Malaysian Gym or Fitness Center Review

Looking to join a gym in Malaysia?

Yeah, some of you have been asking me for advice on which gym to join in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor or Malaysia. I have been to most mainstream gyms in and around KL and always wanted to write a quick Malaysian gym review post based on my personal experience.

But first, how to choose a gym

Before I’ll info the gym reviews, the following are some quick tips (more in my book) on how to choose a gym:

  • Location: Make sure you can get there easily.
  • Cost: Make sure you are aware of all the hidden costs, cancellation fees, etc.
  • Facilities: They gotta be able to cater to your current and possible future needs.
  • The crowd: Can you fit in the general going members? How busy are their peak hours?
  • Special needs? Ask them beforehand.
Ok on to my Malaysian Gym Review. I sorted them in order I joined or visited them. Pls note that i have no affiliation with any of these gyms.

Ultimate Gym, Wangsa Maju

Its the first gym (in Malaysia) that I joined after coming back from the US in 2002. Compared to the US, gym membership rates in Malaysia were/are ridiculous so I was looking for an economical gym around my area (Ampang). That’s when I found Ultimate Gym that is owned by my (now) very good friend Terry Gallyot, former Mr Asia 1999.

…if thats not enough, you have the luxury of an experienced bodybuilder bernama Terry Gallyot to help you out….

The gym is extremely friendly as many regulars become your friends. Although it is not as big as the big players, it has everything you need to get a quality workout…. and if thats not enough, you have the luxury of an experienced bodybuilder bernama Terry Gallyot to help you out. He owns the place and is there all the time! Keep it up Terry!


Fitness First

One of the first major commercial gyms since I returned from the US. Was initially shocked having to pay RM150-200 per month for a gym membership. I know its the norm now but coming from the USA where you pay perhaps $30-40 per month for an equivalent gym, it was a shocker.

Joined Fitness First as my work required me to move around a lot more. With their various locations all around the Klang Valley, it comes in handy.

Facilities wise it’s adequate but probably lacks behind the other big players. Locker rooms are getting a lil old as well.


California Fitness

My good friend Tony worked at California Fitness for a while. Actually, not sure if he still does hahaha. He a few photoshoots there. Definitely has a very American appeal with lots of alternative training facilities (i.e. kick boxing and some fancy equipments).

I feel they are lacking a little in the number of outlets compartment but overall, no complains. If I worked or lived near one, I would definitely consider joining but they should improve their website of lack thereof.


Celebrity Fitness

Ah, that place. Also had a few shoots there. In fact just yesterday at their BSV II outlet. Behind Fitness First, they probably are number 2 in terms of outlets and memberships. Facilities are definitely excellent and the fact that Celebrity Fitness and I are sponsored by Adidas is a plus in my books at least. hahaha. Cons? Well their whole “celebrity” craze and the fact their outlets fee like a nightclub was not really my cup of tea. Visit their website for more info.


Clark Hatch Fitness

They used to be da shiznit way way way back. But the cost to upkeep and the ever rising competition is catching up with them. But that said, Clark Hatch does have a niche in sticking to the hotel-linked-gym setup. Would I join? Only if location and the package works for me.


True Fitness

Found True Fitness a little arrogant in my opinion but perhaps just my experience. In terms of area, they probably are the biggest around and add the yoga touch to their brand. Place feels a little too big for me but equipment and facilities are obviously impressive.


Gold’s Gym

Visited them a few times. Got a free pass and since they are not too far from where I live, I trained at Gold’s Gym for about a week. Equipment-wise they are decent but can’t compete with the big players. Sayang la in a way, especially since they have such a big brand/presence in the US and around the world. The mall they are in is dying as that doesn’t help.


Sweat Club

Are they still around? Worked out there a few times and did some photo shoots with them. Although a lil old, its a decent place to work out as the crowds are not that huge. So if you are looking for some privacy, a swimming pool, and tennis courts, the Sweat Club is great!


Momentum Fitness

Never heard of it? Yeah, you are not missing much. It’s an effort to turn gym membership into some MLM business where you can make money to recruit. Was approached for a potential collaboration by one of the Momentum Fitness staff and it turned out to be a complete waste of my time! All that said the gym is decently equipped but location is only ideal of you work around Phileo Damansara. Would I advise you to join? No!


Kelab Darul Ehsan (KDE) Gym

My current gym! Well probably the worst in terms of equipment and safety, but its the nearest to my apartment. Its just a 2 minutes walk away and I play tennis and go swimming there. But seriously la……the equipment must be like 20+ years old and and and some of the equipment is unsafe and actually harmful!

  1. I’m not in Klang Valley so won’t comment much on these gym. But I agreed that gym fee in Malaysia is ridiculous compared to our GDP. Not sure which part we went wrong, but I think one of the reasons is, going to gym not our preferred lifestyles. Most Malaysian still prefer “lepak” at mamak stall or sports at public fields. So, gyms imposed higher fees maybe to compensate the volume. Other matters maybe; quite a lot Malaysian ladies not comfortable exercising in unisex enviroment.

  2. yanti – Fitness First PT gatal? hahahah not the first time I hear that one
    firdhous – true true….in the US…gym memberships costs about US50 a month….based on income there, that would equal to about RM50 spending power here.

  3. do u do PT kevin? i’ve been to ur Maxtrition office some time back..ur staff said dunno. if the service is available, can u roll me in? thanks.

  4. hmmm..i was approached by some of the gym people thanx to my connections…but after reading ur post, i think i’ll pass them off

  5. wow. you’ve got quite an attitude don’t you? Bad mouthing all the health clubs? Come on.. there are better ways to get traffic on your website. And your youtube video of your speech.. goodness… you’ve got no facts or content. all bullshit.

  6. aastar – glad you find the post useful.
    certifiedpro – based on your comments, I’m assuming you are working with one of those lowly rated clubs 😉 Do you even know what bad mouthing even means? Try n google it 😀

  7. great job buddy and i agree. a friend of mine used to work for FF. she advised me not to join coz according to her they lack certified trainers and complains fell on deaf ears. what the heck.. i am considering celebrity fitness coz my sister did look as if she lost those extra pounds recently after joining them.. but then again another option is for me to make full use of my housing area facility that includes gym facility. Its free and i hardly see anyone in there.

  8. Hi,
    I have no choice but to go to fitness-first because its right next to my office. i save on petrol and parking. and on friday nights i can pump it up before i hit the laundrybar. but cmon kevin ppl visit your site for some advice not for personal bashing because u had a deal with them that went wrong. id say ur review is abit biased. Just One Star!? Cmon. Ive been to Golds-gym its even worst. and they got 2 stars. Not that im 100% satisfied with FF’s services. ill Reserve that comment for later. Cheers!

  9. baby – thanks for the comment. yeah as consumers you have every right to voice out your opinions and choose as you please 😉
    nochoice – thanks for the feedback. Most of my posts are that…just tips….this is probably one of the few posts that are more personal. My reviews are entirely based on my experience….just like a bank la. We all have our own views.
    So yeah…based on my experience or disappointment with FF, I give them a lower review or rating 🙂
    But thanks for droppin by.

  10. Hey guys. I’m an ex trainer from Celebrity Fitness and my advise to you consumers out there is please be very very careful when choosing a trainer there. Majority of them aren’t qualified or certified to train you. They are only good at selling training packages which are expensive. They even dress like salesmen (collar shirts, ties, slacks and leather shoes hahaha!!). Wanna try something fun? Try asking them where and what the rotator cuff is and watch them come up with b.s or try to change the topic. What’s dangerous is they’re so clueless about training and anatomy and your safety is compromised. Did you know that most trainers there don’t have CPR certs?? I’m not blaming the trainers here. It’s the management who’s responsible for hiring them in the first place.

  11. man – thanks for the input but yeah I agree….quality personal trainers is a rare commodity these days. And even if they have some, they’ll have a hard time to retain them as most won’t stay very long.
    Personal trainers in most gyms have to meet sales quota which stresses them our. PT afterall is a business model for gyms…they want quantity first, quality second.

