How to lose 15kg in 5 weeks?

Losing 15kg in 5 weeks sure sounds exciting but is it possible? Before you skip to the answer of the bottom of this post, let’s think about it. If you have read any of my books or ebooks, you surely know that in order to lose 1kg you must get rid of 7,700 calories. Either through dieting, exercise or (hopefully) combination of the two.

So now how about 15kg?

Let’s do the math. If 1kg equals 7,700 calories, 15kg works out to be a whopping 115,500 calories. That is a lot and if you wanted to lose that many calories in 35 days (5 weeks), it works out to be 3,300 calories per day.
What does this number mean? It means that in order to lose 15kg in 5 weeks, you would need to:

  • Create a daily calorie deficit of 3,300 calories.
  • Consume 3300 calories less than you burn.
  • Make sure that if you are on a 2,000 calories per day diet, your daily calorie output needs to be 5,300 calories. That is crazy!

Even if an average person that weighs 60kg runs for 3 hours at 8km/hr every day, he or she only burns about 1,500 calories per session. So to burn 5,300 calories in a 24 hour window is not practical.

So, is it possible to lose 15kg in 5 weeks?

Nope, it is not. For the average person, losing 15kg in 5 weeks is NOT possible and unrealistic. Yes you can burn 3,300 calories per day but its just not possible to create a deficit of 3300 calories.
If you are looking for realistic weight loss, I would highly recommend you to take a look at my How to lose 5kg in 5 weeks ebook. It illustrates how you can combine nutrition and exercise to create a daily calorie deficit of 1100 calories – also not easy but absolutely possible!

  1. mcm mana tu kurangkan peratus lemak dan garam untuk buang air… u maksudkan kurangkan pengambilan garam dlm makanan dan pengambilan lemak dlm mkanan ke?

    1. Boleh je… tu depend kpd kemampuan masing2 …. ade org tak boleh nak buat workout ikut ape yg dicadangakn dlm buku Kevin…. Sbb terlalu tough… Kalu 100% ikut mmg boleh turun 15kg dlm 5 minggu….
      I dapat turun 8kg je…. dlm 5 mnggu… Mmg susah sgt nak2 yg part senaman tue… w/pun hanya satu jam per workout…. tapi diet 90% mmg takde masalah kalau u nak follow.. tapi make sure kena rajin memasak la ye… & Jgn mkn kat gerai2, warung2 or restoran lagi…

  2. Can I ask you something? Apa tips untuk kuruskan badan bagi remaja yang masih bersekolah. Apa makanan yang sepatutnya diambil untuk breakfast, lunch & dinner? I really need your help! Tq.

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