My 1M Dana Belia Project: RakanSukan.com

Some very exciting news!
If you have been following my blog for a while, back in 2006 I blogged about the failure of the Malaysian sports development program. Being the sports enthusiast that I am, I have been wanting to share my proposal and ideas to cultivate sports in Malaysia for the longest time! After various attempts to pitch the idea to KBS (without much success) … thanks to Dana Belia I am now able to kick off my RakanSukan.com project!
Following text is taken directly from their website

What is RakanSukan.com

Rakansukan.com aims at everyone to be involved in sports and be active. Kevin is super passionate about sports and envisions a very competitive and engaged Malaysia where sports is concerned.

Why the need?

Kevin feels that there is no one platform dedicated to sports lovers, big and small, to come together. This website will help keep the burning passion for sports alive throughout the year and not just during the occasional Olympics or EPL seasons. More importantly, it helps build up the pool of talent critical to make Malaysia a serious sporting contender.

How can RakanSukan.com help?

RakanSukan.com will allow sports enthusiasts to find people with not just a common interest, but also similar skill levels to play against. Members can also find sports club that offer preferred sports, locate competitions and workshops, and consciously stoke the desire to keep competing, stay active and be involved.

When will it go live? Well you can pre-register at the website but we are targeting to develop and deploy the website within the next 3-6month. Over time, I shall be posting updates. You can also follow RakanSukan.com updates via Twitter or Facebook.

Pictures from the launch event

Following are some pictures from the recent announcement event that was held at Saloma earlier today (15th March 2011). All in all there are six recipients for the first round.

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