5 Most Popular iPhone Fitness Applications

Technology was created to make human beings’ life a lot easier, this includes making our exercise easier as well. One of the examples that we can take is iPhone application to help us live our life healthier, as it has the applications that can give us guidance, not only to lose our weight, but to make our body healthier and stronger. The following are the 5 popular iPhone Fitness applications to help you do exercise in the right way:

1. iTreadmill   
This application will let you know the number of steps, distance, and speed you make every single day. You just need to turn on this application, put it on your pocket and go. It will keep you marching up to speed by setting the Pacer Dial. You should not worry if you stop for a while and restart again, because it has an automatic detector if you stop and restart your walking. So, it will never mess up. The cool thing is, this application is very cheap, you just need to spend $1.99 to get it. For more information, you can look up at iTreadmill.net.

2. iMapMyFitness
If your car has a GPS, your body owns iMapMyfitness. This application is available for everybody for free! It is a tracking application that needs to use your GPS to track down your outdoor exercises, such as running, walking, cycling, and etc. What you need to do is just to start the application and it will mark your path by showing distance, time, speed, pace, elevation, and the like. It has the ability to view your workout history online. You can get this application through MapMyFitness.com.

3. FitnessBuilder 
If you do not own TV or DVD player to guide you for fitness activities, this application will do through your iPhone. It contains  more than 200 workouts. You can choose the most suitable workout for you automatically through the application’s technology, as it can make the best session for you. It also contains more than 2000 videos and images, complete tracking capabilities, five-fitness timer, calculator, and the like. If you are interested in getting this application, you need to spend $9.99. But, this price will be worth it. You can purchase the application through their website, fitnessbuilder.com.

4. Personal Running Trainer 
This application is like a training program for you. It has some programs, like 5K, 10K, full marathon, and so on. You just need to select the program you would like to do, and will receive a schedule for the work out you want. You will hear coaching instructions coming out of your iPhone. You can the trial version for free, but if you are interested in getting the full program, you just need to spend $1.99-$5.99. Get this application at PersonalRunningTrainer.com.

5. Tap & Track Calorie, Weight & Exercise Tracker    
It is so hard to control the intake of calorie on your food every single day. You cannot ask somebody to control your calorie either. But, this application will do for you. With $3.99, you can track everything related to your calorie intake, such as food and exercise. It has an extensive food database, as you can find 300,000 food items, plus 700 restaurants. You do not need an internet connection for this application to search food database. iTunes.apple.com sells this application, so you can get it through the website.