Deep Fried Foods : Why They Are Bad (There’s More Than One Reason)

Malaysians are surrounded by deep fried foods. Curry puff for breakfast, ayam goreng KFC lunch, pisang goreng (fried bananas) for tea and fried fish for dinner. Is deep frying really that bad? How bad is it actually.

Let me be as straightforward as possible: IT IS EXTREMELY BAD and unhealthy There are no two ways about this method of cooking. Deep fried food is one of the worst (if not THE worst) type of things you can put in your mouth. Let me explain why in non-technical language.

Firstly, bad for your waistline

Firstly, deep frying uses a whole lot more oil than all other methods of cooking. This is quite obviously for your waistline. Beside that they resue oil to fry more then couples of times, the extra oil also masks the taste of food, making it simply taste ‘oily’.

Secondly, cardiovascular disease

Secondly, when you deep fry, the temperature of the oil goes up to 600-700 degrees. This is really hot! At this temperature, the oil undergoes a transformation. The hot temperature makes vegetable oil (which are unsaturated and non sticky) behave like saturated oil (similar to that of lard) which will stick to the walls of your arteries and cause hardening. If will bring yourself into cardiovascular disease and health problem that is a systoms that you are one step closer to heart bypass surgery.

Thirdly, causes cells to die .

When oil is heated up to such a temperature, it undergoes many changes to it’s molecular structure. Loads of unnatural structures are created oil is heated like that. These new structures are foreign to the body. Repeated ingestion of such structures over the long term interferes with our body chemistry and degenerates cells.

Fourthly, CANCER. This is the killer reason.

There is a high chance that acrolein, a proven cancer causing agent is formed when food is deep fried and ultra high temperatures. This is more so when the oil is repeated used such as that from your friendly pisang goreng seller.

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