10 Tips on How to Choose a Personal Trainer in Malaysia

Are you looking to hire a personal trainer in Malaysia? Following are 10 tips and questions to help you choose the right trainer for your weight loss or gain goals.

Personal training has always been popular. Not just in the US but even here in Malaysia, especially since the boom for fitness centers in Kuala Lumpur. But with every “boom” where demand is typically high, the supply of quality personal trainers is challeng faced by all gyms.

And if you read my Malaysian gym review, you can see inadequate gym instructors really rub people the wrong way.

How to choose a personal trainer?

So say you are looking to choose a personal trainer, following are some tips and questions to help you before signing up for a program.

  1. Image In other words, does he or she look the part? If he or she is in great shape, they must be doing something right. If they themselves look out of shape …. well it would be hard to convince me to sign up.
  2. Ask Questions! What to ask? Well everything that you want to know about. If your goal is to lose weight, improve fitness etc, test their knowledge before you enroll. If he or she can’t answer your questions, what makes you think they can help achieve your goals?
  3. Is their program custom made for you? Lots of major commercial gym fail this test. Most personal trainers are given a standard program and make you go through the motion. You must make demands and choose a PT who understands your unique strength and weaknesses.
  4. True story! A personal trainer from a major gym, wanted my 60yr old dad to go through a standard program and he almost passed out. I gave the PT a major earful. My father and I never returned. If your PT lacks common sense, tell him to shove it.
  5. Chemistry Well all said and done, you and your personal trainer need to have chemistry. I am not talking about sex appeal or friendship but you need to feel comfortable enough to take instructions and directions from him or her. After all, you are surrendering your body over to this person.
  6. Go for a trial session. Better still, demand a trial session. Tell the gym that you are looking for a long term arrangement (even if you are not) but in order for you to commit, you would like to have a trial session with that particular trainer. This is a great way to get a feel for chemistry etc.
  7. Don’t get passed around? Ask if your personal trainer is dedicated. Some gyms have a habit of passing you around to various personal trainers. Also make sure your PT guy or gal is going to stick around. You don’t want him or her leaving the gym after 1-2 weeks. Ask 1) How long he or she has been working there and 2) Whether or not they like working here. You’d be surprised how many personal trainer are quick to bash their employers. This should be a warning sign.
  8. Ask how much they enjoy working there. ou’d be surprised how many personal trainer are quick to bash their employers. This should be a warning sign.

  9. How long have they been training? Well there are two parts to this question. 1) You would like to find out how long they have ben training and 2) how long they have been personal trainers. Most people become personal trainers after engulfing themselves in fitness training.
  10. Any success stories? Ask who their clients are. Who were their previous clients and see if you can get a referral or recommendation from them. Don’t be fooled by general weight loss success of a particular client at the gym as your PT have have had nothing to do with it.
  11. Observe. This is probably the one of the best tips. Now assuming you have already joined this gym, be sure to observe various personal trainers with their clients. From just observing them with their clients, you can see how focused, dedicated and capable their are. If you get the opportunity, you can even ask that client how their experience has been.
  12. Demand for 100% attention! An all too common problem among personal trainers is that they often get distracted by their colleagues, sms, taking calls etc. Don’t tolerate such behavior! Make it clear before and during sessions that you need their 100% attention … at all times.
  13. …all too common problem among personal trainers is that they often get distracted by their colleagues, sms, taking calls etc. Don’t tolerate such behavior…

  14. Qualifications. I put this last coz it is really not that important to me. Personal trainer certifications are so easy to obtain these days and does not guarantee anything. That said, you should still ask what they qualifications are … but again, whatever their reply, it’s not like that you would know how relevant or truthful they are.
    1. Hye Cikgu Fitness.
      Nowadays given the new challenges, more and more are moving towards online personal training. Do you have an insight on how this is going in Malaysia? And do you have your own list of vetted and good online personal trainer in Malaysia that we can check out? Thanks

  1. salam kevin,
    i dulu berat dalam 135 kg. in 1 n half years, berat i turun sampai 88kg. but now naik semula sehingga 93 kg. in this times , i rasa kecewa, tertekan n cant stay focused with my work out, especially now dont have gym partner.i lost my motivation…. what should i do, kevin? i target i boleh turun sampai 70 kg, but rasa dah macam mustahil…

  2. I’m having plantar fasciitis. What exercise do you recommend for losing weight? I’m thinking of getting a stationary bike. Is it a good idea?

  3. Hey peppz..great post kevin..i would like to say im a personal trainer my self..my price is very reasonable..u can have a trial for free with me..pls contact me at 0173059087

  4. true story, i once joined a very well known fitness center and took a Personal training for 24 session. and half way through our session i found out, i’ve undergo the same program he gave to another client which have entirely different goal, that client wanna gain weight,whereby i wanna lose mine. so when i ask the trainer, after persistent questioned him, he then admit he just follow the program he learn there and the best part is, he only became personal trainer 6 months before. and never have a background in gym or what so ever. so i feel cheated as i do not see the result, so i just quit on my 13th session and look for other qualified with Experienced Personal trainer.
    after look around, a friend of mine suggested this one Trainer, of course by then i was really cautious about it, and i did request for trial session to test him out. and asked a lot (believe me A LOT of question regarding workout) , he managed convinced me how good he’s.
    so this is my 2nd month training, got 1 Month to go, but loving the result so far!
    i trained with Murad Zaidi.
    so basically, i highly recommended him if anyone looking for a trainer, he’s at Xclusive Fitnesz gym in Shah Alam.

