Skin Nutrition – Pre and Post Workout Shake

Through my collaboration with Skin Nutrition Malaysia, I would like to introduce a shake that I have been using as an in-between mean and also as a pre- and post-workout meal.

Skin Nutrition’s Omega 3 shake

Skin Nutrition’s Omega 3 shake is a whole food meal supplement designed to optimally support cellular nutrition to promote beautiful skin, hair, and nails as well as a beautiful lean body. Most meal supplement shakes on the market are nothing more than ‘junk food’. Skin Nutrition’s Omega Shake is rich in Omega 3 essential fats, fiber, protein, vitamins & minerals, anti-oxidants, and skin enhancing ingredients. It is also contains whole grain complex carbohydrates for sustained energy, is low glycemic so it will not spike your blood sugar, which causes inflammation, and contains 100% natural flavours and no sugar or artificial sweeteners . Best of all, it’s absolutely delicious!

Get RM50 Store Credit When You Register Online

For everyone that registers online at Skin Nutrition Malaysia website, you will automatically get RM50 FREE that you can use for any order that you place on the website. Oh ya, you will also get FREE express shipping throughout Malaysia.

You buy the Skin Nutrition’s Omega 3 shake online for RM380 here

  1. It is good to know about Skin nutrition's Omega 3 shake as I am very much conscious for my skin and this would be useful for me.This seems a good product and I will use it for my skin.I like that you have provided such good information to us.

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