Year End Essential health check at ILife Nutrition Centre

ILife Nutrition Centre

In conjunction months end December ILife Nutrition having promotion for all the blogger, readers & supporters a special promotion price for only RM38 instead of RM160 to cover Essential Health Screening + Results Analysis + 1 on 1 exclusive healthy consultation + Healthy Balance Diet Meal Consultation @ Ilife Nutrition (Kota Damansara)

Package  RM 38 nett included as below:

Body Composition analysis

  • Body fat percentage
  • Waist-hip fat rate
  • Body Muscle Level
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body Water Level Percentage(Dehydration)
  • Body Water Retention Level (Edema)
  • Inorganic Salt Level

Cholesterol test

  • Body Cholesterol Level


  • Body Blood Sugar Level (Diabetes)


  • Body Sugar Level in Urine(Diabetes)
  • Ketone Level
  • Specific Gravity
  • Body pH Level (Uric Acid)
  • Blood in Urine (Urinary Tract Infection-UTI)
  • Nitrite in Urine (Urinary Tract Infection-UTI)
  • Bilirubin Level ( Bile & Liver)
  • Urobilinogen Level ( Bile and Liver)
  • Urine Protein Level (High Protein- Kidney)
  • Leukocytes Level ( Kidney Infection)

Blood Pressure Test

  • Systolic levels, Diastolic & Pulse rates

Skin test

  • Moisture Percentage of Skin Level ( Dry/ Normal/Good)


Details Consultation by Nutritionist: 

  • Giving one-on-one confidential consultations, patient may be asked to complete a detailed Nutritional health questionnaire detailed assessment of current health problems, medical and family history, diet and lifestyle.
  • Conducting shorter follow-up review meetings, depending on the complexity and severity of a client’s condition.
  • Explaining the physiological impact of complex biochemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies to help the client understand their condition, assessment and treatment plan.


After elaborate current diet, we’ll advise client to do some essential health screening laboratory test such as (fat test, urine, blood) which give me the indication of what’s the current health condition of the client individual require.

Based on the laboratory result, provide client on a personalized dietary lifestyle and nutritional supplement plan.


* Suggestion and design nutrition diet plan and lifestyle design are attempted to prevent alleviate illness accordingly to client individual’s need.

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