Panduan Kesihatan Seksual (Sexual Health Guide)

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Apakah pemakanan dan senaman benar-benar membantu hubungan intim?

Well we know the basics….avoid onions, garlic dan yes…..leave the durians alone. We also know that alcohol makes it “easier”…hahahah but kita nak bincangkan yang mana yang halal.

  1. I’ve no idea that masturbation has health benefits! But its true though that it counters stress and muscle ache. How often is healthy? Once a day?

  2. afiq – sorry for the late reply….how often? hahaha depends on who you ask..kalau you ask tok imam probably ZERO unless darurat! 😉
    ina – good luck with that.

  3. Actually, from the Quran and Hadith there’s no clear verse that forbids us from masturbation, and its always been debated eg. Imam Shafiie says its forbidden but Imam Hanafi says its ok if it will prevent from fornication. but only to ‘lepas geram’ la like u said, but don’t make it a habit

  4. wua..about masturb***. so what,?if kevin masturb*** 2x a day,so you will foloow his step la..ah c’mon,stop talking this topic la..(maybe you waiting for someone who famous or doctor says masturba** is healthy that also can anti aging,reduce acne,increase vitamin absorbtion and can add muscle,lose fat,so you can go thru that) hey get a life maannnn!! mengarut laaa..get a sosial life,but reduce that habit.i mean not to depend..

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  8. bila nak buat seminar / program “Jom Gemuk”.. ramai juga rakyat malaysia yang kurus nie pening kepala nak naik berat badan..

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