Razzee Razzaq: My Weight Loss Story

  • Name: Razzee Razzaq
  • Goal Weight Loss
  • Achievement: Lost over 40kg
  • Twitter: @razzeehimself

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My name is Razie, from Kuala Lumpur and here is my story. All I can say is I was big since childhood. During my school days I was not an active kid. The only sport I’ve ever participated was ‘Tarik Tali’. Because of my huge size I was made team captain. My buddies nicknamed me ‘gemok’ or simply ‘mok’ which I’m not ok with that. Despite being called that way, I still don’t have the consciousness to change myself and try to lose weight.

The University Years – Weight Gain

I gain more and more weight during my university days. Even though I played tennis or badminton with my friends in the evening, still not losing since I did not taking care my calorie intakes and gobble any types of food that came across my mind. Almost every day I ate a huge portion of rice, nasi kandar as well as fast-food like McDonalds, kfc or burgerking and there was a time when I stop from doing any physical activities for the rest of the year. I admit that I felt embarrassed and shame about myself. The way I look and the way people look at me, but still, nothing happen. I just keep on repeating and do what I did best, EATING.  

…Almost every day I ate a huge portion of rice, nasi kandar as well as fast-food like McDonalds, kfc or burgerking…

My failed attempts to lose weight

Nevertheless, in 2007, I did try to lose weight few months before my graduation but without proper guideline and very low information on how to lose weight. I skipped rice because people keep on telling me that rice will make you fat stop eating it and you can kurus cepat. I usually went for a walk every morning and eat veggies and chicken (deep fried) as well as bread (not the wholemeal bread of course). It last only for 5 month and when I start entering the working environment, I left behind my morning walk and I started to eat rice again.

I woke up, look at the mirror and saw a terrible person and the person was me. I started to hate the way I look.

I resigned from my work in order to pursue my master degree in 2009 and I think this was where the problem begins and I started to gain weight up to 137kg. Every day I just sleep, eat and went to class. That’s all the routine. I stop doing any sports and never care about myself or my health. My parent especially my mum was worried about me and she always voice out her concern. But I just ignored it and keep on pretending I’m having a normal life and continue to treat my life in a bad way.

The Wakeup Call

One morning at the end of 2010, I woke up, look at the mirror and saw a terrible person and the person was me. I started to hate the way I look. I don’t have any other clothes to wear for classes or any other event. At the same time, I felt so heavy and hard to move around even sometimes I felt short of breath just by taking a few steps while walking or climbing stairs at my faculty.

My professor was once yelled at me: "Razie, you’re getting bigger and bigger!"

I remembered meeting my old friend and he was surprised seeing me. He said this to me: "bro, badan kau dah naik bro. dulu takde la besar mcm ni." And my professor was once yelled at me: "Razie, you’re getting bigger and bigger!" From that moment, I’ve decided to do something. I took a ride one day in Wangsa maju after finished my class and saw the gym near Wangsawalk. I went back home and I said to my parent that I want to join the gym. Joining the gym particularly an exclusive club like Celebrity Fitness kinda expensive, I thought my father will not allowed me since I was unemployed at that moment  but to my surprise, he OK with that and gave his 110% support. So I joined the gym early 2011 and that was when my life change completely.

I lost 25kg in 8 month without supplements or ubat kurus

During the first few months in the gym I befriended with one of the personal trainer who introduced to me the proper workout and guideline for makan-makan. He’s the one who told me to check out cekodok.com for the calories guideline and from there I started to follow Kevin’s blog/ writing on diet plan and the proper way to eat and exercise. I’ve lost 25kg in 8 month without taking any supplements or ubat kurus during my first year battle with obesity.

My Fitness Routine

I went to the gym almost every day during the first few months. I went for 1 hour cardio only on Monday, 40 minutes cardio and weight training on Tuesday. Again 1 hour cardio only on Wednesday, short cardio and body weight training on Thursday, rest on Friday and joining cycling classes’ free style on Saturday and RPM on Sunday.

My Nutrition Plan

In terms of my meal and what I eat, I refer to cekodok.com for the calorie guide and determine first my calorie deficit so that whatever I ate, it will not exceed the total calories need for my body. I also create my meal plan which is varied every day.  my meal plan consist of chicken breast, half-palm size rice, low fat yogurt and other low fat stuff, cereals, high-fibers and fruits for my snacks that covers 5-7 small meals per day. I also create my ‘cheat day’ once week so that I can eat the ‘forbidden’ food. Usually I go nuts on my cheat day but with limitation and I always stop eating before 7pm during the cheat day. I managed to stay away from fast-food restaurant and made them my biggest enemy. To be honest, dah 16 bulan tak makan McDonalds or Burgerkings or any types of burgers.

Weight Loss Plateau

But in December 2011, I hit my plateau. My weight does not go down and at one point I gain weight despite heavy exercise and training like hell. I realized that I cannot repeat the same exercise over and over again because the body is used to it. For that reason, I started to cut my gym time short and doing outdoor activities as well. Starting this year I’ve change my exercise routine and upgrading my meal plan. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, cut my cardio time from 1hour to 20 minutes (walking 5min, jogging 5min, sprint 5min and cool down 5min) and 40 minutes of weight training or body weight exercise. Outdoor activity mostly jogging every morning on Saturday and rest on Friday and Sunday.

Experimenting with Supplements

I start to go easy on Cheat day and add supplements and meal replacement into my meal plan. For meal replacement product, I did used Herbalife and I admit it works by combining it with my exercise program, but it is way TOO expensive so I stop using it and change to much more economical.

Now I stick to Ultimate Nutrition product). Thank God, its working and so far (until early this month) I’ve lost 40kg.

My Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

Tak susah actually untuk lose weight. Things yg buat susah are easily to lost faith and cepat putus asa. For me to lose weight this is what you should have in mind: 

  1. Believe that you can do it. Even though they said you can’t. Prove them wrong by showing them the result.
  2. Never give up if your weight does not go down. If the first plan does not working, there’s always another way around.
  3. Stay focus on doing it.
  4. NEVER skip your meal especially breakfast.
  5. Eat moderately.
  6. Eat because you NEED the food not because you WANT the food.
  7. Know the calories needed for your body
  8. Don’t stop eating rice. Kita orang melayu. Separuh tapak tangan or segenggam  nasi 2 kali sehari is enough.
  9. Create your Cheat day. The day when you can eat your favorite food but with caution.
  10. Don’t be lazy to MOVE around and burn some calories down.
  11. And lastly, pray to God and ask for HIS help for any efforts that you do and want to do.

My new Lifestyle

These days, gym is like my second home although at first I hate to go to the gym and exercise but now I really love and enjoy it there.  For me, gym should be fun, it should be something like it’s the place you learn how to be healthy, you enjoy it and you want to comeback. Exercise is something I NEED to do not I WANT to do. Even I’ve been busy with work or my studies, I still will find way to burn the calorie down by using stairs instead of elevator for example. As long as I MOVE around, I still can burn some calories without stepping on the treadmill.

At the moment, I still need to lose another 30kg to achieve my ideal weight and I have the whole 2012 to work on losing it. I hope I will continue doing what I’ve done so far and will not give up. Perhaps next year, I will send to you a different before and after picture with much better looking and much thinner, God-willing.

Once again, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you and others about my weight loss story. I think it would be much more appropriate to share this with you since I got all the knowledge about weight loss management from your writing. I hope this story will inspire and help others who have the same problem.

Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.

Thank you Kevin.

P/S: I need to lose another 30kg by the end of this year so wish me luck.

Kevin Zahri

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