Top 5 Health & Fitness Weight Loss eBooks

If you are looking for weight loss tips, its all about having proper guides. Sure books are great but these days, eBooks are a great way to get your hands …err fingers on great and affordable guides directly online.
Following are five eBooks that are worth checking out (in no particular order).

1. How To Get Ripped Abs

fitness-ebook1This eBook is all about how to get ripped abs. In the book you will get top secret training methods, nutritional techniques and most importantly unparalleled results. This revolutionary manual will show you everything you need to hit the ground running and start seeing results in DAYS… instead of weeks! It also includes varous freebies like “Lean Bodies Meal Plans”, “Meltdown Training Manual -The Key To Rapid Fat Loss In As Little As 40 Minutes 3 Days Per Week!” and more. Get Ripped Abs Today.

2. Lose 20lbs In 28 Days – Warp Speed Fat Loss

fitness-ebook2Would you like to banish up to 21lbs of nasty fat from your body in the next 28 days? This ebook is for you who may be like many of the people that we work with who are tired of settling for losing only 1-2lbs a week. The author makes use of advanced manipulation of human biochemistry, physiology to maximize fat mobilization and oxidation. Sound confusing? Well…the beauty of the whole thing is that you don’t need to know anything about ANY OF THAT because the author has done the work for you. Lose 20lbs In 28 Days Now.

3. Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

fitness-ebook3“Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” (BFFM) is downloadable 337 page fat burning success manual, jam-packed cover to cover with all the fat loss methods previously known by only a small handful of the worlds best fitness models and world famous bodybuilders. Now you can join this elite group. This program contains all the information you’ll ever need to help you melt away body fat permanently without muscle loss and without using drugs or unnecessary supplements. Get Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

4. 24 Health and Fitness Questions

fitness-ebook5Last but not lest, my eBook …. this book is a collection of the 24 most frequently asked health & fitness questions compiled by me – Kevin Zahri throughout my experience in conducting wellness seminars, personal training and online research. Questions cover everything from getting started, health, weight management, nutrition, dieting, supplements, exercise, fitness training and more. This book is for everyone looking for proper fundamentals and basics. Get the answer to 24 Questions now.

5. The Fat Burning Furnace

fitness-ebook4Fat Burning Blueprint! A brand new, lightning fast fat loss system gives you the exact step by step plan to igniting your fat burning furnace. You will experience 24 hour a day, 7 days a week fat burning. And this is permanent fatloss, not temporary water loss. Also comes with a full year of personal e-mail coaching in case you have a question about any part of this simple program, you can email the author. Get The Fat Burning Furnace.

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