New Feature – Free Meal Planner

meal-planner-calorieEver wanted to creat your own meal plan? Want to know what I eat everyday? Great news! We just launched the beta version of’s Meal Planner.

This tool will allow you to

– Interactively drag-n-drop your foods into a meal planner
– Automatically calculate the total calories you consume
– Add and remove meals (i.e snack, late night meals, pre workout etc)
– Share these meals with the world
– Embed into your website.
– Email your friends.
– Find out not just the total calorie but also the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Check out our FREE Meal Planner available on

Kevin Zahri

I am a passionate educator and advocator in helping Malaysians live better, healthier, stronger, and happier lives. Ingat, ia bukan soal kurus.

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