  12. Kev….great pose…I went to True Fitness just because I got the membership offer, even it is a bit pricey. Anyway wich I can get a better shape in a near future (susah betul nak control makan)

  13. Hope it’s still not too late to post a comment here. Had a membership with FF since Dec last year and never had any other gym member before. Its a new branch so dont have much complaints about its facilities cause all brand new. Next year I’ll be shifting out to SJ so there are few gyms I can look at.
    But what i want to comment here is the peoples attitude in the working-out area, changing rooms, spa & saunas and even in the shower. Some people can be so selfish and uncare towards fellow visitors. In the sauna, they (guys) sometimes can just flaunt their private parts around even though the room is only 10′ x 8′ wide and full with other visitors. it’s disgusting, they should at least wear their underwear.
    Changing rooms, these people talks very loud as if there are nobody around. sighhhh, malaysia still have a long way to go to reach that developed nation’s mentality.

  14. Personal opinions shared are always best taken with a ‘pinch of salt’. It’s enlightening to view a subject from various angles. Nothing read should be taken as gospel. There is always reasoning behind subjective perception…freedom of speech in Malaysia is something not fully supported or cultivated and as locals we need to develop tact and sensitivity in how we reflect our views on matters. Anyway, congrats on your initiative in getting the ball rolling on this topic for discussion…..

  15. arch808 – i fell your pain hahahah…. 😉
    pizul – depends on the gym kot. Tyicall gym memberships in Malaysia generally vary from RM80 – RM180 per month.
    Irene – thanks for droppin by. sometimes people tend to take things too seriously, especially if the posts “critic” their interests.

  16. Thanks for the review! After 5 years with Fitness First, I’m now looking for better gym. They increase monthly fees RM189. Your review on FF is all so true except I would have given 2.5 stars. Gold Gym has moved to the new wing Plaza Ampang. Looks amazing. If you google search on TrueFitness, you find a lot of TrueFitness bashing.
    Your review on trainers really bruise their ego. They sometimes ask me for tips and I wonder how they become certified trainer.
    Some trainers force overweight gymmers to do weight but actually these people should concentrate on cardio or classes to loose fat. Some trainers perform “fondling stretch exercise”. Its common at FF. One time I snap and told them to get a room! Its obscene.
    Then there are the “flashers” in the sauna, steam room and locker. Annoying!
    Years ago I complaint about smoking in the toilet. That is when they post NO SMOKING sign. Just last week I was at FF Maxis and still someone smoking.
    I need a gym that can last me the next 5 years. I hate hopping gym. After reading all comments over the internet, I still have no choice.

  17. zack – thanks for your comment. You are spot on. Fitness First is now charging RM189? WOW….i thought with all the competition and economies of scales that gym fees should head south.
    You are absolutely right – sometimes we just dont have a choice when it comes to choosin a gym epspecially when location plays such an important role.
    I should write a post on “how to choose a personal trainer” soon.

  18. Zack, Kevin,
    I’m a FF Maxis goers most of the time and sometime the Curve one. Actually I’m quite happy with their facilities except that their machine is not standard. I love doing the Captain’s Chair for my abs tapi kat the Curve punya FF tak de…things like that.
    I would give them 5 stars if
    1. They will standardize their machines
    2. Provide a surau.
    3. Bigger locker
    4. Introduce more interesting class like hip hop dancing or capoera ker..
    5. Have some punching bags…
    6. Reduce their membership fees to RM150 ( with towel service )
    As for now I have to agree with Zack’s stars

  19. Kevin,i think CF dont deserve a star. Last time i went there with my sister and my sister hire a private trainer. And guess what? The trainer start to call my sister “sayang” and asking a money from her. What a pathetic! After that, i quit and never join any fitness centre again but really miss the gym also cause it has a good facilities but bad PT

  20. marjan – thanks for your comment.
    yusri – “sayang” huh….yeah thats not suprising la. PT in Malaysia…well worldwide are known to have an eye for the ladies n abuse their powers hahaha. Human nature la..kinda like bouncers at a night club.

  21. hi…i would like to find a private personal training studio around subang ss15 where i can train one-on-one with the instructor….could i know if there is any private training studios there? thx.

  22. ah kecewanya Gold’s Gym di Malaysia (esp. di KL) tak maju! i’m a Gold’s Gym Indonesia member. i’m a malaysian, live in jakarta for more than 3 years now, studying here. Gold’s Gym Indonesia has 3 outlets and is opening more soon. i bet that Gold’s Gym Indonesia is getting popular & becoming a stronger competitor to Fitness First & Celebrity Fitness here, particularly in Jakarta. hope that Gold’s Gym Kuala Lumpur will move out from its present location & opens more outlets so that they’ll succeed as its Indonesian counterpart.

  23. kevin how should we know the trainer is certified, is it true that overweight gymners should’t do much weight and need to do more on cardio? as i am overweight and just joined this TLS fitness in kajang, the trainer suggested me to do weight more to build my muscle as it can increase my metabolisme.
    why dont u come down here and give review about this gym. As i dont even have any gym’s experience.

  24. TLS Fitness Membership at Taman Sepakat Indah , Sg Chua , Kajang promotion at an affordable monthly fees
    I was the member of Fitness First since 2005-2006,hence I moved to Kajang,I have found the similar quality and brand of Cardio Equipment , Free Weights Area , Stretch Area with Fitball & Yoga Mats , Sauna & Steam Room and even better with a clean swimming pool and member’s lounge at TLS Fitness Centre.It has more that 50 classes a week and it provide quality facilities as per what is offered by other famous franchise fitness center.
    I have attended few classes and it is no difference from the classes offered by the famous fitness-chain I used to visit.Apparently I was being transferred back to Puchong and was not able to attend this center as regularly as before.Therefore I have to opt to transfer this membership to those who appreciate fitness and at a budgetary cost.My current membership is only RM80 per month and I have committed for 36months.Hence I have used up 5 months and I am looking to transfer the remaining 31 months to interested individuals living in this area.Total cost would be : 31 months x RM 80 = RM 2,480.00 . Standard Enrollment is RM110.00 per month
    Fees that will be borne by me RM73.00 ( Freezing Fees-Paid ) & Member Transfer Fees of RM120.All transfer procedure will be done at TLS Fitness Centre itself by the Member’s consultant with an official documents.
    Please let me know if you are interested at 016-370 5700 before 31st August 2009

  25. how about Gym Rakyat (near to Bulatan Kampung Pandan)n some other places brotha. it near to my office n home. cheaper fees too. is’t a good starter for me considering that gym as working out place?

  26. Lupa lak nak cakap…dalam buku Kavin yang Bahasa Melayu tu, on page 72 if i’m not mistake ade silap skit kat jadual workout. kalau compare with English book!! but i already bought the Malay version =(

  27. hello azizul…
    1) i went to gym rakyat 1x @ taman titiwangsa. Hmmm my experience: its cheap but equipment not that well maintained and doesn’t look too safe. That was back in 2002 lah…I haven’t been there since.
    2) Oh ye ke? Let me check it out. Thanks for highlighting.

  28. HAI KEVIN…
    p/s: last time i propose to my CGM to open CAPOEIRA class…he said ok but till 5 mths no action taken so i very2 dispointed coz many of members know about the class that i will open…

  29. After read what zack mention abt FF, it really turn me off. I juz abt to check out their fee.. 189/month is ridiculous for 5yrs..I’m ex-FF (IOI mall puchong)..I join early bird at 135/m. cant recall much since is 2 yrs back.I’ve to agree that PT gatal,luckly free 2 session with tat PT he is not gatal at all,juz encourage.but another PT yes..hate to see his face.Yesterday, I drop by at CF sunway.. monthy after much neg is 150/m.. all join fee.. bla bla bla stil hv to pay.And they offer 28xx ech for couple (28xx kali dua = 56xx) sorry cant recall exact number.must commit 2yrs. 105/pax for 2 yrs. look cheap but dun want to trust.. is hard earn money mahh :).. Im oso Yogazone member.. now must call ex-YZ. YZ closing down and let me in the dark for a while.1488 for 12+6mth.. I only go mth.. rugi a bit.. sad..huhu.. anyone know a good yoga class – not prefer big big one.. pocket sakit nanti.. hhe

  30. hye kevin..salam aidilfitri 🙂 me n my sis planning nak start going to gym after raya. we’re in ampang, so is there any suggestion gym mana….

