Are you in control of your weight? Probably not.

The honest truth is – most people don’t have control over their weight.

Control? Yes, its just like financial success

Want to get rich? Than you need to be able to control cash flow – income and expenditure. Want to be successful in managing your weight? Than you gotta know how to control .. well yeah income and expenditure as well. But rather than controling cash flow, for weight management, we need to control calories. Sounds easy!? Sure but its easier said than done.

For cash flow, you need to understand 1) how much money you are earning and 2) how to spend money. Its no different for weight management.

Quiz: Are you in control of your weight?

Let me ask you the following questions:

  • Do you know many calories you need per day?
  • How many calories are you currently consuming?
  • And how many calories are you burning per day?

95% of you are probably clueless. That’s exactly where you problems starts. If you want to manage your weight, you need to take control. In order to take control, you need to know yourself. You need knowledge. You need to buy my eBook hahaha …. just kidding.

Want to learn how many calories you need and how to control you weight? Get a copy of my “24 Questions” eBook for only RM20. Or you can sign up for a personal consultation session with me where we go through everything in detail. Knowledge is everything.

  1. Hi Kevin,
    After meeting you a few weeks ago I feel ringan sikit lah badan I ni. Eventhough only a lil bit of penurunan in kg but I really feel the difference especially with regular running, exercise and “calorie counting”.
    Buku you Fitness 24/7 pun sgt berguna..eventho I belum khatam lagi lah. Now that I know about calories and how to read them on food labels..
    Yes, knowledge is everything 🙂

  2. hello Millie,
    thanks for dropping by and glad to hear that your weight loss is making progress. yeah importnat thing is not the rate but that you are in control and can prolong the weight loss over a period of time.
    Keep in touch!

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