Could These Foods Be Causing You Bloating?

As you go about your fat loss diet plan, there are certain foods that you might be eating that you think are healthy and are going to help you attain that slim figure, that are only going to cause some slight frustration as they cause you to appear more bloated than they should.
While different foods tend to give different people trouble, one thing is for certain and that is there are some common culprits to note.

If you are experiencing quite significant bloating from time to time, it would be worth your while to consider whether these foods might be what’s doing you in.

Let’s look at the main ones to know.

1. Dairy Products

The first of the foods that can cause some issues related to bloating is dairy rich foods.  Dairy rich foods are great for weight loss purposes as they’re high in protein, high in calcium, and can help to keep your hunger down.

But for those who are lactose intolerant, dairy foods will cause nothing but problems.

If you often feel stomach pain and get gassy after eating dairy rich foods, you may want to consider eliminating them for a while and see if that has a positive impact on these symptoms.

2. Broccoli

Next, also consider any fibrous vegetables that you might be eating.  Broccoli and cauliflower are especially bad for bloating and cabbage can be what does it for many people.

If you’re often consuming these as part of your everyday diet and are getting serious bloating occurring, try eliminating them and seeing if that helps ease the situation.

Or, cut back to smaller amounts if you’re currently taking in a very high volume. While these foods definitely are healthy, they can cause some serious problems for some people.

Turn to other vegetables including leafy greens instead.

3. Bread and Gluten

Bread and any products prepared with whole wheat could also be what’s causing bloating to take place.  Those who are unable to break down the protein gluten, often referred to as ‘gluten intolerance’ will really notice the effects that these foods create and will often find they get stomach pain and may even have difficulty going about their day in some cases.

…referred to as ‘gluten intolerance’ will really notice the effects that these foods create and will often find they get stomach pain…

When gluten intolerance is severe enough it will be referred to as celiac disease, which then means you will have to become much more regimented with your diet plan.

4. Beans

Finally, the last food to be aware of that can cause bloating in some people is a high consumption of beans.  Beans are a very healthy food, but the drawback is that they are also very high in fiber as well as complex carbohydrates, which can cause more bloating to occur.

If you find that after you eat beans you notice the majority of your symptoms, consider cutting back on them and see if that makes a difference.

Sometimes it’s just trial and error of removing certain foods from your diet plan and seeing which have the greatest effects.

So there you have the main points to note about which foods can cause bloating. Keep these in mind and you can hopefully put bloating behind you.