  31. hi kevin,
    im interested to become a member of clark hutch in JB. wuts ur commnet obout that fitness centre?theres not much choice in JB..clark hutch looks good for me..but,i dont know about the service and the fees.

  32. hello guys!
    i dont really care much about trainers in d gym, wut im looking for is an inexpensive gym around segambut,mont kiara, hartamas or jln kuching. if anyone knows, plz advice me.

  33. i am a newbie at all this. my husband gave me a three month membership with a PT for my birthday. my PT’s credentials are well… dubious. its a small gym but adequately equipped. i am overweight. when i started training on sept 1st, i weight 81 kilos and my height is 5′ 2″. but seriously, since then by eating correctly and training properly i have since dropped 6 kilos.
    i have to disagree with one of the posters above who said that overweight people should not get into weight/strength training. this has helped me tremendously. i dropped more pounds as i trained with weights than i just did with only cardio. i still do cardio on a daily basis, either on the treadmill or stationary bike for about 40 to 50 minutes but i move on to working with weights for at least 45 to 60 minutes.
    as I mentioned above, my PT.. well she doesnt know as much as I do (sometimes)… i have been reading, researching voraciously and i found most overweight people tend to lose more by working with weights.
    thank god, i never joined any of the bigger gyms, because i believe it would have intimidated me 🙂
    kevin, i have been reading that consumption of whey protein at night before bed can actually help the overweight person drop more pounds. I only just read one article about it… how much of it is true. Dymatize, i hear is a good brand for whey protein. I found your site after googling the brand.
    what would you recommend?
    by the way, i strongly believe that the only way to lose fat and build good muscle is via confusing one’s body. hence i have been increasing levels, speed and weights as i workout.. on a week to wekk basis. well i hope i am doing it right here 🙂

  34. Huuh..i have no choice other that FF. I am under cooperate rate where company subsidies RM 40 and i pay RM 100 per month. Besides, FF near to my office in Subang Jaya. Shah Alam got no GYM lar..
    Regarding the PT, one PT suggested me to do weight training under him to focus on my back. I have problem with my upper body actually. But, thru my reading. if I want to loose fat I need to do cardio. Weigh training is to tone up muscle. Which advise should I follow..
    Abt PT gatal..wahh donno what to say.. Some PT used “ayat bikin cair” just to convinced me to do PT under him..kengkadang geli pon ader..but I take it +ve.

  35. i just decided to register with Fitness first, but i made some research online and mostly all i heard and read about fitness first wasnt that great..
    i am desperately need to loose my weight, and im still a student so can u give me any suggestion about which gym should i go? im thinking to hire a personal trainer too but i heard that not all PT have the right qualification.
    i dont want to get cheated by them and i dont want my money just gone like that and at the same time i not loose my weight at all..
    i think menara maxis FF is the nearest one to me tapi kalau dah banyak cerita tak best macam ni… how laa…

  36. Hi all..
    i was a fitness first staff membership consultant at one of the worst outlet..i,ll be at that club since their was like should close the bussines.but for me takde keje yg senang..everything u must facing as a by day,month by month we keep growth up the bussiness till the club hit the target for 7month in a row..seriously the head office dont know what are our problem actually…bcoz everything just refer to CGM (CLUB GENERAL MANGER)SERIOUSLY the manager just like to kipas the head office people (regional sales manger)to get appreciated but inside their dont know anything..a lot member complaint havent setel..just like to get new member till u can see ff the curve when peak period pack like sardin till no locker,member must wait to take shower…please la improve on that..still got a lot problem need to say suggestion dont go fitness first better run at the field n jog at the park..price also main problem they all like to increase but see la fren our economy right now..last word country managr even regional sales manager please go back to your country if u think u wank to cekik darah org MALAYSIA

  37. hey everyone,
    thanks for sharing your stories and pengalaman with everyone here. As a consumer, it is our right to express kita punya perasaan…tak kira whether its positive or negative 😉
    keep em coming guys.

  38. Zahri,hi!I baru join gym last 3wks, adala improvement,I do cardio 60min, and another 30min weights.I need some help but PT at my gym are so damn expensive,I just can’t afford it.I’m a housewife tak kerja n overweight, duit cukup2 jer.Masuk gym pun my last try to lose 10kg at least, I started at 76.8kg, now I am 71.4kg,I tak set goal tinggi2, I set small goals,2kg then another 2kg.Can u help me,am I doing this right…?

  39. Just joined the Fitness Center at Renaissance KL (despite it’s rep for being a gay hang-out.. apparently no more- who cares, am not into guys). My old gym at Micasa (Pinnacle-formerly sweat club) will be closing this coming 30th Nov. Paid in advance RM990 for 6 months, free parking, discounts on F&B. laundry etc. I’m quite happy with the set up. Have been looking a a gym similar to Pinnacle i.e. less people and don’t have to queue for equipment. Wanted to check out Gold Gym but can’t even find the entrance to the parking (I’m impatient that way). The renovation of Yow Chuan Plaza doesn’t help….Wish me luck

  40. hey kevin..
    am from a TV commercial production house in kuala lumpur..currently we are in the midst of preparing work for a tv commercial shoot..
    talent required are preferbably a body builder who knows how to ride a bike required for the shoot..and available from 29 nov – 2 dec from the shoot..
    if any of your frenz or even you are interested please gimme a buzz at 0342946018..audition will be until this 26 nov..
    hope to hear from you guys soon!!!
    thanks!! cheers!!

  41. hadzray – you can call Terry from Ultimate Gym, Wangsa maju at 03 4143 6214. I think their monthly rate is less than RM100 per month. For more info, you can go here:
    Azlan – keep us posted and let us know which gym you decided on…its rather hard to find exclusive gyms in KL (lagi2 during peak hours)
    Yusa – Congrats and yeah you are absolutely right. You should set yourself small achievable goals. Good luck Yusa 🙂

  42. Hi has anybody heard of MyGym? Saw it in a magazine but it’s without address. I’m with Fitness First. has thought of terminating my membership. In fact has submitted the form but has withdrawn my termination.

  43. Hi guys..if any of u live in AMpang, just join GOLD’s gym at City square there. I can say it is a beautiful gym and I’m also a gold’s gym member since Jun 08.
    Best la kat situ…so many aerobic class and gym instruments are all branded one and quite new, such as nautilus, cybex, star trac, etc…monthly rm 130 for 6 mnths contract. renew continue lagi 6 mths la…tak de la contract bertahun-tahun macam kat gym-gym lain tu..

  44. Hi,
    From what you rated on Fitness First, can i know preciously what actually the centre failed to deliver? Looking for your responses.

  45. Hi everybody,
    Can someone share with me whether it is secure to keep own stuff in fitness first’s locker?
    Thanks in adcance.

  46. Just sign up for True Fitness in Jaya 33. They charge me 140 bucks for administration. Is that normal or did I get scam by the sales rep.

