New Personal Training Rates & Packages

Back by popular demand, I have revamped my personal consultation and training rates in Malaysia and included some packages.

Single Personal Training Session for RM175

If you looking for a one time session for training or help you build a weight loss diet plan etc, the rate now is only RM175 and includes a free copy of my eBook.

3+1 Personal Training Session for RM600

This combine a single consultation session where we analyze your needs, set your nutrition and exercise needs. From there you will get three personal training sessions with me to help leanr proper techniques. You will also get a free eBook and book.

5+1 Personal Training Session for RM800

Similar to the “3+1 package” but adds two more personal training sessions into the program. Ofcourse, you will also get a free eBook and book.

For booking or more details, you can refer to the personal training details here. Or contact me if you have additional questions

Kevin Zahri

I am a passionate educator and advocator in helping Malaysians live better, healthier, stronger, and happier lives. Ingat, ia bukan soal kurus.

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