5 Signs That You Are Overeating

Overeating is a huge issue that many people face in their weight loss journey. It’s a common issue where you are consuming more that what you need for that day. The result of this is an increase of your daily calorie limit which will cause weight gain. You may be conscious or not when you overeat.

Don’t be scared! The key here is to learn on how to become more aware on the WAY how you eat.

Below are some signs that you might be overeating.

1. You are eating too fast

Hey, are you being chased by something that you have to eat so fast?

Take your time and enjoy every bit of the food that you eat. Chew properly so that the food that you ate can be digested easier once it reaches your stomach. Don’t forget that your digestive system begins from your mouth. Funnily enough, you are actually ‘helping’ your own body to function better.

2. After you take the food, you can’t really ‘see’ your plate anymore

Remember those times when you were at a formal dinner or official function? You tried to grab as much food as you possibly can (on the biggest plate available). It’s the common ‘take first, eat later’ mentality. Later, you ended up with so many foods on the table (when your friends also did the same thing) and you will be ‘forced’ to finish those puddings, satay, cakes etc everything that you took earlier so as not to feel guilty or being accused of wasting food!

The key here is always moderation.

Take a bit of everything that is served. Obviously, it’s hard (initially), but that’s what you have to do to break the vicious cycle.

3. You finish everything that is being served on your plate

Forget whatever you heard about preserving sanctity of food. What about the sanctity of our own body?

Interestingly, our body has a very ‘sneaky’ way of not telling us when we are full. It takes around 20 minutes for the stomach to send the message to our brain that we are full. Only take smaller plates in restaurants. Take what you need for the day. Eat slowly, and stop when you are feeling satisfied.

4.When you’re eating, you’re also doing something else

Do you seriously have to eat and watch ‘Nora Elena’ at the same time? When you do both, you tend to overeat. Eating should be exclusive for that purpose only. That is why it’s called a dining table, a table which meals are served.

If you are not conscious on what you put inside your mouth, you are most likely not in total control of your body. You won’t probably notice it when you are full.

5. You’re eating at irregular times

You woke up late today or perhaps you had to stay up to finish your assignments. No harm eating if you’re hungry right?

True. But it is best that you maintain a proper schedule when you should take your meal. Your stomach is ‘customized’ to perform its digestive functions when you always eat during certain times of the day. Remember the sounds your tummy made when you didn’t take your usual lunch? You have to be disciplined. Have a regular daily routine with a balanced meal plan that is suited to your daily lifestyle.

Remember, you own your body. You are in total control of what you eat and only you can do it.

All the best!

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