  47. Am wondering if it is more cost effective to hire a personal trainer and get him to work out with me in my condo’s gym? Anyone out there with any experiences to share and prices to refer to? Thanks in advance

  48. hi all…im a newbie in all this gym thingy..last time i went to CaliFitness in MidV…they give me one week tryout…everything works very well..i hired no PT..i am comfortable doing my own exercise and usually just do cardio..after the tryout, i talk with the salesguy name Farakodona (a guy..) he said that because i am a student he can give me special promo at RM90 per month only for 18 months..well, it was 3 years back loor…but now since i already have a job and i got plenty of time to visit the gym..i wonder what will they charge me..i love CF…but i really want a place near my about ur fren’s gym at wangsa it a unisex gym or they have a separate place for women..u know, we hate when guys looking when we workout..pls reply ya Zahri~~~

  49. Budget – yeah there are some Personal Trainers that visit clients at their condo. Obviously depending on the equipment availability there. Contact me if you like some reference.
    Sara – You can contact Terry Gallyot (owner of Ultimate Gym) at 012 233 5677. I do believe there also is the gym for women belakang his gym. Try n call him n ask 😀

  50. Honestly….a biased, naive, unsupported analysis of local fitness centres, without any rationale or reason. A real pity, as this job might have been quite interesting and useful, if done properly and by someone who doesn’t just profess impartiality, but is actually impartial. Awful reports, child-like thought and language – regrettably to be avoided or ignored.. Who would possibly rate Ultimate Gym ahead of CF or FF in their wildest moment?

  51. I joined TF at USJ recently and am totally regretting it already! Lousy staff, lousy service, badly maintained equipments, and badly lighted shower room, and most of their shampoo/body wash dispenser are totally wrecked.
    . If I knew they are so lousy at their service, I would have stick to California Fitness (which is way so much better in terms of service and even machine maintenance and not to mention..they provide TOWELS~!).
    The girl who was suppose to show me around at TF on the day I signed up..seemed like she was in total rush ! In the end, I had to figure out everything by myself. FYI, I am still using the carbon copy of my registration sheet to check in whenever I go to gym these days. The guy at the counter at the chic to tell me…”Miss, please keep your paper properly…so comot already”…!@^%&!!!
    Also, when I said I do not want to sign up for the Personal Training thing because I have commitments…the guy asked what commitments I have>>!!? Hello! Dont think I need to spill my personal matters in front of him right?
    Let me also top it off with this – shower rooms are lousy. Very badly maintained. They don’t even label which is Shampoo and which is Body Wash! Worst…some of it even has the same stuff ( you can notice the same color and same smell anyway). And for the price you pay monthly….California Fitness provides, towels, cotton buds, facial cottons, hand lotion and hair gel. At True Fitness….nothing of this sort. Sigh…im definitely going back to CF after my contract ends.

  52. I feel sorry for you Angie cos I also had a bad experience with True Fitness USJ although mine was a one-off experience. I popped by to check it out with intention to consider joining but I believe I dodged a bullet with this one. At the counter, a guy – nothing friendly about him, scowled even cos maybe he had to attend to me, no smile even, when I asked if I could find out about the promotion they were advertising, insisted that I give my personal contact particulars to strangers is something I’ve become very wary of.
    I would have thought that it is in the interest of fitness clubs to inform potential customers of their fees and to withold that info is to me simply stupid and makes no business sense. In this case, the guy literally said – if no info then we won’t tell you. If he had been polite and explained even that it was policy etc…I may have relented. I have had more than my share of disturbingly arrogant and rude people trying to sell me stuff over the phone and fitness clubs sales are very close to the top of the list. When I took a minute to look around while in the lobby area, another girl (staff) came to the counter and the guy muttered something to her and they booth looked in my direction, I had the distinct feeling that it was not anything nice. I walked away so glad that I am taking my business elsewhere. As far as I’m concerned, TF as a profit making organisation, lost out more than I did. I hope the management sees this takes note of this, not just TF but I’ve had same experience with FF. I dont blame a sales consultant trying to make a living but customers will be impressed by good and professional service, that means good manners and basic courtesy. There are so many things wrong with what happened to me and Angie – fitness centres need to wake up – its also about the service and value proposition to the customer. I’m seriously thinking of buying my own equipment cos there isn’t a fitness centre that I would want to join at this rate.

  53. hi kevin! I was browsing on the internet and i come across your page. Good review! But…..
    I wanna know in terms of cost.Which one is affordable? Is there any membership fee below than RM180?
    I just walked in to the TRUE FITNESS, i like the ambiance and services. Cantik semua nampak baru. But kinda pricey to me. Need your advise.

  54. hello hanis ……
    hmmmmmm most should be able to offer u a membership for less than RM180/month kot.
    Whats most important when joining a gym is that its easy to get to … for me, location is almost everything.

  55. I am a member of Celebrity Fitness Center, Subang Parade, Subang Jaya 3 years. Now-a-days the management doesn’t care for their members. If a member quarrels with another member, they won’t even bother to stop or separate them. As though like something happening on outside of the premises. If any instructor/Trainer/staff misbehaved with any member, they don’t take any action at all. Moreover they don’t have “Members Complain Form”.
    Employees like Team Leader or Team manager position, they try to suppress the issue and close. They don’t give important their members concern. This is ridiculous and unprofessionalism. Is this happening in other Fitness Centers too…

  56. The state of PT in KL is really pathetic! I’ve been a member of Fitness First and California Fitness and Celebrity Fitness in the last 7 years. First of all, more than half of the PTs are NOT QUALIFIED. Secondly, at least 70% of the PTs are overweight or look totally unfit, thirdly….some of the PTs actually came to ask me for advice on proper training method and nutrition!
    The government should really put a stop to all these fitness club selling ‘lifetime membership’. A friend of mine bought a ‘lifetime membership’ in former Sweat Club and paid thousands of ringgit and guess what, a few months after buying the ‘lifetime membership’, SC closed down and changed to CF..and he didnt get some of his money back nor his ‘lifetime membership’ converted when CF took over from SC. Be careful…’lifetime membership’ means the lifetime of the club and not your lifetime!!! Anyone can open a club and collect lifetime membership and close the club once the management collected enough ‘lifetime membership’ fees and run away..and there is nothing the members who join can do anything about it!!!

  57. ye lah! i face a problem of getting a surau under one roof…i trust the surau matter has been asked by majority of muslim gym goers… the fact is the management is such ignorant …

  58. hi can anybody help me? i try to call celebrity fitness 1u many times but cant get through….anybody hv any sales person or staff no there so that i can call a cellphone? pls help….sms me 012-2863972…thks

  59. hi Kevin, good reviews of the gyms in Malaysia. i may not agree with you entirely, but i share some of ur thoughts.
    i’m with Clark Hatch Mont Kiara for abt 6 yrs now. although it is a bit left out compared to other new gyms, i’m happy to exercise here bcos of the location near to my office and the parking is only RM1 after 6.00pm.
    as u rightfully pointed out, location, including parking facilities was the main criteria i looked at when i signed up with CH.
    recently, i checked out TF Hartamas, though impressed with their size and new equipments, didn’t consider it bcos of the parking problem. furthermore, it looks more like a dance club than a fitness centre, with their disco-type lightings.

  60. for me, sweat club at renaissance is the best. only RM1500 a year, privacy, low density, big pool, RM3 parking for 3 hours.

  61. have you been to TLS Fitness Centre in Kajang? Just moved to Kajang and was wondering if TLS Fitness Centre is worth joining? Let me know.

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  63. hi Kevin,
    i was browsing online to look for some tips on how to open a fitness centre in Melaka and found your blog;thank you by having some good tips and comment of some fitness centre here.
    i’d been trying to check on fitness first,True Fitness ,My fitness and others but no one is offering liciency or franchise oppoturnity.
    Anyway to get further info to open a 3000sf (or what’s min size requiremnet?);set up costand more importanly;fitness centre management advice??
    All the best.
    Edmond Liau

  64. There’s a new gym in sri rampai called Spartan Fitness. For their environment and machines they are definitely not overpriced. They charge either per entry or monthly. Worth a visit. I’ve been going there often enough. It’s very new so crowd is mediocre. I talked to the instructor there and he said they are adding in new machines soon and they are all brand new. Very nice

  65. hey kevin, appreciate the above review so much. Fyi, m now a member of ultimate gym (FINALLY! it took me years before signing up for a gym) surprisingly m d only lady there hahaha but who cares aite? So far no prob all the guys there are COOL, environment not that bad well let’s just c…chill!!! wish me luck.

