5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

It is always disheartening and disappointing when you are not seeing any tangible of physical changes despite the fact that you have been exercising regularly or eating good food.

You should watch out for the infamous ‘weight loss plateau’ . More about it here and here. It’s the situation where your weight loss suddenly stops where the scale just refuse to move!

Keep on reading if one of the reasons below could be it!

1. You are being too impatient?

You can’t expect the weighing scale to move much if you weight yourself everyday!

It will take sometimes to see any tangible changes in your physical form. Don’t compare with your gym buddy! Inherently, individuals have subjective metabolism rates therefore you can’t just simply compare how your friend may have developed better muscles compared to yours.

You will have to review your exercise or meal plan regularly according to your weight changes. Go to pharmacy/gym which provides thorough analysis to make sure that you are actually creating fat loss. Fat loss is what we all want.

Certain times, your weight may not change but you are developing lean mass and still creating fat loss. You will definitely look better that’s for sure!

2. Are you exercising enough?

You need to sweat more!

As your weight loss journey continues, your body becomes smarter and gets itself accustomed to your training regimes.

Previously, running for 30 minutes might be good enough to burn certain amount of calories for your body. Due to the fact that you have been losing some weight (congratulations!), you have to increase the intensity or perhaps the duration of your running so that more calories could be burned throughout the workout.

Instead, why don’t you try cross-train? If you have been running, go swimming or cycling instead. If you are gym goers, train different muscle groups. Not only you are giving your muscles proper recovery and rests, you are also reducing chances of creating memory for your muscles thus slowing development.

3. I’m sorry, but are you eating too much?

Please don’t get mad. I’m sure you’ve heard of hidden calories?

You just have to review and check what you have been eating these days to ensure that you have not missed out anything. Are you eating more than you actually need according to your daily physical requirement? Just because you are eating fruits like bananas and apples that doesn’t mean you can have 3-4 of them at once! Fruits still have calories, like any other foods!

Keeping a food log is a great way to rectify this issue. You can just review whatever you ate on a particular day and time. Not only a great way on keeping track on how healthy you have become but also reviewing your calorie needs every week. Try not to drink your calories!

4. Are you getting enough rests and sleep?

If you don’t sleep at least 7 hours per day, you are not giving justice to your body. You need recovery days and enough sleep so that your body will be able to regenerate new cells and also function properly.

If you don’t sleep well, your weight loss journey will be disrupted. It is as simple as that.

5. Are you not feeling very well or in a stressful situation?

If you are not well, rest. Don’t force yourself to run 10K if you are not well. You are just going to hurt yourself and risking foreseeable injury.

Going for holidays might be a great idea? Just don’t forget that you are still in a weight loss journey though!

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