Exclusive: Win RM2500 Worth Of Slimming Treatments from Bizzy Body

This is a exclusive promotion in collaboration with Bizzy Body – The Slimming Expert.

Do you want to win RM2500 worth of free weight loss treatments? Well who doesn’t!? Well before I go into details, what are your views on slimming centres? Do they work? Are the testimonials truthful? Ask anyone about slimming treatments and you will probably get all kinds of remarks and feedback – both positive and negative.

What are my views? For those who have read my books and weight loss ebooks, I have no problem with slimming centers as long as you – the consumer, is aware and educated about the procedures etc. End of the day, there is no substitute for a decent diet and exercise regime.

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So Lets Challenge Bizzy Body and their “Lose 5kg in 8 Days” Campaign

Bizzy Body just recently launched their “Lose 5kg in 8 Days” campaign and if so confident that they kindly agreed to sponsor 5 individuals to receive customized weight loss treatments worth RM2500!

What is the catch? Well none really. Those selected will be required to share their experience, photos and testimonials directly here at This way you can be sure that their testimonials are genuine and truthful.

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