5 Reasons You are NOT Losing Weight

Have you tried losing weight but failed half way through your diet? Trust me, you are not alone. Following are some of the most common reasons you are NOT losing weight.

1. You don’t know how!

Sad but true. Over 90% of you want to lose weight but desire alone won’t get the job done. Most of you lack the know-how to really control your food intake and output. There is more to weight loss than eat less and do more. Its about having control – this comes from know-how.

2. Unrealistic goal setting.

Have you gained 20kg over 10 years but now you want to lose it all over 10 weeks? Sure its possible but unrealistic. Especially if you lack the proper know-how and are merely following a diet or weight loss plan you saw in a magazine. This brings us to the 3rd reason.

3. You are waiting for the new breakthrough diet.

Every year, dozens or authors try to create that new breakthrough Hollywood diet that will spurn into a global phenomenon. Now there is nothing wrong with most of these diets BUT:

  1. They don’t work for everyone.
  2. Not all are sustainable
  3. If you merely following without proper understanding, success is very slim.

4. Fat burners anyone?

There are 1000s of weight loss supplements out there. Do they work? Yes but most of you don’t know how and simply buy into the “Before and After” images these companies sell. If you surrender your weight loss success over to a commercial 3rd party, changes are very slim that you will succeed in the long term.

5. You blame everything else but yourself.

Work, aging, food, culture and the list goes on and on. Its is easy to blame others for your weight gain.

  1. Is the fast food to blame? NO its you to blame for choosing it.
  2. Should you blame the slimming center or personal trainer? NO. You should blame yourself for surrendering your health and weight loss success 100% to a third party.
  3. Should you blame your age? YES it gets harder to lose weight as you age BUT you should blame yourself for not knowing how age plays a factor and what you need to do to combat aging.
  4. Blame the workplace? Stressed at work? Are you overworked? I don’t blame your job or boss. I blame you for not knowing how to balance your life. Health and fitness is not about hitting the gym every day! Its about quality over quantity. But to get quality you need know-how and who is to blame for lack of know-how? You!

So whats the solution?

In order for you to successfully manage your weight, you must possess the following:

  1. Know-how. You must full understand how weight loss or gain happens in the first place. You must know your calorie needs and how exercise plays a role but if in fact, optional.
  2. Plan and execute. Based on your know-how, build and execute a realistic weight loss plan.
  3. Experience and experiment. Just like a new job, theory alone does not guarantee results. Here is where experience is useful but on top of that, do experiment with different foods, exercise regimes and perhaps even supplements.

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