How Erina Farhanah Lost 15Kg in 10 month.

  • Name: Erina Farhanah
  • Age: 22 Years old
  • Height: 165cm
  • Goal: Weight Loss
  • Achievement: Lost 15Kg in 10 month

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First of all, thanks to KevinZahri.com for giving me opportunity to share my weight loss story and I hope this would inspired all peoples who are still in weight loss journey including me (in progress to achieve my ideal weight. J) Let me introduce myself, my name is Erina Farhanah and I am from Kota Kinabalu Sabah, I am still studying in Islamic College majoring in Islamic Finance near in Bangi, Selangor.

Ah yes, currently there are so many of my friends being surprised by seeing me now, because I have loss weight around 10KGs only for about 3 months from 80Kgs to 70Kgs. My weight was 80Kgs in 15 July and now my weight is around 70Kgs and now still in progress to loss some few Kgs hopefully for getting nearer to fitness.

Not always Obese

I was not obese before and I was really actively involved in playing basketball since primary and secondary school. That time my weight was only around 55 – 60Kgs with 165cm height. My weight had increased gradually after I stopped being sporty and lack of exercising. After I have done with my SPM, my weight increased drastically like being pump, sitting at my home doing nothing and online, the best moment for sure was, watching One Piece Anime while eating nasi goreng or mee goreng, 2 3 plates! Huhu! (=.=’)

…I don’t really fussy in eating, I can eat anything happily…

I don’t really fussy in eating, I can eat anything happily. As for me, eating is the most pleased ever things to do! Haha.! Of course, my favourite are lauk bergoreng and kari santan, with all kind of kuih and sweet drinks like milo ice, teh ice, and all sort of sweet drinks with saturated milk. However I don’t really interested with keropok and kerepek. But once come with mee goreng and nasi goreng, sure I will eat a lot! Nyum2! (^.^) I even ate KFC chicken 4 pieces! After that I felt hard-breathing and chest pain because of too much eat oily food. This is so terrible that will harm me indirectly. (=.=’)

Suddenly XXL and XXXL Shirts?!

I realized I became fat when I am no longer fit to my old clothes, jeans, and all of my shirts became so tight. At the end I need to buy XXL shirts and XXXL trousers. I was staring at my old dress and I was so upset I couldn’t wear it in this moment. That time my weight was 80Kgs and I have been maintained this weight for almost 3 years. I was so worried when I calculated my BMI I was in categories of OBESE, OMG!. I was lack of confidence and avoid meeting my old friends. Even my family that didn’t see me for a while also was being shocked when they saw me in this “HUGE” appearance. (=.=’)

Erina Faranah – Berat 80-85kg.

I started Google to find out how to lose weight, and after that I found out Kevin Zahri website. At that time, I was so inspired by SusuSejat’s weight loss journey story and the others fellow friends that success in their weight loss journey. And finally I found out an e-book guide “Lose 5Kgs in 5 Weeks”, it was really attracted me and I bought it for sure to know how to lose weight theoretically to be practiced in our life.

Kevin’s weight loss guide is currently available in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia.

Oh yes, I have read and understand all the way on how to lose weight. It is all about calculating our Daily Calorie Requirement and having Calorie Deficit to lose weight. Actually the ebook guides is the MOST ACCURATE STEPS AND THE MOST BASIC STEPS TO LOSE WEIGHT NATURALLY according to our high determination and discipline.

…Unfortunately I was NOT DISCIPLINE in practicing it until it leads me to CRASH DIET…

Unfortunately I was NOT DISCIPLINE in practicing it until it leads me to CRASH DIET that also have Calorie Deficit in it but only have 1 or 2 meals a day. At the end of my day, I lose my weight with just yoyo condition, losing weight for a while (about 2 3 KGs), after I back to regular ordinary meals (eat 5 times a day), my weight drastically increased from 80KGs to 85Kgs. Oh Noo..!! (O.o)

I gave Herbalife a try.

