How To Lose 5kgs in 5 Weeks: Brand New eBook!

This eBook has been discontinued and replaced with a brand new eBook line up here.
After I launched my first eBook, 24 Questions, last year, we received overwhelming requests for a detailed weight loss eBook. After about six month of writing and research, I am proud to bring you my second eBook called “How To Lose 5kgs in 5 Weeks“.

Detailed Weight Loss Guide

This eBook is a detailed 36 page step-by-step guide to help you lose 5kgs in 5 weeks. Whether you are a bride-to-be or have been stuggling with your weight in the past, this eBook will help you take control of your weight fast!
Is weight loss easy? Some most its difficult but for those who understand it, its easy! This is exactly where this eBook comes in …. it provides you with proper know-how on nutrition, diet-planning, exercise and supplements to help you lose not just 5kgs in 5 weeks, but to help you lose weight permanently.
The eBook, in PDF format, is ideal for archiving, for arm chair or mobile reading and, of course, for printing. In addition to the 36 pages, the eBook contains various illustrations and graphics to make it easy on the eyes.

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