Farahana: To my surprise, I lost 7-8kg

A true life weight loss success on how Farahana lost 7-8kg over 5 weeks using my Panduan Kurangkan 5kg Dalam 5 Minggu eBook by Kevin Zahri

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Hai Kevin
To tell u da truth ur ebooks was really helped me in da process to achieve my weight goals.
To my surprise, I’ve lost my weight around 7-8kg…I’ve have been followed all da rule on ur books n it works!
But as a busier women I don’t have enough time 4 do the exercises. I just focus more on the food intake which the ebook has helped me understand like never before. Thankz so much 4 ur greatttt ebooks. I’m now really2 care bout my diet n exercise n I’m always check 1st da calorie of da food b4 I eat it.

…I’m now really2 care bout my diet n exercise n I’m always check 1st da calorie of da food b4 I eat it.

thankz again kevin.

  1. sory to say ye farhana.ape yg sye nk ckp ni mgkn dr hti ke hti ey.i know you really proud wth your result but after u get a result adkah awk still mmpu kawal kalori pemakanan awk?n smpi ble awk bleh b'thn utk kre n rekod kalori stp hri?mybe xbleh enjoy dgn mkanan yg lain sbb xtau smue jumlah kalori stp mkanan??melainkn pemakanan awk stp hri di rumah wth ur fmly mmg healthy lifestyle sye p'cye awk mmpu b'than.

  2. apalah kau ni.. tak membantu langsung.. mulut longkang.. suka hati la org tu nak kurus ke apa ke.. ko sebok dia boleh bertahan ke apsal? get ur own life la..

  3. The trick to enjoy your food without regret is very simple. just make sure you save your most calories intake for the food session you love the most.If you have 1500 cal for the day and you want to use it for a good lunch or dinner than spare 1000 cal for it. Most important, do your exercise! Trust me, you have no regrets at all and above all you will still look good.Former-Boroi.

  4. ape yg peliknye?control calories is a normal thing la..maybe awak xpernah cari mana-mana journal kan…

  5. lifestyle modification. balance diet, enough sleep, enough cardio exersises(swimming,running,cycling).finally good coach.

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