Hairulizam: Lost 10kg in 2 month.

A true testimonial how Hairulizam lost 10kg in 2 month through nutrition and exercise and tips through Kevin Zahri’s weight loss eBook

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Hahaha know what? Finally i lost 10kg!!! From 83kg dropped to 73kg!! It took 2 months and now I’m still in progress to get to 71kg (bmi=25).


By doing a lot of sports/exercises, not only losing weight but i manage to improve my fitness level. Now, I can run/jog for 30 minutes non-stop first time in my life. Hahaha. I can play futsal (friendly match) straight 1 hour nonstop. running around the court with three lungs. Heheh. I can play badminton(with friends) up to 2 hrs nonstop. Bowling etc. I work in office, so it is very minimum movement/activity. Then, i did/do climbed up 12th floor staircase from ground floor in order to get in to my office hahahh sounds crazy huh? parked my car far away from door entrance. A lot i applied from your advice.

… Now, I can run/jog for 30 minutes non-stop first time in my life … a lot i applied from your advice!

Nutrition and Diet Tips

In term of diet plan, avoid taking sweetend drinks, carbonated etc..i drink a lot of plain water(zero calorie!!, cheaper even!!) haha

Happy with my lifestyle. Soon ill concentrate on building up my muscle with ‘high definition’ since i lost the fat layer.

Regards and thank you Kevin!
Hairulizam Hassan,

  1. so cool dude!!
    the best part is how to avoid temptation…e.g kawan2 blnje mkn at hotel..
    wahhh!!! my biggest turn off tuh and still trying to teach myself to get small portion,
    tak salahkan mkn sweet treats in small tiny miny bites?
    balik rumah exercise smpai lencun to payback time..ok kan??
    and the ebook mmg supercool ayat2 pon comellll jerrr

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