Adil 20kg Weight Loss Story: Mr Obese No More!

Read Adil Affandy Othman weight loss success story and find out how he managed to lose 20+ kg in less than a year.
  • Name: Adil Affandy Othman
  • Goal: Weight Loss
  • Achievement: Lost 20+ kg in less than a year.

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My body had always been on the heavier side since I was 9. When I hit secondary school in 1991, my waist was already measuring 36 inches. By the time I hit 15, I was already 100 kg. At that age, I was already obese. I had tried numerous efforts since then to lose the extra kilos, but unfortunately with no permanent results. At some points, I managed to lose 5 kg only to regain 7 kg shortly after that. I eventually gave up on losing weight and began to accept my body as it was.  
My trigger point came in middle of last year when I had swelling on both ankles at the same time, the effect of a simple injury that happened many years back. My ankles were very weak and even a short walk would end up with swelling. The doctor put me on crutches and I could not move around easily. At that time (around June 2010), my weight was 109.0 kg. The doctor at the hospital told me in an unsympathetically tone:

If you don’t start losing some weight and take on a healthy lifestyle, I can guarantee that when you turn 40 in eight years’ time, you will be on wheelchair permanently”.

The statement hit me on the face and served as a wake-up call from a long dream. With my wife’s support, I embarked on a total transformation journey.
I signed-up for a gym near my house and purchased eight personal training sessions (as at present I still have another two more sessions to complete). In the beginning, I committed myself to three sessions per week, combining both cardio and strength training in each session. It was not easy for me at first to start exercising as I was very self-conscious on how I look. But hey, nobody at the gym gave me a weird look so the self-esteem factor diminished immediately.
I did a lot of research over the internet for tips on healthy lifestyle, including the right food consumption guide. I stumbled across and – these two websites that basically became my major source of reference.
I have avoided white rice for the past six or seven months, but always ensure that I obtain my carbohydrates from other healthier sources. I used to hate consuming vegetables, oats, mueslis, granula bars and milk. But now, these foods are part on my daily intake that I can’t live without. Mind you, it took 66 days for this to become a permanent habit. Instead of consuming three large meals a day, I now consume six smaller meals with three to four hours apart. 

…Instead of consuming three large meals a day, I now consume six smaller meals with three to four hours apart…

From 109kg to 88kg in less than a year.

The results from my transformation journey did not come overnight or even a week. It was slow at first, but after a month or so, the results finally came in. From a potato couch that weighed 109.0 kg in June 2010, I managed to take it down to 90.0 kg in February 2011. And now at the end of March, the weight is between 87.5 kg to 88.0 kg (depending on the time of the day and my food intake).
I am still far away from achieving my ideal weight target. But I am happy that I have inspired a lot of people from my circle of families, friends and colleagues to embark on a healthier lifestyle. Even my doctors look at me with envy and ask about the secrets to my weight lost. Well friends, the secrets had always been well-known facts for ages!!!

My advice to you:

The key points to ensure your success:

  1. Never, never, never give up;

  2. Do it right from the first step;

  3. Do your homework (learn about calories, portion control and nutrition);

  4. If you can afford it, seek help from family, friends and professionals (e.g. Personal trainer); and

  5. Remember that it is not a temporary change, but it is a life long commitment for a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Dulu I lost 20kg in 3 months…Then when my trainer left me, rasa mcm susah giler nak buat semua sidiri. Bukan tatau buat sdiri. Tp motivasi untuk seseorang push me. Then I hired another trainer tp takder chemistry. So, from 103kg dropped to 83kg, and slowly naik dan naik. Rasa takder semangat. Just don’t care what I eat. Pi gym just nak buat kardio. Dan dah rasa gym itu bosan. Tp skang I cuba lawan dan self motivate diri I balik.

  2. tahniah. Mmg sronok dpt kurangkan berat bdn. Perlu sabar dan jg pengambilan kalori harian. I also manage 2 lost 20kg within 6mths. Kena kuatkan lg smgt utk cpai berat ideal. Semoga brjaya kpd semua yg sdg brusaha.

  3. Hi all! Just want to update that my current weight has reached around 82 – 83 kg., and I have signed-up for 10K run in the upcoming Putrajaya Marathon 2011.

  4. Dear Kevin, please recommend me a personal trainer to work out at home. I am 53 , female & Have osteoathritis esp on my knees as well as have plantar fascilitis and bad right ankle. I cant do walking/running as it’ll inflame my joints. What do you suggest? Should I invest in a stationaery bike? Plse advice. Tq. Maria

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