How Yusmahartina Yusof Lost 17kg in 6 Month.

Be inspired and follow Yusmahartina Yusof story on how she lost 17kg in 6 month without the need of special supplements. Are you ready to follow in her footsteps and create your own weight loss success story?
  • Name: Yusmahartina Yusof
  • Goal: Weight Loss
  • Achievement: Lost 17kg in 6 Month.
  • Facebook: yusmahartina

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t…

hai. my name is Yus and I am here just to share my experience in losing weight. I received the same questions almost everyday by people around me. “is that you yus? You look different … hey, how you did it?” or “what product did you used?”

Chubby Since Secondary School.

Back to previous years, during my primary school, I was not a chubby girl. I started gaining my weight during my secondary school. To be specific, when I was 15 years old. Maybe due to the stress factor. hey!! I need to sit for an important examination on that year. So, studies aside, food became my loyal companion. Whenever I got stressed, I would eat until my weight increased from 50kg to 63kg. It has remained that way until I was 24 years old. In 2010, I gained 12 kg more when I furthered my study. How? Fast foods were my best friends at that time.

…In 2010, I gained 12 kg more when I furthered my study. How? Fast foods were my best friends at that time…

Slimming Products?

Frankly speak, no! I did not used any slimming product but it was all about changing my life style and it had nothing to do with those MLM products. I have to admit that I was once involved with it too but quickly quit after I did not get what I wanted. The worst part was when I need to spend quite a lot of money on these MLM supplements but lost only 1.6kg within 4 months. At that time, I started to ask myself: Is that worth to spend money on something that not really work on your body? I was not a full time worker at that time, so money became my first restriction in order to stay use that famous product.

Kevin Zahri’s Facebook and eBook

After that, I have found Kevin Zahri page on facebook. I try to google about him and luckily I have found his blog. I read the success stories there and their story really inspiring me to start my body weight lost journey. I bought the ebook ‘panduan kurangkan 5 kg dalam 5 minggu‘. I just know everything through that book. For the first time in my life I have calculated my BMR and then know my DCR. I prepared a small book in order to estimate my calorie intake. I did this for 3 months.

…I just know everything through that book. For the first time in my life I have calculated my BMR and then know my DCR…

I always make sure that my calorie intake was less than my DCR. I became a calorie freak at that time. Whenever I went to the supermarket I would check the product’s calorie. I also used in order to refer the calorie inside our malay food. I just ate everything but in small portion 5-7 times per day. No restriction for me to enjoy the foods as long as it not exceed my DCR. And one more thing, don’t forget to have a cheat day. a day where I can eat everything without feeling guilty.


Besides that, I spent 3-4 days per week to do aerobic. It was so hard for me to finish that 20 minutes dance at first but it became easier day by day. the best ever part was that when I step on the weighing machine and I lost average of 3 kg per months. Unbelievable but it happened and the numbers (my weight) became my motivator to work hard in order to achieve my target until today. Alhamdulillah

I just have a few simple tips:

  1. Know the basal metabolic rate (BMR) & daily calorie requirement (DCR)
  2. Maximize physical activities. I frequently used stairs instead of elavator at office.
  3. Drink a lot of plain least 2 litres per day.
  4. Consistent in your exercise. I just did 20 minutes aerobic per day but in 3-4 times per week.
  5. Always read other’s success story because it will inspire me to achieve my target.
  6. Have a cheat day and enjoying it


  1. Her ways of losing weight are very simple. So, there is no reason for us to not to lose weight healthily, without wasting a lot of money.

  2. the best thing about kevin zahri’s way of losing weight is u dont have to sacrifice ur nikmat hidup just like yus did. eat whatever u like but dont exceed the calorie intake u’r suppossed to stick to. it’s easier that it sounds once u do it. hopefully i’ll be a success story in 2013 🙂

  3. yup…sy puas hati sebab sy xperlu berlapar & x perlu kluarkan wang yg banyak pun…plus through ebook kita dpt faham badan kita. yg penting kena tahu dari awal ape yg menyebabkan berat kit bertambah.

  4. agree… and inspired.. withl alot of hard work anything is possible.. btw, i too lost 10kg and top of all able to climb mount kinabalu at it peak! the optimum fitness at that time.. and alhamdulillah soon after that got pregnant with my precious princess.. cant wait to have my ‘me’ time to lost this ‘baby fat’ in me… determine to do daily swimming right after i finish my exam!!

  5. salam..just curious… all the success stories featured were on single souls… is there any success stories of matured woman with a trail of kids.. as you know reproduction and maternity tend to make you an even larger person…if you know what i mean

  6. salam,

    tahniah, saya sedang usaha menurunkan berat badan supaya berat badan ideal tercapai juga. agak susah lepas kahwin ni badan nak turun. so sad ;(

  7. wahhh!! best nyer.. sy hrp, sy pun dpt kurus camni… yusmahartina, sy hrp awk blh bntu sy disamping ebook yg baru dibeli ni… 🙂

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