  66. MyGym is a gym located in Taman Tun, opposite Pizza Hut.
    Of course lifting weights for weight loss is good. it wakes up your inactive muscles to burn more fat and make movement more efficient.

  67. From Ravi review, well its all depend. different individual different needs/wants. Most younger generation would like a gym that is not bored in term of interior design, good music,creative choreographer classes apart from good equipment. Beside that, younger generation prefer aerobic classes that suites to them, Those Dance maniac class at Clark Hatch for example is not for young generation that prefer High Energy class. I went to their Open days at Crowne Plaza. It was such a turn off for me. Its good for older generation but for younger generation its kinda bored exercise . Its not easy for a gym to cater every one needs. Depend what market target and direction that the gym want to focus.
    At the moment i am happy with my gym in Lot 10 although there are some degree of uncertainty of the future after the take over by celebrity. We hope our classes will not change. Some of us come far all the way after work just to join an hour class at Lot 10. So it will be very frustated if things change.

  68. To DC comment, firstly, I think u need to read the latest memo that Celebrity fitness had put at the counters. There is no more Sweat Club in Midvalley. Its California fitness!!! After the take over by Celebrity, according to latest news, we are granted access to all Celebrity fitness club by Octorber after they have upgrading their IT structure. I hope u dont speculate things up as thing is still in early stage. The take over, for ur information just took place on 1st Sept. According to the news, they are still honor our existing membership contract. Ask ur friend to read the latest memo at the reception counter.
    Lifetime membership….Its more cheaper.A 4-5 year normal platinum package is equal to lifetime membership package. If the member afford and have long commitment, its cost savings. I had joined for almost 3 year. but i only afford with normal packages. if i adding all this payment i had made, its actually equal to a lifetime membership package.
    Please don’t speculate things..and get the facts first. It’s still early stage. If u think ur fren agreement breached, perhaps u can get a lawyer to look through.

  69. New clubs in town Kajang area… Jade Hills Resort Club.Open to all family and individual.Good place to relax bring your family with every time workout.Interested call club membership 03-87379662.. just want to share with u all.

  70. Hi Kevin, was google(ing) for a gym near keramat or setiawangsa but was disappointed with the search result. As a fitness guru, do you have any recommendation for a clean gym around my area in keramat or setiawangsa? Would appreciate their contact details… cheers.


    1. Wow! Sorry i baru nampak post ni..a bit late lol..but no Ultimate Gym is not for hardcore bodybuilders..anyone and everyone are welcome tidak kira apa matlamat anda.

  72. Kevin and all,
    Do u know any gym in Shah Alam area?I need to find the gym which are not too expensive la.affortable for a student like me.

  73. I have some bad experience at a gym in Sri Petaling…it’s known as My Fitness…I’ve been joining this gym for around 4 months but found out that this gym is very lousy…with almost 50% of the equipments broken…Monthly fees is damn expensive too…can goes up to RM199 per month just for the normal membership and nothing difference from the membership of RM 129 per month…when the general manager is asked to face the problem of membership price due to big difference between RM129 and RM199, he hides away and giving excuses not to meet the member but according to people working there, he’s very free…it’s not safe to work out there too as there are many broken glass pieces at the free weight area and it’s uncleared even after complaining…It’s basically too expensive for a gym which has so many broken equipments…The toilet, locker room, sauna and steam room is not well maintained too…the sauna and steam will only open upon request but most of the time it’s not open even after several requests…there are cockroaches in the toilet and locker room…it’s very smelly too….according to my friend working there, there’s at least 2 members terminating their membership everyday…
    IN CONCLUSION: NOT a good gym to join

  74. Hi, i am still new with this gym thingy. However, recently i am interested to join the gym in maya hotel, attracted to it coz of it has hydrotheraphy pool there. Furthermore, its near with my office, maybe i can easily drop by after work. So do u think the gym at maya hotel is a good choice, or do i have to choose those well known gym such as celebrity fitness, etc. Hope u can guide me.thanks

  75. FYI, I was with FF at KLCC. I quit cause it sucks!!! Almost every month there was new trainer. So young, some looks like just completed SPM. Aso, I did signed-up for PT. Everytime I missed the session or late in informing the trainer abot cancellation, he would still deduct the session. Cannot postpone to other date. Reason, any cancellation should inform earlier… pui!!!
    At one point I paid the trainer RM200++ to help me buy supplement which he said not available in Malaysia. Tub… tub… I heard he resigned and I was assigned under new trainer. Lesap duit aku!!! I called him but no once pick-up. Later, I did met this trainer after some time in cinema. I notice him trying so hard to make himself invisible. Huh!!! After cinema, I saw him and GF still hiding from me waiting for me to get into the elevator and blah first. I malas nak layan and just balik. Spoilt my mood!!! My frustration was that I really took him as a friend and even helped him prepare his resume (because he was so stupid and I so kesian that he don’t even know how to spell words correctly). See, how nice I was!!! Well, in a way I know he was planning on leaving but never thot he was gonna “elope” with my money. Dia tipu aku… huhuhu!!! Selamat la ko dunia & akhirat!!!
    The new trainer was ok. He would replace the session I could not attend. Management didn’t allow but he still did it. Some time after, this new trainer pon nak resign pulak. He cited problems with FF management as excuse. It was immediate notice, but this guy had the courtesy to call me personally and inform that he has resigned. Really appreciate it. FF wanted to assign me under another trainer. Apahal, I quit immediately.
    Itu la aku nak kongsi experience aku ngan FF at KLCC for you all to take precaution, where applicable. Sekian.

  76. Hi, I stay in Taman Melawati.
    I’ve tried few one week trial with few gyms before. Fitness First, California Fitness and Candi Soo @ KKlub, Taman Melawati. I cannot afford to go to Fitness First and California Fitness due to the distance from my home as well as the ridiculous fees they charge. Also, since I have a breastfed baby, I cannot leave him more than 3 hours. But, Candi Soo is the best for me, because most of the customers are woman in most classes. It is very hard to see guys join the dancing class with you.heheh..The class time is also very flexible. Same class will be held few times a week. So if you cannot attend today, you can go tomorrow. I also like Candi Soo because she always personally entertain you and you can anytime ask advice from her. 🙂

  77. hi guys my name is Haidar Habib i am from Sudan. I love in ampang bandar baru.Actually i am over Weight and i am looking for any gym around ampang with coach to help me to lose weight i am not interested in any product and i prefer to lose weight by playing sport.IS there anyone to help me for getting the gym.thanks and i am waiting to hear from you email is my phone number is 0172932046

  78. hello kevin….i would like to ask if there is job vacancy???i was very interested to be personal trainer….i was fresh graduation from diploma in sport science….and i want to find that job…can you help me????

  79. I’m from Malacca and there are not many fitness centers around. Recently theres one open nearby the Multimedia University (which is located 20km away from town area) called ‘De One Fitness’ – excellent i would say. Even the membership is gettin more & more people.
    So my concern here is, why there isn’t any fitness company or management wants to open in shopping mall area in Malacca town? we got plenty of mall here especially in town. What?…Malaccans dont like to be fit & dont do gym? come on…

  80. hi kev… what a good info here huh…just wanna share bout my exprience being a FF member… Manyak teruk whoa… sebelum ni ada la appoiment dengan PT dia(my 1st visit)… tp bila i dah prepare n siap sedia nak kena belasah la kononnya, dah siap pakai outfit biar selesa sket…PT dia x datang… reception caunter plak suruh tunggu kat ruang menunggu. im waiting about 1 jam… mau berasap aku dibuatnya… diaorg yang lain plak busy nak BODEK member baru. nak mengamuk depan kaunter ada plak…. tp not my type… kalau aku in wrong mood aku peduli apa… syukur la korang kat FF Menara Maxis tu… ni dah 3 bulan aku x pergi gym tu… nak cancel membership bayaran diaorg untuk cancel membership plak mahal… i dah tanya dalam ribu jugak la… tp xtau la…xpe la… korang curi la duit aku RM186… aku tak pernah halalkan… HARAM!!!!!!!!! org mgkn register kat FF kerana terdesak @ mungkin strategik @ xde pilihan lain… U SUCK FF!!! but, beside thats i dah reg kat celebrity fitness kat wangsa walk… i hired PT skali… i nampak hasil “dendam” aku kat FF… layanan? bolehla… but good luck CF, n go to hell FF!!! keep on cheating….

