RakanSukan.com Beta Release

Dear all,

I am very happy to announce the beta release of my latest online venture – RakanSukan.com.

What is RakanSukan.com all about?

Following are some of the reasons we created RakanSukan.com:

  • Play: to help you find others who have similar interested and ability in the sports you play. We also help you find those who live near or outside your neighborhood.
  • Compete: to help you find and get alerts for tournaments, events that may interest you. After all, practice alone ain’t fun unless you can test your skills against others.
  • Inspire: to bring our national athletes closer to you. We will organize clinics and sports events to help inspire both the young and old.
  • Coach: to help coaches find a platform to find potential students and also to provide tips (via our blog) to those you want to polish their skills.
  • Ground Events: we don’t want to be a mere online platform. Our aim to get down and dirty, cover and host our own sport events, clinics and much more.
  • Improve: looking for academies? RakanSukan.com will list various facilities and academies from all around the country. This way you won’t be stuck with your school’s sports clubs.
  • Young and old: sports is for everyone. So is RakanSukan.com. So where you are in primary school or heading into your golden years, we hope to help you connect.
  • Malaysia: All said and done. We hope that over many many years RakanSukan can NOT only help to cultivate sports into every Malaysian but hopefully we can lend a helping hand in supplying the nation with quality and quantity of national (maybe even world class) athletes. Why not?!

I need your help!

Like any community project, we need the support of sponsors to really help us make an impact. But to attract them, we not only an awesome project but also big numbers – members! So help me out.

Show your support: Register yourself at RakanSukan.com and help us increase awareness on your own social media channels.