Eda Fuzi: Lost 25kg and Now Runs Marathons.

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  • Name: Eda Fuzi.
  • Goal: Weight Loss.
  • Achievement: Lost 25kg.
  • Website: Eda’s Blog

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[/one_third]My name is Eda Fatimawati but friends call me Eda. I am 29 Years old this year and currently working as a Civil Engineer in the largest technical department in the country. I have been working with PWD (Public Works Department ) since 2007. I am known as a very energetic and a loud person amongst friends and family. I am quite a busy woman and time runs really fast in my world. But I am lucky as I have great friends and cousins around me.

In Secondary School I was well known as a sports girl, I actively contributed in both sports and curricular actvities. Althought being sporty I do have my ups and downs on weight issues..I was overweight (but not yet obese) once after SPM as I did nothing at home but then achieved my ideal weight during my Diploma (as I started to do field and heavy lab works, exercise, sports, etc). I got sick once and was really skinny where I can’t even eat properly for two months . After recovery, I promised to myself that I do not want to be that skinny anymore or suffer from the same disease, whilst missing out on eating good food.I guess, I was wrong at some point as I eat whatever I want and never follow a balanced diet.

After finishing Bachelor’s Degree, I started working and since then I seldom exercise or controlling my diet. So that’s when I went obese again. I was obese from 2007 till October 2010.

Dietary Suppliments?

You name it !I have tried all sorts of suppliments and each of these brands never really worked for me. I have tried Jusmate, Herbal Life and many more. They worked for a while but all the suppliments I tried never last, months later I will go back to my obese weight. Though this maybe because I never exercise during those times as I rely heavily on these dietary suppliments. I did however wore Premium Beautiful corsets during my transformation period and it sorta worked but the effect wasn’t that amazing. I didn’t wear it everyday either. So, Premium Beautiful, nope. I only wore them once in a while…Less than one month maybe.

The Turning Point

My Mom passed away in 2009 due to the Big C , a year later, at one point of time I weighed in and I saw the number 80 on scale. I was in shocked and since then I started to exercise and find new hobbies to ensure that I could keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

…I managed to do it once, I knew I could do it one more time. I started to watch on my eating habits right afte Eidulfitri on October 2010…

I started joining activities like climbing, hiking with friends, and I finally found my passion. I RUN! From there on up till now..I RUN!

As mentioned earlier I was a sports girl back during my school and Uni days, I played almost all types of sport..But I was not a runner. I never run for competition. I am not a short distancen or even a long distance runner. But one day my bestfriend who happens to be a runner convinced and trained me he kept pushing and motivate me to the limit. I would say he is the key person that made me fall in love with running. And my cousin too . He started running years before I do. And then, a few months later I met new friends while training for my runs and have since become my running buddies. I would later on met new runners, newbies, triatheletes, elite runners , etc etc along the way. What I love the most about the running community is we help each other no matter what.

How I Lost The Weight.

The first three months:
I jogged only one to two laps of the lake garden’s inner loop. My pace was slow at first as I felt heavy. I walked for 100m for every lap (around every 1km) I didn’t even have the correct attire back then. I used my normal cotton tee (as I was a large size before) and track bottom, wore a cap and a RM50 worth of sports shoe. I ran almost every day doing the same routine for the first two months. And I started to learn counting calories. Since then, I am called as a calorie freak by my friends. I slowly abandoned rice and sugar in my menu, more fiber and protein in my diet.

My best friend who is also a runner, teaches me how to find the correct shoe, how to pace, count calories, eating right. We seldom train together but he keeps my training log updated. And he knew what I do every day. I reported most of my routine and change it time to time.

I started to learn on counting calories, eating the correct food.

Second to third month: 
I started a new routine. I started to cross train. Sometimes, I do 3 types of routine a day. I started to run 3 laps of Lake Garden’s inner loop, went back home and did 100 sit ups every weekdays. I didn’t stop running and only walk for 100m within 3 laps of running (on 3rd KM of around 6.9 KM) . If I am bored of running, I would swim for 1 hour at home. I will get around 11-13 laps at my apartment’s pool.

Sometimes when it rains, I went to the gym. I never went to commercial paid gyms. I will find a free gym whether at my office (With lack of facilities), or sometimes at my friend’s office. One in TTDI and one at Sg. Besi area. I don’t mind traveling far as long as I get to work out. During the weekends, after a one hour run, I will do 40 minutes of aerobics, 30-40 minutes of cycling (indoor) and 200 sit ups.