At that time, I was being introduced by supplement that aids for losing weight. I took Herbalife as my supplement for meal replacement.  Anyway, thanks to Herbalife because give me the starting point in realizing the importance of NUTRITION in the journey of losing weight. I studied few about the content basic nutrition of the products that aids in losing weight with most basic concept which I familiar also applied in this, Calorie Deficit! And yes, I managed to lose weight with balanced nutrition and less calorie intake in my daily calorie requirement, that’s the key of the products.

Herbalife also leads me to enter Kevin Website to read the review of the supplements and read about Success Stories from others without depends on supplement. As Kevin said, 1. Diet, 2. Exercise. 3, Supplement.

…I was thinking that, how long do I need to depends on supplements? How long do I need to spend so much money for supplements?…

I was thinking that, how long do I need to depends on supplements? How long do I need to spend so much money for supplements? I also noticed that, from the products of weight loss supplement also has emphasize on the most effective weight loss program are balanced diet and exercises for better result. From that day, I decide to no longer depend on supplement and go ahead with natural weight loss like balance diet and exercising. Also, we are being asked to drink plenty of water in order to lose weight, yes I have heard about that and I also drink plenty of water, but it just make me curious on the side effect of drinking plenty of water will also be harmful to our kidney. So it is better for us to not drink less than 8 glasses of water per day in order to avoid dehydration.

Erina after losing 15kg in 10 month and still on her way to achieve her ideal weight.

As for my weight loss program, I would carefully choose my calorie intake and avoiding eating too much as these are the tips:

    1. Drink a glass of water before eat
    2. Eat any fruit before eat carbohydrate and lauk pauk. (This will helped me to take half portion of carbohydrate)
  1. Avoid sweet drinks and Soft drinks. (Sweet leads to obesity and diabetes)
  2. Eat 5 times a day to keep on increasing metabolism rate. (To avoid Crash diet and Yoyo)
  3. The best supplement is Green Tea (without sugar)

As for my experience, drinking Green Tea would increasing metabolism rate and aiding in losing weight, finally leads to the ideal form of body weight.

One more thing, fill the stomach with 1/3 eating, 1/3 drinking, and 1/3 to breath. Diet that is being encouraged in Islam is ‘Makan sebelum lapar dan berhenti sebelum kenyang.” The wisdom behind is to let us eating moderately, and if you eat in when you are too hungry, sure you will eat unconsciously without controlling calorie intake. (“,)

Exercise is optional but …

As Kevin says, “exercise” is optional. It is not necessary to go out for jog even you cleaning house, washing clothes etc also burn calorie. But for the best result and faster, is to go out strengthening cardiovascular system and weight training to burn fat more faster. As for me, for the best exercising is bring along my mp3 or radio phone to go jogging just don’t want to get bored.

I also go to the gym 3 times a week and slowly doing sit up 10 times for 3 set, cycling 20 minutes, stepper 20 minutes, and jog on treadmill about 30 minutes to give us clear pictures about burning calorie.  1 kg = 7700 Calories. If we use the tools in the gym then we know the estimate calories burned, and lastly helping us for aiming to burn 7700 calories in about 1 or 2 weeks.

Lastly, “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”. If we really want to lose weight, we should feel the pain in order to gain on what we want to achieve. There is no short cut or miracle product helps you to lose weight. It is all about HIGH DISCIPLINE and HIGH DETERMINATION. To be more inspired and motivated, I followed and read all the post written by Kevin in his website, also purchasing all-in-one lifetime package ebook which is affordable and valuable knowledge for us in giving full commitment to healthy lifestyle. One more thing, losing weight to be thin is not necessarily to become FIT, but the FITNESS is surely is about thin, lean, and healthy body. That is my aim in achieving my weight goal insha Allah.

with Kevin Zahri at his seminar – Jom Kurus

Thanks to Sir Kevin Zahri for such valuable teaching on how to lose weight theoretically and practically. For those who want to lose weight, feel free to join sessi seminar Jom Kurus by Kevin Zahri, sure you will have meaningful starting and success in your losing weight journey. (^.^)

Erina Farhanah.

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