Behind the Scenes – Lifebuoy TV Commercial

Loooong Tiring Shoot

If you were wondering why I have not posted much recently, well its coz I was part of the upcoming Lifebouy body wash TV commercial. We shot it over two days (or rather nights) in Rawang, Selangor.

Super dad at the Carnival

Basically I play a dad that takes his kid out to the carnival. Here my son wants me to do all kinds of things like walking on stilts, wrestle with a giant (hahahah) and retrieve a ball from an elephant.

Do check out the pictures and yeah keep an eye out for the ad probably towards the end of the year.

Thanks to DCasting, Dutch Studio, Chilli Pepper Films, the entire production crew from India and everyone involved. I had fun!

The Behind the Scenes Photos

  1. hahahaha… this comercial so so funny! i study in indonesia btw.. the first time it aired, my fren point.. ‘hye, isn’t that dr.kevin? the guy in AF tu la!’ .. n then we start laughin.. that kid so cute! good luck in everythin kay bro..

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