Fourth month onwards:
I started to run 4 rounds of Lake Garden (inner loop) on my fourth month. Continued 200 sit ups at home. Only walk for 100m at KM4.2 (one time interval) around lap 2.

At this point, I can completely ignore taking rice and sugar in my diet. I ran twice to three times a week, with one time swimming if I have extra effort. I don’t run every day anymore.

I started to see myself losing weight and I finally achieved my ideal weight. Since then started to maintain my diet and routine.

I have completed my first Marathon in Singapore last May and started running Half Marathons this year. I have another 2-3 upcoming Full Marathons regsitered into my calendar till end of 2012.


Lipo 6: Seriously each time working out after having the Lipo 6. I sweat a lot. After finishing a bottle, I do everything by my own. I only used it to burn the first layer of saturated fat before my skin. Because that is the hard part.

Please consult a doctor before taking any medication like these. Again. I only took one bottle and that was it. I used this to help me burn saturated fat.

Note: LIPO 6 cannot be obtained in any pharmaceuticals and i bought online.

What about food?

The varity of food are only examples of my daily consumption, but the list have grown from time to time)

  1. Organic Green Tea – I drink Green tea once a day to replace caffein (nescafe, coffee, normal tea) without sugar .
  2. Organic Chamomile Tea – I drink this before sleep to help me sleep better
  3. Nestle Fitness Flakes – I ate this sometimes for breakfast taken with Low Fat Milk (HL)
  4. Organic Granola Bars – I ate this for my evening snacks whenever I feel like having chocolate! (But beware of sugar, read nutritional facts behind first)
  5. Kellog’s Special K Bars – I ate this for my evening snacks whenever I feel having chocolate!
  6. Oats – Taken during dinner or breakfast with Low Fat Milk
  7. Organic Peanut Butter Spread – YES ORGANIC! taken with wholemeal bread
  8. Whole Meal Bread – Anytime of the day (Taken with Kaya or Organic Peanut Butter)
  9. Broccoli
  10. Chicken Soup – Lunch / Dinner
  11. Steamed Chicken – Lunch / Dinner
  12. Steamed Fish – Lunch/Dinner
  13. Tomyam (With or Without Noodle) – Dinner / Lunch
  14. Cappati Or Thossai – Dinner/Lunch (ROTI CANAI IS A BIG NO NO)
  15. Sandwhiches – Roasted / Grilled Chicken Sandwhich , Vegetarian Sandwhich
  16. Subway Sandwhiches – Lunch Only (Be careful on choosing dressings, sauces and filllings)
  17. Vegetarian Salad – This is often taken for dinner
  18. Fruits – Carrots, Papayas, Bananas, Green Apple, Prunes, Plums (MUST HAVE IN REFRIGERATOR)
  19. Detox yourself
  20. Vitamins and other suppliments : Calcium, Vitamin C, EPO, etc etc
  21. No rice Policy – Only taken a day before a marathon, for heavy workout, if sick, OR kepingin 😛

Sounds costly but trust me…it’s worth every cent. This is your investment to yourself. For your health.

Premium Beautiful Corest Did Not Work for Me!

Yes I bought a set of Premium Beautiful corset that cost me around RM2K++. I only wore them for 3 weeks (on my Third or Fourth Month). And I lost weight more when I am not wearing any.

Why I stopped? Because I don’t think it contributes as much as my exercise/runs.
I never wear them since i stopped after 3 weeks. BUT I didn’t say the product is unsatisfied. I choose to stop using it. No Offense PB

Calorie Intake

I started my calorie intake high at 2000kcal/day. After ignoring rice and sugar and loosing weight, I trimmed down the numbers bit by bit to 1900kcal/day until now, I will try to maintan 1500-1600 kcal/day to maintain my weight.

My reference is always informative websites such as Kevinzahri.com, cekodok.com, livestrong.com, caloriecount.com, etc etc.

I will refer to MyPlate provided by livestrong.com for current appropriate calorie intake according to my target.

…But I do cheat once a while, I am not perfect 🙂 …

The Advice

I would say the same thing again and again to others if they start wanting to change.

My advice to all obese people out there is, to not be ashamed of who you are. I never under estimated obese people. I’ve been there. If one fine day you wanted to change, then change! And do it not because of other people, do it for yourself! For your own health and future. Only then you will have the determination you are searching for. And finally find your passion or be passionate about the thing you love to do and most of all be with friends who would encourage you to do it. Be with the right people to guide you.

Now, I feel greater than ever. It feels better when I can fit in any clothes I want. I am healthier, happier and enjoying life at its best.

-Eda Fuzi-

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