  5. Hi I’m a British male and looking to work in Malaysia as a Personal Trainer at the end of the year. Do you have any advice on a good place to start looking? I was thinking KL would be the best place to work.

  6. Hmmm kinda true!
    I’m willing to invest for my health and weight loss programme but i couldnt get the best PT. I’ve spent several thousands of rm but i have yet to see the result.how i wish i can pick and choose through a list…

  7. This is very helpful. Thanks. I am currently working out with bodybuildermalaysia.com and I got linked to your blog.

  8. the best personal trainer i have come across in KL is with Murad Zaidi at Xclusive fitnesz shah alam, hands down..joined fitness first before and all their trainers are newbies that didnt know anything! when i joined at Xclusive Fitnesz, i achieved my target goal lost 5 kilos each month, which was the healthiest way. i lost from 86kg to 65 kg within 5 months of training with Murad Zaidi ( also known as M), he helped me with my diet, nutrition and also gave advice on improving my lifestyle. i even stopped smoking because of his help. I truly recommend Xclusive fitnesz for those who is serious about getting healthy and losing weight.

  9. I ada ikut u punya jon kurus seminar ada turun 2 kilo tapi memang kalau nak muscle i rekomen guna trainer. I train dengan Murad Zaidi memng power beb. Workout memang ganas tapi results on the spot. Alhamdulillah ada peningkatan dari segi stamina. baru 2 minggu dah puas hati memangg terbaikk! ada sape2 pakai herba life x? boleh bagi review sikit?

    1. I used to take Herbalife seriously (twice a day) but these past few years I only take it when I’m up for it.
      Here are my 2 cents and some factors you should consider:
      1. I’m a female
      2. I’m in my mid 20’s
      3. I have just recently gave birth.
      I used to take Herbalife to:
      1. Control my food intake
      2. Lose weight
      3. Control my ecszema attack
      I end up using Herbalife to:
      1. Control my food intake
      2. Control my ecszema attack
      3. Whip up a quick meal when I’m too lazy to cook.
      4. Make a delicious healthy snack when I feel like binge eating or snacking on junks.
      Honestly I wouldn’t recommend it for people who can eat a healthy, balanced, fresh and natural diet but if you’re anything like me, maybe it helps.
      But seriously, I feel that it is such a waste of money because it’s so expensive.
      I’ve been taking it on and off for more than 5 years now.
      I feel that the price does not justify my purpose. I intend on stopping soon but we travel a lot so Herbalife just seem so convenient when I’m too lazy to go to a restaurant just for food.
      My son will start baby-led-weaning soon so I intend on cooking and stocking up on healthy food for every meal when he does.
      However, if you do take Herbalife, I ENJOY adding fresh fruits and dates or raisins and blending it with my shake. I must admit I love the taste too much to go cold turkey on my Herbalife “regime”.
      They taste sooo good with those!

  10. Guys i am 56, am having bad bloated tummy..a vegan and vegetatian, 5.4in and 80kg can anyone make my wish on my tummy…Krishnan 019322148

    1. Hi Krishnan,
      I am Ross, a certified personal trainer working around KL.
      I specialise in fat loss, having myself lost 22kg in a year from 96kg to 74.
      I can definitely help you change your body composition.
      Get in touch through:
      WhatsApp: 0133789735
      email: rossow81@gmail.com
      By the way, it seems that your phone number is incomplete.
      Regards, Ross

  11. Saya baru je pindah ke Shah Alam. Terpaksa tinggalkan gym lama di JB. Nak cari gym yang selesa dan lengkap sekitar Shah Alam. Terjumpa Xclusive Fitnesz dekat seksyen 13. Gempak! tak pernah jumpa gym dalam stadium. Harga pon takde la mahal sgt. Baru tau owner dia Murad Zaidi, seorang trainer yang hebat juga. Pernah nampak dia train client dia. Siapa tau harga Personal Training dia berapa ye?

  12. Nice one !
    Memang susah nak cari personal trainer yang baik.
    Best bila ada trainer yang sentiasa motivate kita dan push kita untuk buat yang terbaik.
    kalau workout sendiri, cepat putus asa.
    buat sikit, dah rasa down.
    I wish I can train myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Hi, Im looking for a personal trainer. Preferably around shah alam area. Any suggestion? Pls do contact at +60 176510129 Wani

    1. if youre looking around shah alam you are lucky can try inquire with Murad Zaidi. He is top now in the country. Certified snd very educated. My sister is currently training with him and have lost 7kgs in 4 week. She drives all the way from KL!- Sofea

  14. Haii.. Sy PT farhan… Sesiapa ingin nampak kurus sebelum raya… Boleh laa contact sy 017- 9941149… Group couple workout – Personal Training
    – harge yg murah Dan berbaloi
    – area Shah Alam.. Seksyen 1- 13
    – Sport science

  15. Any personal trainer recommendation that is good at their jobs in johor? I need to lose about 15-25kg by May. I live in johor bahru Mount austin

  16. Currently I am on PT session. PT said that he will only teach me new steps when i have master the current steps.
    Is this correct? Because for me to master the step, I need to practice more which means I need to have more session with PT, please advice?

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