New Year Weight Loss Resolution? 5 Tips To Stay on Track

If you’re fighting obesity this year and if your New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight, then you’re on the right track.

Before starting off, the most important thing to know is never lose hope and always try attaining your goals. You also need to understand that ‘different people lose weight at different speed. Following are 5 tips to ensure that you are on the right track:

Jot down the goals

If you really want to succeed in your weight loss mission then it should be planned and scheduled well before execution. So take out a pen and paper and write down all the necessary details of DOs and DONTs. Keep the list somewhere where this piece of paper can work as an alarm. The best place to store this piece of paper is your refrigerator. You need to review your goals every day to ensure that you are on the right track.

Set and maintain fixed dates

Setting dates on a calendar for specific targets will help you fight your clumsiness and will prevent the failure of the resolution which is very dear to you. DO not allow your plan to fail and set dates and targets that you can meet and are realistic.

Control the false appetite

Get rid of all the unhealthy and poorly nourished foods like cakes, bakery items, fast foods, carbonated drinks and snacks. The activity of avoiding and getting rid of the stated food items is very difficult but the benefits of avoiding such meals will help you attain your New Year Goals. You should add nutritious food items to the list of your purchases. These items include: Protein rich diet such as egg white, pork, fish and chicken; Fresh Fruits such as: apples, dates, pears, strawberries and oranges; Healthy vegetables such as: mushrooms, red beans and broccoli; Food with low calories such as sugar free jelly and low calorie cheese and clean mineral water.

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Be proficient

Don’t take any minor goals non-seriously. Be capable of carrying out the plan properly so it can better show its worth. Create targets for each week and achieve them for example: for week one you can set the target of consuming eight to ten glasses of clean water, for week two you can set the targets of walking and not using elevators, for week three you can set the target of conducting exercises for 20 to 30 minutes each day and for week four you can set the target of avoiding fatty food and for week five you can set the target of giving up on fatty food and consuming food which is high in nutrients and proteins.

Keep records

Recorded and documented things always bring better results and you’ll not have to challenge your memory. So keep a record of your every move and seek benefits from these chronicles recorded very carefully. Use visual aid to ensure and keep a check on your weight loss regime. This will further promote you to give your best and attain your New Year’s resolution.

Kevin Zahri

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