  81. Yeah I really agree with u guys. FF really- really sucks. You can call them leave messages and still they will ‘NOT ANSWER YOUR PHONE CALLS OR CALL YOU BACK”!!!!! They double charge me and when I asked for a reverse charge to my credit card. ‘THEY! said it’s company’s policy that the can’t reverse the amount. I wonder what I can do to get my $$$$$$ back. Charge 2 diff. Credit Card.

  82. yeargh Agnes… its bad.. bad thing… i tot thats FF is the 1st class… but FF like a garbage… 4 me… manager of FF, LOOK UP? chaeck what wrong with ur management!!! jangan jd kayu… ur staff makan gaji buta. n u never noe thats! what a BLIND?!! its doesnt matter 4 me actually but when im think twice, its all about my money! my money and i pay 4 nothing thats make me really mad n for FF, u should change ur name FF to FIXED FIRST!!!

  83. hi kev..ive been a member of momentum fitness almost 2 years..the price were cheap..rm 444 for 2years..wat else i want more.. =) for me work near philleo..its really worth it..i wonder y u dun advice us to join..i never see u around..u work out here b4?i even ask the pioneer staff there.. they dun even noe who u r… =)

  84. hey kevin,
    I am a student and i am desperately looking for a cheap gym around shah alam or kepong area. There are a few at kepong but not so sure about their facilities. please advise me cause really in need for a place to workout. thanks.

  85. Thanks for the tips kevin.
    I still new with gyms, PT and etc.
    I try to make workout as my hobby now.
    I stay in Kajang. Anybody knows about tlsfitness in Kajang?
    Does it ok?

  86. Salam Kevin and hello everyone.
    Which gym/fitness center is good or not it does not matter actually. As long as you wanted to be fitter and having healthy life style is already a good start. Gym/ fitness center just a place for you to work out.
    Base on my experience after join gym here and there….i found out, do some normal exercise like swimming and jogging is very good.
    All those issues like not complete equipments, PT gatal and mahal and apa2 saja lah are actually the little voices that stop us to have healthy life style. After all we decide what do we want in our life. Yang lain2 itu small matter lah…..*hehehe
    Just a suggestion for beginners that wanted to lost weight, build up stamina or apa2 saja.
    1. jogging is always good (for me). reason is, if you go and join for gym/fitness center you'll be asked to do cardio juga….barulah angkat berat2….
    2. jogging at any lake gardens lately is so much fun. For example, Tasik Kelanajaya, they have certain area/corner with equipments that i personally think this is almost like gym basic equipments. Try Tasik Kelanajaya folks…well done.
    3. swimming is another exercise that i like. very cheap and effective… just that you have to start taking swimming lesson if you do not know how to swim….again…but so much fun…
    tepuk dada tanya hati..
    nak apa sebenarnya….?
    Have fun!

  87. Salam Kevin and hello everyone.
    Which gym/fitness center is good or not it does not matter actually. As long as you wanted to be fitter and having healthy life style is already a good start. Gym/ fitness center just a place for you to work out.
    Base on my experience after join gym here and there….i found out, do some normal exercise like swimming and jogging is very good.
    All those issues like not complete equipments, PT gatal and mahal and apa2 saja lah are actually the little voices that stop us to have healthy life style. After all we decide what do we want in our life. Yang lain2 itu small matter lah…..*hehehe
    Just a suggestion for beginners that wanted to lost weight, build up stamina or apa2 saja.
    1. jogging is always good (for me). reason is, if you go and join for gym/fitness center you'll be asked to do cardio juga….barulah angkat berat2….
    2. jogging at any lake gardens lately is so much fun. For example, Tasik Kelanajaya, they have certain area/corner with equipments that i personally think this is almost like gym basic equipments. Try Tasik Kelanajaya folks…well done.
    3. swimming is another exercise that i like. very cheap and effective… just that you have to start taking swimming lesson if you do not know how to swim….again…but so much fun…
    tepuk dada tanya hati..
    nak apa sebenarnya….?
    Have fun!

  88. hii bro kevin..i think better u try gym area wmaju..ada byk gym area sana but can;t compare wit FF or TF..last week i ke sana n ada 1 gym i think MUSCULAR GYM at rampai business park..coz machine yg digunakan sgt class..only rm5 perday also got treadmill…gym setup yg 'sempurna' machine yg terbaik for standard gym..must try..the location also nice got mamak restorans there ..penat lepak bawah maa..hehe..

  89. hello hairie, thanks for the feedback …. i have been working out at CF Wangsa Maju lately …. but hey we can always review other gyms …. you can get the gym owner to contact me here.

  90. hello alisa,
    thank you for sharing your experience. Yeah some women do suffer from the constant nagging etc … its important to join a gym that you are completely comfortable with.

  91. Hi! Kevin,
    I hv a daughter aged 13 yrs old and she is 72.2 kg with height of 158 cm. she has good appetite but no interest in going for workout perhaps due to no moitvation. If she doesn't go to school, she will be on the tv and start watching her favourite cooking programme on astro channel. pls advise me how to make her enjoy workouts and suggest good place in shah alam (limited… i know). shld i see a doctor first b4 trying out any slimming drinks/pills? appreciate your professional advise. Puan Nina (40 yrs old, 55 kg)

  92. hi guys. im totaly new to d idea of fitness centre. is this site is only for s'gor n kl area je? sbb xjmpe komen psl tmpt len pon
    ::: im considerin to join a fitness centre in seberang perai, penang (mainland). but as i googled, there r limited no. of choices (in fact, i dont hv any choice).
    :: i cant even put any of kevin's suggestions into my consideration coz i cant choose. huhu, sedeynye
    ::: well, for a beginner, is ok if i dont hire any PT.? sbb budget le kan.. tp takut xtau nk start work out plak nnt (in d 1st place, ape tugas PT-need to be clarified)
    ::: frm ur discussion, i found few things that i need to ask d centre bfore i blindly sign up wth 'em. eg; cancelation fee, personal locker, qualified trainer. anything to b added up.??
    thanks… tadaa 😉

  93. It is really great to know the review about the Malaysian fitness center . I think they are providing the best guidance and facility to the customers. Thanks a lot for sharing the reviews here.

  94. Hi,
    Huhuhu… Just sign up as FF member @ Menara maxis last month…after joint baru I notice your post about Fitness center review …Why FF?…emm what to do, no choice since that's nearest fitness from my office & house….and also i got corporate rate there.
    For me so far so good la….about PT "Gatal" memang ada but me never bother (as long that PT "gatal" tak disturb I) coz my target is to loose weight, but there's thing happen which is one of the PT there bagi ajaran sesat on using of the equipment,it's happen to my friend….. so dangerous ….but luckly have another PT teach my friend to use the equipment correctly…..since that me & my friend blacklist that PT…..That PT never thinks other people life…huh…

  95. Hi Kevin! i’m reading your book now (fitness 24/7) and not finish yet. Why dont’ you open one gym here in Shah Alam near seksyen 7, so i can learn directly from you what i can’t understand. I am looking gym with aerobick….

