5 Post Raya Training Tips – First Training Day

Aaaaah yes…….hari raya, hari yang mulia ini. For me hari raya not only signals the start of lemang and rendang season but also the time I can resume my fitness training. After a month without much, if any, exercise…I am always very eager to hit the gym again.

So yesterday was my first day back at the gym and following are some tips I keep in mind after a month long layoff.

My 5 Post Hari Raya Workout Tips:

These tips are specifically for weight training but can be easily adapted for cardio, fitness etc.

  1. Preparation. I make sure to get a proper pre-workout meal and no, lemang and rendang ain’t a good preworkout meal haha. For me its typically a whey protein shake and some carbohydrates (I had wholewheat bread and some kurmas). Same applies to your post workout meal. Its a must have to kick-start your recovery.
  2. Start Slow. After a month layoff, your muscles telah kehilangan kekuatan (and size) so jangan lift too heavy. Pick lighter weights and slowly rebuild your strength.
  3. Listen to your body. If you get dizzy or extremely fatigued, stop! After a month of doing nuttin (well nuttin physical), your body dah tak biasa dengan the burden of a workout and may react negatively to it. Its the first day….so expect the unexpected.
  4. …your body dah tak biasa dengan the burden of a workout and may react negatively to it. Expect the unexpected…

  5. 60min Max. Yup, this rule applies at all times la, especially on your first day back. Including some light warmup and cooldown, I keep my training session to 60 minutes. Thats it. Probably shorter la….yesterday was about 50 minutes je.
  6. Half or full body workouts. After a long layoff, I tend to go for half or fullbody workouts. Why? Coz it allows each body part to get a “light” workout. Also, it makes a feel good that every part of my body is getting back in shape. Next week I’ll go back to split routines.

Got open house? Jangan Lupa ajak.

Sempena hari raya…if you all ada open house, ajak la….if I have time and tak jauh, insyallah I will come.

My open house is on the 26th October @ Dataran Palma Ampang.

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