Why Losing Weight Is An Art

Art is abstract. Art could be anything you want it to be.  Art is also the product of human creativity. That is why losing weight is also a form of art.

Losing weight is not confined to one strict regime that says you have to abstain from eating in order to lose weight. If that is so, losing weight would be boring and I’m sure nobody would want to become a personal trainer!

Like art, it is subjective and different people will have different ways on how they want to lose weight. That is why losing weight is a beautiful art.

Losing weight is a skill

You need to LEARN how to lose weight. An artist spent hours in the studio perfecting his artwork. In the process, he is learning how to make better designs. Similarly, you cannot lose weight without understanding how your body works. You need to know how much food you can eat per day. You need to have a system and your own personalized meal plan.

It is also a skill that seeks patience and discipline.

You can have it ‘your own way’

Like a painter, nobody can tell you can’t do this or that.You don’t have to give up nasi lemak or teh tarik just because you are on diet frenzy. You can enjoy the same meal plan like you used to if you KNOW how much you can eat and when to stop eating. Learn how much calories you can consume per day by examining your daily physical activity.

Remember, you ‘paint’ the outcome of your plan.

Losing weight is an honest undertaking

You can’t cheat. You will not lose weight if you just sit and do nothing. You are not going to lose weight if you rely solely on slimming pills or supplements to do the job for you. You have to work for it to earn it.

Start making small changes today and you will see the results.

They are so many ways to lose weight!

You don’t have to run if you hate running. You can go for a brisk walk around your house area every day (it’s free!), swim in a pool, cycle, climb a mountain (or wall climbing for starters), play Frisbee with friends, sign up for yoga or pole dancing or finally learn how to defend yourself by going for martial arts like tae kwon do, karate or aikido… my point is, do I really have to continue?

You don’t have to follow one strict plan that says you have to do a particular activity or sport in order to lose (insert number here) amount of kilos.

Choose an activity and start today.

You are the master of your own body

Some people might laugh at you saying that you are wasting your time exercising. Like an artist, who cares what other people say about what you want to do especially to your own body? So what if you decided to climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator?

Losing weight will make you healthier and look better. When you look better your self-esteem and confidence level will increase.

Did you know that it took nearly 10 years for Leonardo da Vinci to paint the famous ‘Mona Lisa’? Fortunately, you are not expected to exercise and eat less for 9 years to lose weight.

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