The truth about Getting Abs!

Who doesn’t want rock hard abs? Why? Coz it’s the definitive sign that you are in tip top shape and …hell yeah, its oozes sex appeal!

So, have you been devotedly doing 100s of crunches daily without much progress? Don’t know what you are doing wrong? Let me fill you in.

The Bad News

Getting a set of washboard abs has very little (if anything at all) with how many crunches or other abs training you do. Having beautiful abs or not is all about the layer of fat between your abdominal muscles and skin. As long as you have that layer of fat, no abs workout in the world will help your abs shine through. Even if you perform the best ab crunches in the world.

Does that mean that all those crunches are a waste of time?

Not really. Training your abdominals certainly works the ab muscles, making then stronger and maybe even bigger. This however does not affect the layer of fat that is covering your abs. Ever notice how thin individuals have beautiful abs without doing a single crunch? Yes that’s right. It’s all about the fat baby!

 The Good News

Good is an understatement as it definitely ain’t easy. So how do you get rid of that fat? You can’t spot reduce fat as that is determined by your genetics. You gotta create a calorie deficit, so that your body will slowly remove fat everywhere, including your abdominals. After all, you will never see a guy with beautiful abs but flabby arms. It needs to come in a package.

Want beautiful abs? Do the following:

  1. Reduce overall body fat by creating a calorie deficit. This is easier said than done. Do refer to my weight loss eBook for step-by-step instructions.
  2. Include cardio training in your fitness program to burn additional calories
  3. Train your abs. Just like any other muscle, do not overtrain your abdominals. Training them 1-2 times per week is adequate. Unless you want thicker abs, focus on high resistance training. Whether you opt for As-Seen-on-TV gadgets or conventional gym exercises, they all general work. Choose exercises that you enjoy but try to vary your approach from time to time.

It’s all about the basics. That’s the truth about abs! Period.

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