  96. Hi Kev,
    Best jugak dengan topik yg dibuka nih….at least bole bukak mata sikit for those yg xder experience like me…hihihi..anyway, recently adalah pegi gym kat wangsa maju n pusat komuniti kat ttdi. Hargapun xmahal (RM5/each). malas nak enrolled kat club yg mahai2 tu pasai selalu busy ngan keja….bila ada masa lapang boleh dropby je afterwork….

  97. hi everybody I recently moved to Desa Pandan Area. Pls give me sugestion where I can find Gym in this area?
    Thank you in advance

  98. All i can say is, I really don't know why people would go to TF, CF or FF. Those gyms are nothing but nak buat duit je. The trainers and the staff do not really care about your progress and such, all they know, cukup bulan fees kena bayar. I used to join one of those gyms for 2 years when i was a uni student. I was 6'1 and weigh at 55 kg only. So you guys can imagine how skinny i was. But They all promise that i will gain la, itu la, ini la if i were to join their gym. When i workout there, all the trainers did nothing but condemning my workout techniques and balik2 suruh hire them to become my personal trainer, nak workout pun tak senang,and its not cheap to hire them as personal trainer. I regret joinin those type of gym coz i gain nothing and duit semua dah habis at the gym.
    My advice is to everyone whos looking to become bigger fast, is to join those cheap hardcore gyms, trust me. After regretting paying so much for those so called luxury style gym, i joined muscle gym at uptown and workout with all the brader2 hardcore builders there. i only paid rm10 sekali masuk workout. At first i was bit takut2 and shy, but to my surprise all those brader2 badan mcm gorilla semua were very2 helpful. You dont have to pay them anything for them to help you with your technique, your routine and food diet advice. Going to those hardcore gym helps me become bigger so fast because u tend to train the hardcore way like them.
    After a year working out with them, i went from 55kg to 70kg with muscles keluar sana sini, lol. Best part about those type of gym, if tak cukup duit, you can even tulis dalam buku je. Join the cheap hardcore gyms instead fancy2 gyms, less money more gain

    1. sorry glen, we havent got any website yet.
      we're still new, opened on 3 Nov 2010.
      new machines. last monday completed setting them up.
      come & have a look.

  99. Hi to ALL. Promotions for Walk-In at RM5 per day until end of December 2010.
    NEW charges for memberships:
    Normal Package : Registration RM80. Deposit RM100. Monthly Fee RM100
    Government Package : Registration RM90. Deposit RM80. Monthly Fee RM80
    (Show your Gov ID and you're entitiled to Gov Package)
    Classes for Aerobic from Mon-Fri at 6:30pm to 7:30pm and 8:30pm to 9:30pm.
    (RM10 for Non-Member per class. For members its included in the package),
    Operation Hours :
    Mon-Fri : 8:00am to 12:00 midnight
    Sat : 8:00am to 8:00pm
    Sun : 10am to 6pm.

  100. hi kevin,
    im from klang and looking to join gym around this area.can anyone suggest me any Gym but don't prefer to go to the famous one la coz very expensive and nt affordable to my budget. pls let me knw even shah alam also i think ok for me.

  101. Sorry, maybe you guys didnt see my very much earlier posts. Anyways, read on, ya..
    No.2-37, Jalan Prima SG2, Taman Prima,
    Sri Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves
    Mon-Fri : 8am-12midnite
    Sat : 8am-8pm
    Sun : 10am-6pm
    On 25th Dec (Christmas) we're open from 10am-6pm
    All New shoplots, near badminton hall, same row as CoffeeBox, 7-Eleven.
    You wont miss Ayam Penyet, Mizi Sports Centre (hahaha…promotion for them).

    1. there is one gym beside the south city plaza..its called JoyFitness..i working out there for almost a year now..its quite good actually but sometime there are lot of people at the peak hour.

    1. hi i just saw your post… i'm working in solaris. fitness first just opened in 1mont kiara shopping centre. get active personal trainers are opposite cold storage in solaris.

  102. I m pissed off with TF PAVILLION relocation without even telling me on the day i signed up. It was just 1week before the date! How culd they simply hide the info from me? Because i wouldnt want to be their member ibstead. I need pavillion that s why i registered

  103. I just joined CF at Wangsa Walk today. After reading all the comments (which I should have done it earlier),I was a bit disappointed coz I had to pay RM99 for the processing fee and RM63 for the membership fee. If I had known earlier abt the tactics, I would get waived fees (RM99+RM63)..The monthly fee is RM139, which I’m pretty happy about it because last time I paid RM175/month at FF, KLCC. Initially they wanted to charge me RM179 monthly fee, but after I said let me think about it, they gave me the RM139 rate. As long as the monthly rate is less than RM150,I am more than happy. CF gave me 2 complimentary PT sessions too (this cud compensate the extra pay..haha). I dun really care about PT coz I had some experience working out on my own during my stay at FF. I hate people pushing me by the way!! ;P I’d like to do it at my own pace & my own comfort. I did pretty well though. 🙂
    I’ll be going for my first session tomorrow. Hope I wouldn’t get any uncomfortable incidents with CF (crossing my fingers!). The reason I chose CF because it is located near to my house.
    Let see after 1 year..I might consider joining muscular gym @ Sri Rampai after reading Alisa’s comment. Yup..RM70 is really2 affordable..Looking forward to it…

  104. muscle planet
    at matang jaya, kuching.
    rm40/month or rm5 walk in.
    no other fees like reg or blablabla
    equipment: Good (actually all are new),
    open: 230pm-930pm everyday

  105. First time reading the comments here and i must say i'm rather amused. Anyway, whatever the comments are, it is the right of the people i guess. I also noticed many mention of Ultimate Gym saying Muscular Gym is 100% better etc…well it is you right to comment.
    What differs Ultimate Gym from the rest? Affordable and can always get advice without having to tear your pocket! As for saying that other gyms have new equipments etc….well a dumbell is a dumbell , 10lbs will be 10lbs…chromed or rusted and a machine designed to train a certain body parts is just that….dont matter new or old so long as it is functional and serves it's purpose.
    What's the point of having such glossy stuff and not knowing how to use them correctly?
    At the end of the day, people slander other gyms simply out of frustration due to poor service and in some cases (which i've read here) do so to promote the gym they own/go to for whatever reasons.
    I on the other hand, wouldn't be celebrating my 20th anniversary if Ultimate Gym was so and so as described by others.
    Just my 2 cents!

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  107. @AL
    I will definitely join your gym for sure, the best thing you guys doing is 24*7, Busy people like me would love that. All the best for you and your brother.

  108. I agree we Kevin. It no point joining a gym no matter how good they are if it not convinence for you to go. I was a member of Clark Hatch JB, Suria Gym and few other, but only after joining a old , run down club near my house that I stick to the routine. Simply because ,it easier to go to , late hour and they have a swimming pool. Now I can go to the gym for 20 minute weight lifting and then jump to the swimming pool for a 30 to 40 min lap swimming at 9 pm. Come home all tired and ready to sleep at 10.30pm.
    Taman U Recreation Club Skudai is 18 years old, the locker , machine and facilities is old fashion . But it all I need. Membership only 40 ringgit a month.
    zul jb

  109. I’d should test with you here. Which is not something I normally do! I enjoy reading a submit that may make folks think. Additionally, thanks for allowing me to remark!

  110. hello…
    i want ask opinion i want to join gym but i dont know where near gym near my house at kg baru..
    anyone who can tell me where gym near at kg baru..
    im not from KL..

  111. Definately pissed off with True Fitness.. they talk until you sign their agreement .. even before you start your free 1 month workout .. So once the agreement is signed , you cannot terminate or cancel ..Cant believe how they CON you into signing up using your credit card and insist that they have to DEBIT the monthly fees for 2 years ..since you have signed the agreement ( which most consumers wont read during the signing up).. …So, where is my free 1 month trial ?? Since it was only a " verbal" promise ,without any agreement signed or witnessed ??? Ripped off … So , no choice but to CANCEL my credit card in order to stop the monthly debit … and believe it … I have not even started my workout and not even colected my member card ?? But whatever you said or discussed with them is " not counted " and wont be on your terms since
    the AGREEMENT is based on their terms ! ! whatever verbal is verbal … and their AGREEMENT stays !!

