Aravind Teoh: Getting ripped from 120kg to 67kg in less than 6 months

Follow Aravind Teoh amazing getting ripped transformation from 120kg to 67kg in less than 6 months following among other things Kevin Zahri’s weight loss guide.
  • Name: Aravind Teoh
  • Age: 30 Years
  • Goal Weight Loss
  • Achievement: Lost Over 50kg in 6 Month!

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I’m Aravind Yeoh 30 years old from Taiping, Perak. Here I would like to share my journey of getting ripped from 120kg to 67kg in less than 6 months.

Obese since childhood

I was seriously obese since my childhood. And losing fat in Malaysia is just impossible for me because Malaysia is the heaven of food (although I’m a vegetarian). My favourite food was always carbohydrate (bread and noodles). I could eat 5 roti canai or 4 wanton mee or 6 packets of nasi lemak or a large pizza (extra cheese) at a time without feeling full. There were times where I felt embarrassed with my size and weight especially getting clothes to fit my body. I don’t really know how to dress for a public event and was quite reluctant to join in social activities.

..My waist line was 50 inches. My wakeup call was when I experienced some chest pain in 2009…

I never dream to have a ripped body with 6 packs as I have now. My waist line was 50 inches. My wakeup call was when I experienced some chest pain in 2009. But I just ignored it. My elder sister started a slimming programme with Herbalife but no result after few months. So I told myself and very determined that I’m going to start my own workout routine after watching the reality show The Biggest Loser. Bob and Jillian’s words were always in my mind-there’s no short cut to losing fat and being healthy. I started to look for information. My father also gave me some guidelines because he was a body builder and Mr Perak 40 years ago.

The Learning Process

I searched for informations in the internet and the most important thing is I bought Kevin’s book Fitness 24/7. It was my bible and helped me a lot. I learned how to count my BMI, BMR, and DCR. And when I told my family that I will take 1 year to lose weight, everybody was laughing and teasing me.

My Transformation Training Guide

I started to do some cardio exercises at home like cycling, hiking, brisk walking, and swimming in the morning before breakfast (to burn fat rather than glycogen) and another 30 mins in the evening. I would change my workout routine every 6-8 weeks to avoid hitting plateau. I did lots of HIIT cardio and cross fit training. My weight dropped fast within the first 2 weeks (12kgs). But after that, my weight just stopped going down. So I decided to join gym. We don’t have a good gym or professional trainer in our small town. I spend 2 hours (2.5 hours the most) in the gym (with the old school and homemade equipments). My first 30 mins will be either on treadmill or cycling. Then I continue with weight training.

I go to gym 5-6 days a week (our gym closes on Sunday and public holidays), 2 hours a day.

My Weight Loss Diet Plan

After I started my workout routine, I change my diet totally. No more refine carbohydrate. My diet consists mostly on varieties of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and legumes. I challenged and pushed my daily calories intake from 3000 calories to less than 2000. I learned a very good lesson regarding food. Good and bad food, vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidant and free radicals in food. Even my neighbors were shock to see my new ripped body. My daily food during my ripping period is as below:

  • 8.30am (breakfast): Protein shake or oat with Milo or cereal with milk or blended mix grains (brown rice, black and white sesame, almond, Brazilian nut, walnut etc with little bit of molasses.)
  • 11.00am: Snack. 1 hand-full of mix nuts or 2 fruits orange and green apple
  • 1.00pm (lunch) : Boiled vegetables and egg(broccoli, cabbage, spinach, carrot, tofu, especially bright colours vegetables)
  • 3.30pm: Protein shake
  • 6.30pm: Fresh fruits or yogurt or healthy cookies(fiber cookies)
  • 9.00pm (dinner): Boiled vegetables or blended fresh fruits with vegetables.
  • Overall: lots of green tea.


My diet sounds very boring but fortunately I can accept them and suppress my appetite well. My supplements are protein powder (whey protein) and multivitamins tablet. I tried other gym supplements before such as the Nitric-Oxide (pre-workout supplement) and Fat Burner (Lipo-6 and Total Lean), but all these didn’t help me at all but only gave me bad side effects. So from my experience, there’s no short cut to get a good ripped body except the correct way of eating and proper workout.

there’s no short cut to get a good ripped body except the correct way of eating and proper workout.

Before and after photos

I would like to attach 2 photos of myself, my present picture and myself few years back(very unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of myself before I started my workout routine because I don’t like to see my own body. I never thought it would be so successful). The only left for memory is my extra flabby skin at my waist and thigh area.

People had a hard time believing that I could lose such a large amount of weight in such a short time frame. People always asking me how difficult it is to achieve my goal and I always answer them it’s not difficult at all if we have the strong determination and understand our own body and the food we eat. Now I feel great, energetic, so much healthier and more confident in myself to motivate others.

Determination and Self discipline

And I would like to tell everyone that I was seriously obese since my childhood and I did it, so does everyone. We just need a strong determination and good self discipline.

*(I do not recommend others to follow my diet without understand your own body needs.)

    1. Hi Greg, losing fat is not about starving yourself. I ate 5-6 small serving meals a day during my weight lost period. Even now I still practising the same eating habit but make sure they are healthy.

  1. Losing fat is not about starving yourself, but a way of understand our won body, healthy eating, and proper workout.3 main points I would say for getting ripped. The foremost will the determination and discipline, 2nd healthy diet, 3rd workout.

  2. Congrats Aravind….try to maintain wat u hv got now…u look great..wish i could prove to myself tat i could do it tooo

    1. Hi Husnie, it’s very simple formula. When your calories input is more than your calories output you will gain weight. Calories input less than your calories output you lose weight. Calories input same as calories output you maintain your weight. So you need to know your BMR and DCR.

  3. I’m now 170 cm and having weight of 120 kg. I really want to have How about fasting? Would it be more effective if I have fasting in my diet?

  4. hye im 40yrs old female my height 163cm (5ft 4 inches) i was 77kgs was on diet n hitting gym rite now abt 2hrs everyday weekdays (food in take carb totaly reduce) i lose ard 10kgs within 2 mth now my weight is 67kgs but weight lost is reduce wat could the reason?

  5. For anyone who has question for me, always feel free to contact me in the Facebook. My ID is Aravind Yeoh (

  6. hi im 6ft height nd my weight is 120kg…..i dont eat much but still im gaining weight… me to loose weight 🙁

  7. I am 18 and weigh 115 KGS. I will be joining college in July but I am really depressed about my figure.I feel that I will have to go through a lot of humiliation. I have tried exercising and the GM motors diet. I feel I can’t do it. Please help me.

  8. Hi im 17 and currently waiting for my spm results,it will be awhile before then…im 173cm height and weight around 117..i really wanted to start slim down because of the humiliation i have been through at highschool but my laziness is too strong…what should i do to slim down in 2 months before i go to take my spm results and show to my friends that i can change?

  9. firstly let me congratulate you for achieving this . I was 122 kgs 2 year backs and now I am 77 with 20% body fat . I took it really slow without doing any drastic changes in my life style . I started with cardio for first six months then once I lost weight I joined gym . But my current issue is the hanging losse fat around my stomach . I have been trying hard with little success .

  10. Hello Aravind Teoh, congratulations for ur acheivement.

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