Bizzy Body Challenge: Lets Meet Dina Ibrahim

As part of our “Let’s Challenge Bizzy Body” challenge, we are featuring the journey and testimonials of 5 lucky Ladies. Let’s meet Dina Ibrahim, 24 from Ampang Jaya

About Dina

My name is Nur dina ibrahim just call me Dina. I just turn 24 on 2nd July (yay~) and this is the best ever gift i have ever received! I live in Ampang Jaya and never married. I just graduated from Kolej Polytech Mara (Ipoh) in multimedia and now waiting for job interview so I consider myself as jobless. hehe. I am number 6 out of 7 siblings. I consider myself as adventurous but first I have to overcome my weight problem, that is because I cant do much when Im overweight!

My major problem is my love for food!

My major problem in weight issue is because my LOVE for food! yes, I eat everything that I want and I never leave my plate with food it is always empty and it goes to my belly. Parties and function is my favorite because I can eat a lot and the food is delicious.And I love cooking and baking. In my family, I am the only one who is overweight so I know its not because of my family background or anything.

My body shape is pear which I have larger hips and thighs. When I am in my ideal weight which is 65kg, I am active, I love outdoor activity so much. Then when I go study, I started to be fat because I make excuses not to work out and I eat so much fast food being a lazy bum. When I go to medical checkup, doctor warn me to get back in shape or I might face serious health problems.

That is my wake up call and my goal right now to get back being active and do things i love best that is mountaineering! I believe i can do it with my determination and Bizzy Body helps 😉

Why do I want to lose weight?

Last month, I have started taking care of myself, I control my food intake and start working out but I just know something is lacking and so happened one day as I browsed Kevin Zahri website(I love your page,thanks!), I come across this “Let’s Challange Bizzy Body” and without a doubt i signed up and ready to see wonders to my body!

My Weight Loss Struggles:

YES! I dont remember when is the last time I look at the weight scale and not being worried. I have started being overweight since I finished my form 5. Since I was a little kid, I am not a skinny person but not that big, not that overweight. My weight start to rocket high when Im 18 years old and nothing to blamed but my eating habit.

…Since I was a little kid, I am not a skinny person but not that big, not that overweight. My weight start to rocket high when Im 18 years old…

Have I tried any Diet, fitness, slimming or supplement before?

Yes. as I could remembered, in year 2009 I have decided to get in shape so I do diets and work out. I dont take any kind of supplement but I do have some green tea. My activities mostly at gym and cardio workout (running,hiking,aerobics) as well as weight training and pilates. I have lost a total of 26kg’s in 3 and half month but sadly I dont follow my eating habit after that because I think I did it and now I can eat what I want,rarely work out, I go crazy with carbs and sweets and then here I am today, being overweight, again!

And it is totally because I have lack of knowledge, and I do brutal diets that don’t satisfy my self that is why its never work because I am “dieting” not change it to be a lifestyle.

What do I hope to achieve through Bizzy Body’s treatments

I really hope that I could drop down 5kg or more because I am planning to follow my friends go to Kinabalu mount mybe early next year and also i am having my convocation this December so it would be great to lost few kgs! Also, I hope that Bizzy Body can reduce my “Super stubborn fat” at my hip and thighs area because that is the most fattest area in my body! help!

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