8 Weight Loss Myths

Think you know about weight loss? Think again! Following are some of the common weight loss misconceptions. Let me set these straight!

  1. There Is No Use Of Calorie Counting: Counting calories is very important as this plays a critical role in determining how much extra fat and carbohydrates you are eating. Ignoring the calories of your food intake will not help you in reducing your weight. You should make a routine of counting the daily calorie intake by writing it down in a systematic order. You should make a habit of doing it every day while you are under the process of reducing weight. Every food component has its own different calorie amount. It is necessary to know about the calories in every food you are consuming. Remember that fats are a necessary part of diet and they are vital for providing us energy and maintaining our body structures.
  2. Dont know how to count calories? No worries. Check out my weight loss eBook – How to lose 5kg in 5 weeks. It provide step by step instructions to help you count calories needs, diet planning and look at calories burned.

  3. Breakfasts are a Must! It is not necessary to consume heavy breakfast every morning. Do not start eating immediately, it is recommended that you eat within the first three hours after waking up.  However, eating in the mornings is necessary as you will otherwise end up hungry till lunch time. Eat a light breakfast of fruits or yoghurt or brown bread and juices. This will give your day a healthy and energetic start.
  4. I never ever skip breakfast. In fact, its the very first thing I do every morning. I head to the kitchen and get my whole-grain cereal with low fat milk cereal.

  5. Three time Meals are Preferable over Snacks: If your daily food intake is within the daily food calorie requirement then you can consume food whenever you wish to. You do not have to restrict yourself to the three times of the day schedule. You should eat three main courses three times of a day but if you feel hungry at other times, you should not stop yourself.
  6. Carbohydrates are fattening: Calories are the culprits of increasing your weight. Carbohydrates do not result in increase in weight. Mostly the fat and sugar present in the carbohydrates are fattening. If you eat less processed carbohydrates and the carbohydrate intake is moderate they will not increase your weight.
  7. Think rice is to blame? I eat rice twice a day. It is not rice that is the problem it is the amount of rice you eat!

  8. Fats should be avoided: Fats are more fattening than proteins and carbohydrates, they provide you the feelingof fullness and you should not completely avoid them. Eliminating fat will make your food devoid of taste and you will end up feeling hungry.
  9. Desserts should be avoided: You can eat small portions of desserts and sweets to please your taste buds. Do not make yourself crave for the delicious sweets. Large portions of food should be avoided and calories per day should be kept in mind.
  10. Fact: I personally have desserts almost every single day but in small quantities. I am a sucker for chocolates and cakes but keep your daily calorie intake from desserts at around 200 calories.
  11. Exercise Alone will solve your Problems: If you are ignoring the diet and only working out, you can reduce the amount of fat you eat only by exercise. For instance, for 500 calories, two hours of brisk walk are required. Hence, alone the exercise cannot compensate for the food you eat.
  12. Avoid the Weigh Machine: You should regularly check your weight to know the improvements you are making in your weight loss plan. This will prove to be encouraging and will boost your weight loss regime.