Firm Up After Your Baby: A How To Guide

Now that you’ve just given birth to your beautiful new baby, one thing that might be crossing your mind is what you can do to firm back up to your pre-baby shape again.  There’s no question that your body has gone through some serious changes in the last nine months and at times, it can feel slightly overwhelming trying to figure out where to start at getting that old body back.

Fortunately, if you’re smart in your approach, you can definitely melt away that baby fat and start feeling your best again.

Let’s go over the main points to know as you go about the process.

Ease Into Cardio Training

First, when getting back into cardio training, do so slowly, at a reduced level of intensity.  You will have lost some of your cardiovascular conditioning level over the time period when you were pregnant, so you can’t expect just to hop back onto your old routine again.

Instead, build up to it.  Start off slowly – adding some walking to your day and increase the duration and intensity from there.

Start With Bodyweight Exercises

Moving along, it’s also important that at this point you start performing some regular strengthening activities as well.  Bodyweight exercises are ideal for this and will help you target the main muscle groups in the body.

Squats, lunges, step-ups, push-ups, and chair dips are all terrific movements to do and ones that you should be able to perform at this point.

As you feel your strength level increasing, you can then focus on adding more weight based movements to the mix.

Remember to maintain good form throughout though as this will place you at a lower risk of injury. If you can’t sustain good form, leave that exercise for now and come back to it in another week or so. At that point you might be better able to handle it.

Fuel Properly

Another thing that you must keep in mind right now is that it’s vital that you fuel yourself properly. Some women are so caught up in trying to melt off the pounds that they go on an extreme fat loss diet. Not only is this detrimental since you require the fuel to keep up with taking care of your baby, but the fuel is also required to do these workouts.

..Eat well, especially before and after the workout session. Protein and carbs are a must.

If you aren’t eating enough, your energy will plummet and you’ll have a hard time seeing results in any way, shape, or form.

Eat well, especially before and after the workout session. Protein and carbs are a must.

Listen To Your Body

Finally, make sure that you do listen to your body. While you want to get back into your best shape as quickly as possible, don’t rush the process. Doing so will just lead you to be frustrated when you find you just can’t keep up.

Have patience and allow the process to unfold as it should. You will get back to your previous level if you go about the exercise program in a slow and steady manner. So keep these tips in mind and you will be well on your way to regaining your pre-baby body back.

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