Chinese New Year Calorie Guide

I would like to wish all my Chinese readers a prosperous Gong Xi Fi Cai. Chinese New Year is one of the most pleasant and entertaining day for Chinese people located throughout the world. On this day people, ensure that they leave all their worries on one side and welcome the year of the dragon.

To celebrate this day, the Chinese prepare amazing and delicious delights. These snacks and treats sure are, well a treat 🙂

Following are some of the Chinese New Year food items:

1. Pineapple Tarts

These food items are prepared and available in almost every Chinese home on the Chinese New Year. 2 pieces of Pineapple Tarts weigh 40g and contain more than 165 calories. This food item is created with butter and pineapple jam.

2 pieces of Pineapple Tarts weigh 40g and contain more than 165 calories.

2. Love Letters

Three pieces of this food item comprises of 170 calories and weights 40g. This food item is made up of sugar, egg and flour. All these ingredients fall in the category of foods that contain high calories and carbohydrates.

3. Kuih Lapis

This food item falls in the category of cakes, all the layers in this food item are carefully baked and each slice of this cake contains 240 calories and weight 50g. Consuming only two slices of this cake can increase your calorie intake by 480 calories.

4. Shrimp Rolls

This item is made up of dried prawns and chilli, the size of this item is very small. It is of the most addictive food item in the list of Chinese New Year food items. This item is low in calories but individuals cannot stop themselves from consuming 5 to 10 pieces of Shrimp Rolls as they are very tasty. 5 pieces of Shrimp Roll contains 230 calories and weight 25g.

5. Kuih bulu or bahulu

This food item is very famous among Chinese children, they love eating this item due to its fluffy texture. Three pieces of this item contains more than 100 calories and weight 30g.

Three pieces of kuih bahulu contains more than 100 calories.

6. Peanut Puff

These pastries contain sugar and peanuts, three pieces of these items contain over 120 calories and weigh 20g.

On events such as Chinese New Year, people forget everything they are working on. Its ok to hold off that diet for a couple days and enjoy some high calorie food items. People who are very cautious about their weight, should not stop themselves from consuming Chinese New Year treats and snacks but they should be ready for an aggressive exercise session after the New Year period is over.

People should even try to restrict themselves from over consuming, because losing weight is obviously harder than it is gaining it.