Fast Food Diet? Think Again.

In Malaysia and probably around the world, we have a habit of eating out almost every day; children prefer eating at fast food chains rather than eating healthy food at home. We consume fatty fast food at different fast food chains without considering about the amount of calories we are consuming each day.

Sure, the foods are very delicious and we simply ignore the negative effects these food items have on us while
consuming them. Completely avoiding these kinds of food items is quite difficult, but one can control their diet if they keep a check of the amount of calories they consume. Following are top ten food chains and details about the calories, fat, carbohydrates and proteins offered by these food chains through their food items:

1. McDonalds:

A value meal of McDonalds including: Big Mac and milkshake (vanilla 16 oz) contains 1070 calories, 42g fat, 131g carbohydrates and 40g proteins.

2. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

A meal of Kentucky Fried chicken including: 1x Chicken Breast and Pepsi (16 fl oz) contains 540 calories, 21g fat, 34 g proteins and 60g carbohydrates.

3. Burger King:

Burger King’s WHOPPER Value Meal deal comprising of WHOPPER, Small Coca-Cola and fries contains 1200 calories, 55g fat, 151g carbohydrates and 32g protein.

4. Subway:

A meal deal of Subway comprising of 6” Subway Club sandwich and Pepsi (16 fl oz) comprises of 490 calories, 95g carbohydrates, and 4.5g fat and 23g proteins.

Note that not all subways sandwiches are healthy. Some can be just as high in calories as McD burgers.

5. Taco Bell:

A meal of Taco Bell including: Chili Cheese Burrito and Mango Strawberry Frutista Freez contains 630 calories, 103g carbohydrates, 17g fat and 16g proteins.

6. Wendy’s:

A deal of Wendy’s including: Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe and Medium Coca-Cola contains 590 calories, 93g carbohydrates, 17g proteins and 19g fat.

7. Hardees:

A deal of Hardees containing: Hand Breaded Buffalo Chicken and Coca-Cola (20 oz) contains 810 calories, 103g carbohydrates, 36g proteins and 31g fat.

8. Mary Browns’:

A deal of Mary Brown including: Big Mary and Pepsi (16 fl oz) contains 575 calories, 81g carbohydrates, 27g proteins and 17g fat.

9. Nando:

A deal of Nando containing Veggie Burger and Strawberry Ice Cream contains 594 calories, 84g
carbohydrates, and 18g fat and 23g proteins.

I personally eat a lot at Nando’s. I stick to quarter chicken breast with roasted vegetables and mediterranean rice. For drinks, I typically get a diet coke.

10. Domino’s Pizza:

A meal deal of Domino’s containing: Small to large size Feast Pizza contains 520 to 1560 calories, 32 to 78g fat, 32 to 186g carbohydrates and 24 to 72g proteins. Along with Feast Pizza if an individual purchases Pepsi (16 fl oz), the amount of calories increase by 180 and the amount of carbohydrates increase by 49g.

Food offered at these food stations is very tasty and mouth watering, due to which very few people are able to avoid such food. Some people are even addicted to this form of food and they enjoy eating out each day. Due to excessive eating of such fatty food, people end up gaining weight and they face social, economical, and health issues. People should resort to exercise if they want to counter the effect this kind of food have on their physical outlook.

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