      1. no problem.. teruk sangat 1st and last experience with such fitness centre … when I have not even started any workout yet.. This fitness centre is the biggest CON centre and their sales people are only interested in making u sign their AGREEMENT .. who cares when u want to start and nobody will check or bother what happens AFTER u signed their AGreement …. . So, these fitness centre are "holding" the knife at your neck because they have already got yr credit card details … … get it ?? Do you all still want to join ??? I wonder if some people without any credit card .. can they join ?? what happens if u want to cancel ? They will sue u and threathen to debit the legal cost/ fees from yr credit card ???

  112. Seram bila baca komentar pasal FF. So far, I dah 2 tahun lebih join FF Axis.
    I takder masalah sangat, cuma kekadang
    Masalah external. Staf okay! Cuma ada sorang ajjer lah yg buat onar. Tp again, semua nya external. Yg penting focus apa yg kita nak buat dan enjoy workout.
    Palng penting kata Kevin; mmg benar LOCATION memainkan peranan untuk ke gym.

  113. I joined Berjaya Fitness Centre. Beware of their empty promises. If anyone who wish to join, make sure all terms are clearly spelled out in the form irregardless how the salesman/ sales woman guarantee you that it is part of the standard features, hence do not need to write down. They are good in twisting story. I got duped by all these devils.

  114. Hye Kevin and all members here..
    I just want to give a suggestion to all of you which is in Shah Alam (Stadium Shah Alam, Section 13), there is one gym that having a complete equipment and they also got a lot of classes such as bootcamp, muay-thai, aerobic etc. Why dont all of you take a look and drop by there. Im sure you will interested to join them.

  115. i live in sentul and have tight schedule(pg keje awal pagi blk around 6pm),hates traffic jam a lot,
    .i would really love to try aerobic/pilates.any suggestion?

    1. bro go for united fitness centre .. cheaper and new equipment …. xclusive fitness is to expensive for you dude … better go for cf rather than xclusive since their price is almost the same …

  116. Good gyms provide an environment in which focused hard work is the norm, not the exception. Fitness can and should be a lot of fun, but it is also quite often hard work. If you are not willing to work hard then you will not get great results from your training and you will continue to be dissatisfied. Most gyms nowadays are set up in such a way that working hard is positively discouraged and as a result people get nowhere.

  117. for those looking for gym in Shah Alam, XCLUSIVE FITNESZ Is the biggest in that area…seriously..easy to come..and GO..NO traffic jam….free car park…
    Xclusive Fitnesz Weight Gym area is known for it Open Air concept with fresh air circulated the area so you will be able to work out in health environment in the mid of hectic lifestyle.
    why not you try to review at there…i wonder you will interested with their gym..~

    1. not easy at all to come .. very hard to find the gym … to be honest the price there is to damn expensive with your service … totally not worth it

      1. why not you come first to review the gym..nego and now i heard that they had an offer promotion for ramadhan and hari raya..
        lets go to the gym..enjoyed the servis..;-)

  118. Hi there, great site, where did you come up with the info in this summation? Im greatful I found it though, I will be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

  119. I would like to klnow if there are any more no-frills-gym around anymore. Those which people pay per entry or per hour.

  120. I am going to do business plan assignments on subject ETR300 regarding business of fitness centre.
    This is really helping.
    Thank you Kevin Zahri and all of these good people 🙂

  121. hi kevin, i love your post a lot. It’s really helpful for a beginner like me. Do you know any gym/fitness center near Serdang? near UPM may be?

  122. Hi Kevin,
    I'm reading your book now and not finish yet, it's nice, thanks for all the informations.
    I'm member at fitness first center, it's expensive but very good.
    In the center i saw a pub for this website : and i found good jobs.

  123. Dear Mr.Kevin Zahri,
    Thank you for your important article titled “Malaysian Gym or Fitness Center review”.  I became very much impressed and happy from your article.I think your article is the output of your long time thinking and practical observations in these Gyms. Most of the body builders or health concious people will remember you for your unbeliebable success article. I will follow your direction to select a right Gym for my practice.i am ever grateful to you for your article.Please keep forward your thinking in this line. wish you all the best.
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  125. i stay in Serdang too! I have joined this gym  TLS Fitness, Kajang, Sg Chua. It’s FUn! and it’s full of different activities! I love their GX Class!! RPM Class, PowerFit and Combat clas are my favourite!! you should go take a look. Full range of equipments.

  126. Hi, thanks for your very informative post. I’m currently in the UK and have been joining the uni gym and local instructors for aerobic classes only (particularly Zumba, High-Lo, Step, Dance Groove). Will be coming home for good end of this month. Is there any gym in the area of Putrajaya/Serdang that have aerobic classes including Zumba in it? Tried to googled zumba in Malaysia, but only a gym in Mont Kiara equestrian centre that does it, and they are charging 15 USD per class (1 hour session). I was surprised with this price. Just wonder, could you also outline the cost of joining a gym in Malaysia. Thanks a lot. Yuun- Glasgow

  127. Hey kevin! Nice review. now im gonna share my experience
    i have joined TF previously so far its okay, although the staff there are not friendly, but i just ignored that. but then after finished contract 2 years i search for other gym nearby (saja tukar mood) as i moved to seksyen 11 shah alam. last year went search high and low for a nearby gym, then i joined Xclusive fitness inside the stadium shah alam, seksyen 13. now it has been 5 months since i joined, so far so good. at first i thought no gym inside the stadium, but then my friend told me he joined there.
    i especially like that they open space, no aircon, easily sweat and no weird smell. -_-”
    also the crowd are friendly. i joined under RM105/month a Year contract . the equipments that i need , they got it. but my favourite is the Bootcamp class that they have. when im too lazy to work out on my own, i prefer to joined this class. it conducted by Murad Zaidi. one of the trainer there. those in shah alam , should try and check it out. oh! forgot! if u guys come and check it out, mentioned my name Lukman. so i can get free month lol!

    1. Xclusive fitnesz is actually very bad and run down now they only will cater if you’re an artis,instagram influencer ,vvip or royalty they will not I REPEAT they will not cater if you are just commoner or nobody and their changing room is very bad, unhygienic and no Covid-19 SOP because I literally get shouted at while I travel all the way from Perak to come here while the trainer is training Joe Flizzow so clearly this gym is not open to public AVOID this gym at all cost

  128. hi, I’m Kenny.
    There is a NEW gym in Berjaya Times Square now !
    Got the BEST rate in town !for more information,kindly contact my mobile number 0173494467 or visit our facebook page 

  129. Hi Kevin,
    Im Kana, a wholesaler and distributor for 100% Pasteurized Pure Liquid Egg Whites in Malaysia. Hoping we could meet up soon as this is an excellent product for body building and fitness alike. I have a facebook page – YK Health Solutions (my company). Please have a look and advice. Thanks.

  130. hi kevin, im gaining ridiculous weight recently, so i think i need to join gym, im staying at bukit antarabangsa and working at wangsa maju… i like dancing type of exercise.. and i prefer economical and fair fees… please recommend any gym that suitable for me..
    thanks a lot..

  131. hi,my name is alicesia from melaka. i’m selling my tread mill .anybody interested in buying, can call me 0197755591.

  132. Hi there. Just wanna know how is the trend of Crossfit fitness in Malaysia? Or Spartanz workout in Malaysia in that case? Seems like it is a huge craze in US. Any place with those workout?

  133. hi there. i have a task to design a gym in my office. so can i know where i can get the information an advice how to design a gym in my office.

  134. Hi,
    Im looking for gym mostly catering for women. I live in Cheras are prefer somewhere near.
    Looking at many reviews, it doesn’t convince me to choose neither any of it 🙁

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