Keeping Your Body Fit and Healthy in Your Sedentary Job

Have you thought that working in an office in front of computer is really cool? Yes, this is a type of job that has been popular lately. As you work day by day, you will be able to count how many hours you sit every single day for this sedentary job. Every day, you may just spend 8 hours, but it will be 40 hours in a week, and so on. During these hours, you just have very few movements, and each movement just spends very little energy. You have less real communication with your family, friends, and coworkers, as you can do that through internet, such as email, Facebook, and the like. You do not even realize that your body starts creating flab in some very sensitive areas. Besides, commonly this kind of lifestyle will create some serious diseases related to cardiovascular. If you are one of the people and do not want to have such health issues with your body while you do your sedentary job, you may want to read some tips below:
1. When you start our day…

  • – Start your day by drinking a glass of warm water with a teaspoon full of honey and lemon juice. They will not burn your fat, but they will boost your energy fast in the morning.
  • – You should do some physical activities at least 30 up to 40 minutes before you start working. It can be a heavy exercise, such as running and swimming. But, you can also do a lighter one. You can do the lighter one by walking on a flat road as far as 4 km. Biking, yoga session, taking an aerobic class, working out at a gym will also be great options for you.
  • – Do not skip your breakfast, as it is the main source of your energy booster to start your day. If you skip your breakfast, you will become hungrier later, and you may not realize that you will eat more foods at lunch because you do not have adequate energy. Breakfast can be very simple, such as fruits, eggs, cereals, and the like. You can even make your breakfast as the largest meal in a day.

2. When you are at work

  • – If your office is not that far, you should walk, instead of driving. Or you can even bike to your office.
  • – Once you arrive at your office, if your office is the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd floor, you should take the common stair instead of lift or escalator.
  • – You might want to talk with your coworkers or friends; you should avoid internet or cell phone. You can take few minutes to get up and walk to them.
  • – You can also do very a light exercise when you’re sitting on your chair, like moving your legs little bit.
  • – You might also want to eat some small snacks while you’re doing your work. You can bring healthy snacks, such as fruit with assorted fruits, veggies salad, and also juice and the like.
  • – Avoid fried food, sugary food, and too spicy food and drink a lot of water. Eat proper amount of foods that contain protein, fiber and carbohydrate.
  • – Manage your lunch time, and follow the schedule routinely. So, if you usually eat your lunch at 2 pm, you should do it every day. Lunch will boost your metabolism and make your digestion process work better. It is also a good decision to eat less food in your lunch, and put more in your breakfast.
  • – After lunch, you should try to do any physical activity, as light as walking a short distance like 10-15 minutes. Avoid starting your work immediately after you finish your meal. Take short a break between the two.
  • – You can even do this very little thing like standing up when you talk on the phone, instead of sitting in a particular place.

3. When you are home

  • – As you walk to your office, you can also walk on your way back home, if you bring a bike, you can ride your bike home. You can stop by at a grocery store to pick up some things, like your veggies and fruits. Remember, one small thing such as going shopping can burn your calorie.
  • – Eventually, take a small dinner and do not sleep right after you have your dinner, take a gap at least one hour.

In order to do all of the things elaborated above, you need to create a mental state that you cannot always follow strictly to all the ‘rules’ that you have set up for your diet and physical activities. Sometimes, your body gets lazy and does need to eat some sweets when craving for it, but not too much. This is totally OK as long as you can go to your regular schedule again after your craving and laziness are served.

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