before sleep and berpuasa on the next day?

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