Weight Loss: The "No Rice" Diet?

The problem is not rice. Its the amount of rice or calories we consume. Rice is an important source of energy but again, we Malaysians eat too much rice. In a single serving you only need about a fistful of rice.

We have all heard about this one. People staving away from rice (or nasi) in the hopes to lose weight. I wrote about the whole rice issue a while back. Now it works for some and probably doesn’t work for others but whatever the outcome, at the end of the day, its not rice at fault. Let me explain:

Why It Works

Now as all know that weight loss is about about calories – eating more than you need will lead to weight gain. Now cutting our rice completely adds up to about 500-600 calories per day (probably a decent average for most Asians or Malaysians). For say 500 calories per day, that works out to be 3,500/week or 15,000 calories/month. Now convert that to kgs, that’s 0.45kg or 1.95kg respectively. So clearly, as long as you are creating that kind of calorie deficit, you will lose weight.

Why It Does Not

There are two problems with the “no rice” diet. If you replace your rice with say breads, fruits or pasta, you are in fact not changing anything at all as they all are carbohydrate sources. The idea of getting rid of rice is all about getting rid of carbohydrates. Period! Secondly, rice is our staple food! For how long can you completely ignore rice? Sooner or later most people will go back to rice and if they don’t watch the quantity of rice, they will surely regain the weight again!

Verdict: The problem is not rice. Its the amount of rice or calories we consume. Rice is an important source of energy but again, we Malaysians eat too much rice. In a single serving you only need about a fistful of rice. That’s it! It is your choice to go on a “no rice” diet but at the end of the day, you need to make a decision that is based on know-how and not what is popular.

  1. i ate rice (in a very small portion of course) 2 times perday and still losing 4kg every month. just make sure u understand the needs of ur body and always workout to burn calories.

    1. well said. I too eat rice 2x per day ….. its not the rice that is at fault … its everything you eat in total …. well total calories per day.

  2. hi kevin, i used to be an athelete. but since the day i broke my knee, i cant do the things that i used to(playing basketball)..eventhough its 2 years ago…and now i am really fat (89kg)…i tried to diet but i cant stick with the plan…please give me some advice..thanks!

  3. i like to eat rice….BUT hving pblem wit my body to accept bcoz will fast to increase my weight…very fast…how to settle it problem?

  4. you are right! the problem is not rice but how much we consume it!
    Some people thinks that if we avoid rice it will definitely help us lose weight which is true but if we replace rice by bread it’s still gonna give the same effect.People should be more informed before making choices. Try to watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V92wUegHpsU. It helped me clarify a lot of myths regarding weight loss.

  5. agree with kevin, instead of replacing rice with bread or pasta, how about replacing it with oats.. Then again, eventually you will get tired eating oats all the time.. so its not about rice, but quantity of it..

    1. No. U get gastric because u eat too little. Replace rice with meat, vegetables etc. Eat approx 1500 calories per day. Exercise frequently

  6. Started to eat less rice. less than a fistful of rice once per day, 3/4 portion is vegies and one chicken or fish. actually, the vegies, makes you full for quite some time. now losing weight, totally worth it.

  7. The doctor advised me not to eat rice. I can eat anything but not rice. but now you’ve told us that we can eat rice but watch the amount only. Like one doctor told me just to measure my food on the palm of my hands. Is it still possible to loose weight if you eat a “palm” of your hand of rice?

  8. I just went to the referred allergy specialist doctor and I was advised that rice and chocolate is my highest allergic reaction. I was advised to refrain from eating rice and chocolate IMMEDIATELY! ?
    Now I’ve search online for the best rice substitute, apparently quinoa is the best.
    Pray for my sanity. ?

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