Mohammad Faiz Gained 5kg

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The true is, your ebook is WORKING!!!! after i follow your advice and direction in ebook “how to gain 5KG in 10weeks” shows how to gain weight in the correct way.

In fact, my weight gain more than expected and im sooo happy now.

In fact, my weight gain more than expected and im sooo happy now…and some more i have more balance of life (xde la asyik2 keja je…sekarang dah add new activities a.k.a gym!!!). But unfortunately my belly pula yang problem and currently still ‘constructing’ the abs part as follow to your ebook also “abs fitness survival guide”.
Btw, for those people outside there if you have any desire to get lean and fit body with the correct way, please get ebook from Kevin and trust me, you will not regret with him. 100% satisfaction… 😀
Thank you Kevin.

    1. my weight before is 46kg while my age is 24 yo…underweight and very skinny…i think kalau angin tiup, mampu menerbangkan i..hahah..anyway, after took advice from kevin's book, everything goes ok and my weight increase more than expected…the point is, you have to know ur ability…can not membabi buta je buat itu have to do proper planning, then you can achieve your goal….good luck!!!

  1. 46kg in your age 24?.. my age now 23 & my weight 48kg..aduuuhai..bila laa dapat bole dapat berat yg ideal..

  2. Hi kevin. Bought your book and i must say that im impressed. I used to weight 45kg but now my current weight is 53kg. Still not and ideal bmi. I just want to ask you one question. I was a heavy smoker for a couple of month (due to stress), and is there any exercise that can improve my stamina? I know that running can improve your stamina but as a person who have a high metabolism, i normally run 5 minutes in every workout. Not more than that but i noticed that my stamina still havent change. I still smoke once in a while (whenever i hang out with my friend but i didnt smoke regularly.. Trying to quit slowly). Can list me some exercise for increase stamina? Thank you.

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