Hairulizam: Lost 10kg in 2 month.

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Hahaha know what? Finally i lost 10kg!!! From 83kg dropped to 73kg!! It took 2 months and now I’m still in progress to get to 71kg (bmi=25).


By doing a lot of sports/exercises, not only losing weight but i manage to improve my fitness level. Now, I can run/jog for 30 minutes non-stop first time in my life. Hahaha. I can play futsal (friendly match) straight 1 hour nonstop. running around the court with three lungs. Heheh. I can play badminton(with friends) up to 2 hrs nonstop. Bowling etc. I work in office, so it is very minimum movement/activity. Then, i did/do climbed up 12th floor staircase from ground floor in order to get in to my office hahahh sounds crazy huh? parked my car far away from door entrance. A lot i applied from your advice.

… Now, I can run/jog for 30 minutes non-stop first time in my life … a lot i applied from your advice!

Nutrition and Diet Tips

In term of diet plan, avoid taking sweetend drinks, carbonated etc..i drink a lot of plain water(zero calorie!!, cheaper even!!) haha

Happy with my lifestyle. Soon ill concentrate on building up my muscle with ‘high definition’ since i lost the fat layer.

Regards and thank you Kevin!
Hairulizam Hassan,

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