Success Story: En Husmi Lost 11.5kg in 5 Weeks!

Following is an email I received from En Husmi. He purchased a copy of my How to Lose 5kg in 5 Weeks back in early Oct.
I just wanted to personally congratulate him and share this success story with you. If ada gambar nanti I will add it here.

En Husmi’s Success Story

Hi Kevin…
I have your purchased your ebook in early Oct. My weight was 89.5kg and at 164cm.. I was obese!!
It’s been 5weeks and I’ve lost 11.5kg!! My ideal weight is about 65kg. Not wanting to stretch myself too much, now I’m managing my weight to reduce 1kg in a week. I’m quite confident I can achieve that in four months the most.
Your book gives a simple & easy guide how to reduce and manage weight. If you follow what recommended in the ebook, you’ll surely loose weight. No way you can fail!
Your local food database (cekodok.com) also very very helpful. We can easily find nutritional data for western foods but not for locals. Your effort is commendable.
many thanks…

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