Izwan Zakaria: How I Lost 10kg in Three Months

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The following article was contributed by Izwan. In his own words, this is his story on how he lost 10kg in Three Month.

5 Tips: How I Lost 10kg in Three Months.

Before I proceed with some useful tips and (painful) challenges that I had to face in the pursuit of losing weight, let me first introduce a little bit about myself. I am 21 years old and my previous
weight was 90kg.
Below are some tips I hope may be helpful and essentials to you to achieve your weigh loss goal (based from my own personal experiences).

1. Set a goal and act on it

I could still remember those days where I told myself that I want to lose weight, but later continued with my usual routines.
This is why it is important for anyone to set a clear objective why you want to lose weight. My wake up call was when I knew I was obese (which I knew after some random trips to malls and offered free medical checkups). I became horrified at myself and knew that something must be done, and it must implemented quick.
I told myself that I don’t want to become obese anymore. I started searching over the Internet for some tips on how to start losing weight. I even purchased  ‘How to Lose 5kg’ by Kevin Zahri and I think it was absolutely brilliant!
In brief, you need to sit down and carefully identify what you want to achieve (and make sure it is reasonable and sensible goal) and also what are the problems that may be troubling you in your pursuit of obtaining that goal.

2. Understand what is ‘food’

I could still remember various trips I made to mamak restaurant  at odd hours to eat nasi kandar filled with various fatty dishes and going for a McDonald’s Big Mac later afterward (as I was continuously still hungry).
Firstly, I sincerely think that is important for everyone to change their perceptions about ‘food’.  I know, our schools never taught us about ‘food’. ‘Food education’  is relatively new subject for all of us. I could still recall ever since I was a child, I was always told by my parents that I should finish whatever on the plate. In simpler terms, most of us have been dictated by somebody else about what should we eat. It was extremely difficult for me to stop eating (when I already full) knowing that I was leaving remaining food behind. Hence, it is important for you to ACTIVELY define the portion of what you should eat everyday from now on.
Food should never be viewed merely as “food” in general but in particles which plainly known as fat, protein, carbohydrate. Each of them have their own distinct characteristics from each others. Our body requires all of them to be consumed everyday but in different proportions. That is why we need to know the distinction between them. Food gives us ‘energy’ and each of those food particles have different roles in helping us in our daily lives.
It’s true what they say, ‘Calorie is king’. That is why it is important to know what is calorie and why it is pivotal in your goal in losing (or gaining weight!). Weight gain occurs when an incorrect consumption of food particles are ingested in relation to what the body need.
It is not really difficult to know how much does your favorite snack contains. It is compulsory for every food manufacturers (or even your favorite Coca-Cola drinks) to provide ‘Nutrition Index’ at the food package. It helps you to know how much calorie is in the food, but also how many you should have per serving, or it may even help you to decide whether you should buy the snack or not!).
Trust me, if you can understand those terms above completely , your future visit to shopping malls looking for your favorite food will be so much different. You might even think first whether it is worth going to McDonald or Burger King restaurants for that burger!
Below are some of the terms that you should know to help you in creating a new you. Don’t worry, information about all this stuffs can be obtained over the Internet or you could just get Kevin Zahri’s awesome ebook  ‘How to Lose 5kg’ where he devoted a chapter solely about proper nutrition. You can go to Cekodok.com to learn about Nutrition Index, how to read them and database of food in Malaysia.

Some important terms/stuffs to know:

  • Food (Carbohydrate, Fat, Protein)
  • Nutrition
  • Calorie
  • Nutrition Index (How to read and use them!)

3. Drink a lot of water everyday

Water is crucial to our health. Every system in our body rely on water to function properly. We need to drink a lot water because it helps transport nutrients and oxygen into cells and also helps with metabolism. Interestingly, water contain zero calorie. So, it won’t make you fat. Unfortunately, drinking a lot of Coca Cola or Pepsi will!
The best way to know whether you are properly hydrated is when you regularly going to the toilet, and not to feel thirsty. This is because when we feel thirsty, we are already dehydrated! Our body takes time to send this message to our brain, that is why we need to keep on drinking water continuily (not continuously).

4. Find a healthy sport/activity that you love and do it regularly!

Not only being physically active is a powerful tool in achieving your weight loss target, doing something that you love will boost you in pursuing the goal.
Do something you like and love doing. I love running now. I started running (painfully) few months aback and I just can’t stop running now. It was awkward in the first place when you’re the only guy with flabby stomach. After a while, I didn’t care much when I knew I am doing it for my health sake! I love running very much. Not only I feel healthier and puts me away from risks of possible cardiovascular diseases soon in life, I also feel much more better about myself after each run.

So, find something that you love and do it regularly. It could be swimming, canoeing, playing badminton or even futsal with your friends!


5. Continue motivate yourself to achieve the goal

This has to be the most important thing that I and I think everyone who struggle with weight loss forgets.
I think it is important for people who wants to lose weight to start their daily life, they way they want themselves to be as a healthy and normal person. In simpler terms, just because you’re fat or obese that doesn’t mean you should relax and do everything as a fat person!
Just because you’re fat that doesn’t mean you should run later, when you have lost weight (unless you’re sick and a doctor told you not to run for time being).
Being fat should never be a reason why one should not do something one likes. Obviously, it should be something that is healthy for you.
Do you think those guys and girls in the Biggest Loser lost weight for not doing anything? It’s pure hard work that gives spectacular result! This is also makes it important for your own inspiration to keep on going active, irrespective whatever task or jobs that you are doing.
I also started reading books on fitness and would love to recommend a few to you guys.

  • ‘Winning by Losing’ by Jillian Michaels. What more to say about the author? She helps people to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle!  I wish she can be my girlfriend! Spectacular individual!
  • ‘The Fidget Factor’  by Brown & Katch.A no-nonsense guide to burning lots of extra calories every day without the demands of strict diet and exercise regimens. I don’t believe stuffs that don’t have any scientifical evidence. This book also discusses on calorie and why it’s important to eat proper food, not become dieters.
  • Kevin Zahri’s awesome ebooks! I love all of them!! Worth every ringgit spent! Brilliant MAN!

So there goes. I sincerely hope that all the tips that I have given you may help you in achieving your healthy goal, whatever sensible it may be.
Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live.  ~Jim Rohn

IZWAN ZAKARIA (aka Throng) is an undergraduate student pursuing Law in UiTM. He can be reached through Facebook here.

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