5 Reasons Why I Love WordPress – WordCamp Malaysia

On behalf of EmbunWeb.com, I just delivered a 10minute speech at WordCamp Malaysia. Now although I made some comments on what could be improved (multiple image insertion, sidebar widget flexiblity etc) … here are my top 5 reasons for loving WordPress!

1. Its Free

Let’s face it. WordPress and other open source platforms won’t be as successful if you had to pay for it. The fact that is it free and current, makes it extremely attractive for everyone.

2. Themes and Plugins

WordPress has plugins for just about everything you can think off – from contact forms or social media, there is something for everyone and if not … there probably is a developer coding it as we speak (or write). Also, not forget the 1000s of themes. Some are free … others you gotta buy .. but hey, no one is complaining about lack of choice!

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3. Wide Support Network

If it wouldn’t be for the 1,000s of developers and designers, WordPress wouldn’t be as successful as it has been. It’s because of these experts and trendsetters that WordPress is and hopefully always be, cutting-edge.

4. Ease of Customization

For me this is key. Whenever you build a website, you need a “CMS” or templating system that allows you take full control of the design, layout etc without going into hardcore coding! Since its earlier days, WordPress has done an extremely awesome job!

5. It’s the best.

For most bloggers, websites etc, WordPress is simply the best in its class. Enough said!

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