Malaysian Gym or Fitness Center Review

Looking to join a gym in Malaysia?

Yeah, some of you have been asking me for advice on which gym to join in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor or Malaysia. I have been to most mainstream gyms in and around KL and always wanted to write a quick Malaysian gym review post based on my personal experience.

But first, how to choose a gym

Before I’ll info the gym reviews, the following are some quick tips (more in my book) on how to choose a gym:

  • Location: Make sure you can get there easily.
  • Cost: Make sure you are aware of all the hidden costs, cancellation fees, etc.
  • Facilities: They gotta be able to cater to your current and possible future needs.
  • The crowd: Can you fit in the general going members? How busy are their peak hours?
  • Special needs? Ask them beforehand.
Ok on to my Malaysian Gym Review. I sorted them in order I joined or visited them. Pls note that i have no affiliation with any of these gyms.

Ultimate Gym, Wangsa Maju

Its the first gym (in Malaysia) that I joined after coming back from the US in 2002. Compared to the US, gym membership rates in Malaysia were/are ridiculous so I was looking for an economical gym around my area (Ampang). That’s when I found Ultimate Gym that is owned by my (now) very good friend Terry Gallyot, former Mr Asia 1999.

…if thats not enough, you have the luxury of an experienced bodybuilder bernama Terry Gallyot to help you out….

The gym is extremely friendly as many regulars become your friends. Although it is not as big as the big players, it has everything you need to get a quality workout…. and if thats not enough, you have the luxury of an experienced bodybuilder bernama Terry Gallyot to help you out. He owns the place and is there all the time! Keep it up Terry!


Fitness First

One of the first major commercial gyms since I returned from the US. Was initially shocked having to pay RM150-200 per month for a gym membership. I know its the norm now but coming from the USA where you pay perhaps $30-40 per month for an equivalent gym, it was a shocker.

Joined Fitness First as my work required me to move around a lot more. With their various locations all around the Klang Valley, it comes in handy.

Facilities wise it’s adequate but probably lacks behind the other big players. Locker rooms are getting a lil old as well.


California Fitness

My good friend Tony worked at California Fitness for a while. Actually, not sure if he still does hahaha. He a few photoshoots there. Definitely has a very American appeal with lots of alternative training facilities (i.e. kick boxing and some fancy equipments).

I feel they are lacking a little in the number of outlets compartment but overall, no complains. If I worked or lived near one, I would definitely consider joining but they should improve their website of lack thereof.


Celebrity Fitness

Ah, that place. Also had a few shoots there. In fact just yesterday at their BSV II outlet. Behind Fitness First, they probably are number 2 in terms of outlets and memberships. Facilities are definitely excellent and the fact that Celebrity Fitness and I are sponsored by Adidas is a plus in my books at least. hahaha. Cons? Well their whole “celebrity” craze and the fact their outlets fee like a nightclub was not really my cup of tea. Visit their website for more info.


Clark Hatch Fitness

They used to be da shiznit way way way back. But the cost to upkeep and the ever rising competition is catching up with them. But that said, Clark Hatch does have a niche in sticking to the hotel-linked-gym setup. Would I join? Only if location and the package works for me.


True Fitness

Found True Fitness a little arrogant in my opinion but perhaps just my experience. In terms of area, they probably are the biggest around and add the yoga touch to their brand. Place feels a little too big for me but equipment and facilities are obviously impressive.


Gold’s Gym

Visited them a few times. Got a free pass and since they are not too far from where I live, I trained at Gold’s Gym for about a week. Equipment-wise they are decent but can’t compete with the big players. Sayang la in a way, especially since they have such a big brand/presence in the US and around the world. The mall they are in is dying as well..so that doesn’t help.


Sweat Club

Are they still around? Worked out there a few times and did some photo shoots with them. Although a lil old, its a decent place to work out as the crowds are not that huge. So if you are looking for some privacy, a swimming pool, and tennis courts, the Sweat Club is great!


Momentum Fitness

Never heard of it? Yeah, you are not missing much. It’s an effort to turn gym membership into some MLM business where you can make money to recruit. Was approached for a potential collaboration by one of the Momentum Fitness staff and it turned out to be a complete waste of my time! All that said the gym is decently equipped but location is only ideal of you work around Phileo Damansara. Would I advise you to join? No!


Kelab Darul Ehsan (KDE) Gym

My current gym! Well probably the worst in terms of equipment and safety, but its the nearest to my apartment. Its just a 2 minutes walk away and I play tennis and go swimming there. But seriously la……the equipment must be like 20+ years old and and and some of the equipment is unsafe and actually harmful!

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